Friday , August 18 2017
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Kharkov Nightlife


Kharkov is a beautiful Ukrainian city located at northern part of Ukraine. Kharkov is mostly a student city and second biggest city in Ukraine. İf point is about students of course the nightlife will be extreme fun and lively in Kharkov. My story to Kharkov started September 2016. I was …

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Kiev Nightlife: Unforgettable Birthday Party


As most of you know about conflict that started between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 and cost to many fatalities and broken relationship between Russia and Ukraine. This situation seems to be ok right now but most of the ideas behind it, “Russia haven’t finished his mission on Ukraine and …

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Vinnitsa Nightlife

Actually most of us probably haven’t heard about this lovely city. I had chance to travel Vinnitsa when I visited Ukraine. Vinnitsa is a typical Ukrainian city 3 hours far from capital Kiev. People are more friendly compare to Kiev and city goes really calm. There are museums and parks …

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Kiev Nightlife Tips

Kiev, today’s one of the best nightlife spot for those who really wants to enjoy crazy parties and unlimited nightlife options. Let’s talk about Kiev nightlife tips and recommendations. Kiev as you know the capital of Ukraine. Actually Kiev is a lifestyle; City is fresh blood for nightlife pals. Whoever comes …

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Lviv Nightlife


Yes, Ukraine!!! With colorful nights and its amazing historical nature. İt is country that ı have been visiting 2 times a year. Beside its beautiful nature, Nightlife will fulfill your attitude of fun and will leave thousands of memories that you will never ever forget in your whole life. Beautiful …

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