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davao city nightlife

Davao City Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Asia is cheapest and safest destination for Nightlife events as most of us know. Today’s destination will be the safest city Davao / Philippines and Davao City Nightlife. Our author Cristina will guide us to discover Davao city Nightlife.

Davao City is totally safe and beautiful small town. Even between Filipinos, they call Davao land of piece. Davao City has domestic airport that you can travel here from Manila İnternational airport by plane. There are also bus options but ı don’t recommend you travel by bus as it will cost your 3 days. Once you arrived here, you shouldn’t pass the beautiful nature before you go. Samal Island is one of them. Amazing beach and too much beach sports activities. You can also experience diving. Jacks Ridge is the place that you can have the overview of Davao city. After city view, you can get prepared for the Nightlife in Davao.


Actually do not expect too much from Davao city’s nightlife. Because Davao city especially famous about its nature as other islands in Philippines, much more fun and extreme Nightlife will be at Manila.(Check Manila nightlife) Davao city nightlife is mostly located on CM Recto Street. You can see the clups along the street and most of them are open until the first lights of the day. Fewer than 18 are not allowed but if you give a little gift to guards, they can tolerate you. As in the world, Fridays and Saturdays are the most crowded days. Most of them are free of charge for entering.

Some of them have live band and mostly locals, friends meeting there. We have considerable amount of tourist year around and they are mostly coming for sex tourism, specially Americans and British people. Actually it’s very easy for them to hang out here, it’s safer than Manila. To be honest, in Manila, everything can happen to you in anytime but here in Davao, thanks to our governor Duterte, crime rates is the lowest among the country and Asia. We have very beautiful hotels and apartments to stay.

İf you want, you can book hotel or rent house with very cheap prices. It’s expensive for us but when converted to dollar or euro, it’s quite cheap for tourists. As Davao city nightlife experience, ı want to share my story. I and 2 of my friend decided to celebrate my birthday that night and ı was getting ready. We went a pub first to get little drunk and after that before time shows 12:00 we was in the Nightclub where we decide to spend whole night (I don’t want to give name of place)

When we arrived this nightclub, a group of American guys was inside. They were quite drunk and most of the girls staring at them. To be honest it’s not usual in my city and they are handsome for us. But we were just enjoying our birthday party with girls. Later on, some of our friends joined us and we become a huge group. After around 3:00 AM, one of the guy from this group approach to us and ask for help in Tagalog (our national language) barmen was not good in English and ı helped him with his order. He got his drink he offered me that they also want to join our party. I went back to table to ask my friends and all of them were accept.

They come to the table and we start dancing all together.davao-city-nightclubs İt was very good time for us. Around 4:00 AM, we decided to go home back. But they already courted my friends and my friends didn’t want to go back with us. They told me that they will stay with Americans. I was expecting that actually and then ı returned back to home. Day after ı saw my friends and they were so happy. I don’t know, who knows, hahaha.  This story is my unforgettable story actually. We really had too much fun that night. To be honest if ı didn’t have a boyfriend ı would join them as well. Hope to see everyone in my beautiful city one day. Everyone welcome to my city…

“We thank Cristina for her kind story and braveness. I felt like ı was there.

Here are some nightclubs and bars at Davao city;
Club Echelon Davao(J.P. Laurel Avenue)
ACROPOLIS SUPERCLUB (C. Bangoy St, Poblacion)
Alcohall – Michael’s Wines & Spirits (Dacudao Ave, Agdao)
The Beer Eaucracy Bar (Polo St, Poblacion)

Hope to hear from other readers to tell about their nightlife story. We want to read different cities from different countries. İf you are ready to WRITE ME, please do not hesitate for contribution. See you everybody….”


  1. woow looks amazing, even reading let me feel tht ı am there in the middle of party…

  2. Davao for nightlife…. I would never make this mistake again. If you want Nightlife with full features, go Manila guys. No need to spend money over in Davao 🙂

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