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how to pick up a girl

How to Pick Up a Girl

Picking up a girl from nightclub, bar, street, cafe, venues, collage or anywhere else in society is varies depends on your desire and description of the target girl. Every man has dreamed to be with fascinating, beautiful and sexy women time to time in their life. This is just sinless part of human nature. Some of them dreams to go bed only, at the same time, others dreams to have long-term relation, well, in this article you will get the answer of how to pick up a girl according to your expectation.

How to pick up a girl for one night stand?

This is really hard but at the same time easy when you collect all the requirements. These requirements are usually money, fame and luck. Picking up a girl for one night stand is usually not happening on the street. First of all, you need to be aware of “fast comer goes fast.” If you just want to pick up a girl for spending a hot night, you should better join nightclubs or bars. In these venues, your potential lot will be most probably prostitutes, desperate girls or the girls who are in search of revenge. If you are so lucky, you can pick up the girls that are overdrunk or just Simple Simon girls.

 So, how we do it?

Don’t worry; it’s a piece of cake. As we said if you have money that smells in the bar, they will find you for sure. But if you don’t want to pay, you need to be extra-ordinary handsome or extra-ordinary charisma to have a girl for one night stand. Jokes, love stories, being romantic or sympathetic are useless actions in nightclubs or bars if you haven’t got change to talk with your target before in a silent place. You really need to focus on body language and you should let her feel your desire level.  Every single move should be in hot and professional way. Don’t be rude and fast, wait for the right time always.

long term relationship

The right time is feeling tense. When the women start to tense, or cannot control her hands (you can understand from her hands movements over your body) the first kiss should start from earlobe and slightly continue to the neck. Very slow and not frightfully. Be patient, after dance finish, you already get the goal. It doesn’t stops here. You should offer her some hard drinks to make her more hot. Alcohol has converse effect on women. Drunk women has shown more horny behaviors than men do as per researches says. Well, until  now you doing good but the last part is little compelling  as you are still stranger for girl who have just spent couple of hours with her.(this situation is not for prostitutes of course) you need to persuade her in a clever way.

The best way to do is booking a hotel that she will feel confident. Tell her that 50 years French wine is waiting in our room that I already booked. This is in the center of city and “bla bla” far from here (shouldn’t be more than 30 minutes as in the taxi, she might get anxious and change her mind.) try to tell her that you will take her to her house after this romantic night together. Some of them are just leaving after sex engage finished, some are just staying with you if she really liked you or your performance. So this is the first part, let’s jump in to more serious relationships…

How to pick up girl for long term relations;

This is challenging route for those who prefer steady relations or long- term date. Well, even though not easy, not impossible as well. Girls are really sensitive in terms of searching men. Here are theWays to pick up Girls” for long-term relations;

Feeling love is not like feeling horny. First you need to distinguish this to feelings. Feeling love is someone that you always want to be with. If your target is ready to conquer let’s see how to pick up a girl.

Once you are sure, you need to create an environment to meeting stage. I have no idea about where you will see this girl but it might be on the bank queue, park, shopping mall or in MC Donald’s… examples can be varied. Once you see and ask yourself how I am going to pick up this girl, this is the question you need to ask…

Well there are too much ways but most common one is asking something like a pen or lighter or anything that suits that situation. Once she gave you an answer, the key point is the way that you are looking her. Don’t stare to item; lock your eyes to her eyes even though she is not looking at you. This is first move of you. Later you need to follow her not in a dog style, from far but somehow let her see you as well. If she also staring at you more than 3 second, you got it! If this staring is repetitive and long, this is the time to take action.

Go next her and directly say your name. Stay confident and serious but with little smiley face. Tell her a lie such as “hey I am just new around here and I really need a guide to help me out, if you don’t mind can I join you with your shopping or I can help you also…” don’t worry, you will tell her the truth why you lied before and she will like it J while walking, introduce yourself with an effective way.

Tell her your hobbies not like filling a CV, be creative and impressive. Talk about daily events going on about world while walking together. If you can manage 2 hours to talk, you are most probably done with the target. Ask her to have cup of café with you in her venue choice. If she not accept don’t worry she might be tired and want to go home.

pick up girl

Just simply ask Facebook or Twitter instead of phone number. Don’t forget you have just met with her few hours ago and you are still stranger. Be patient, Facebook is more than enough to keep contact alive and effective way to affect her. Once you got home, view her profile and leave some enchanting comments on her pictures. Don’t exaggerate. Keep writing her and let her feel that you are really interested with her.

Finally write her to meet up in somewhere to have dinner or lunch together. This is the time that you going to offer for a date or relation. Make here a surprise like flower or something she likes (according to your 1 month chatting) well here you go; if you are successful and if she is alone or not interested with someone else, you are done bro. It doesn’t ends up here actually; you need to be careful after starting a relationship or dating.

Here are the some key points you need to consider in successful relationships;   

Be confident!!! This is the key point and even in some cases, it’s more important than being handsome!! Girls really like guys who have self-confident but not conceited guys.

Smell good. Smelling is small but very important detail in women sight as they want pleasant smell guys around them.

Be sympathetic always!!! If the question is how to pick up a girl, then this is the most important action. A research has shown that women pick sympathetic guys instead of handsome in most cases. Let her feel comfortable and happy always with your smart jokes and gestures. Being sympathetic is the most advantage in men to pick up a girl.

Pay more attention to your personal care!!! Do you know that Russian girls are really obsessive about men’s teeth and nails? Most of the girls have different obsessions in men. They want their partner perfect in all descriptions.

Buy present!!! It shouldn’t be expensive but ladies are really in great expectation of present from their loved ones. Most of the time flowers can save your event but don’t confine to flower to much, even simple gifts can give her enormous happiness.

Show your skills; If you are a good cook or you are able to make something by hand, do a favor for yourself and start invent something new or special for your girl. This may not be at meeting stage but after knowing each other better, you can figure it out.

Date of important days; I am not talking about national days of your country, days in your relations such as; first meeting date, birthday, valentine’s day, if married, marriage day and some special days that something you over care.

Sensibility; This is the most important thing in most relationships. Understanding your partner well will lead the door of happiness. Most of us having stressful life and sometimes it have some costs. Do not ever break your partner heart for nonsense reasons. You will feel regretful later but it might be too late.

Hope I have helped some of you here. This technique is not warrantied for everyone but can be helpful about how to pick up a girl. If you have additional information, do not hesitate to write me…

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