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Lviv Nightlife

Yes, Ukraine!!! With colorful nights and its amazing historical nature. İt is country that ı have been visiting 2 times a year. Beside its beautiful nature, Nightlife will fulfill your attitude of fun and will leave thousands of memories that you will never ever forget in your whole life. Beautiful girls (can be said the most beautiful girls in the world), fast and nonstop nightclubs, alive streets, a culture with good friendships more and more you can say about Ukraine. I would like to talk about Lviv nightlife and beautiful Ukrainian girls. Lviv nightlife is absolutely crazy. Not developed as Kiev nightlife but still have potential to have extreme fun.

Unfortunately nowadays after conflict with Russia, in some parts (especially Eastern part of Ukraine not really safe compare to the west part. Nevertheless Ukraine has proved its safetiness. Here is my experience of beautiful city of Lviv and crazy Lviv Nightlife which is considered the safest city in Ukraine right now. Lviv amazed me from the beginning actually, when ı first arrived to the city, ı asked myself “why ı didn’t born here?” There are 2 ways to come Lviv, airway and trains. Once you reach Kiev, you can take train or there are domestic flights directly from Kiev international airport.

Finally ı was in Lviv. I took a taxi to go my hostel. İt was located at center of city and didn’t spend that much time for visiting most important places. When ı arrived hostel and checked in, there was 3 girls sitting and chatting at the lobby. This is the reason ı love staying at hostels. You have great chance to meet with new people and discover new cultures. By the way ı arrived there 3 pm and ı wasn’t that much tired. After checked in, ı was so hungry and went to the common-used kitchen. There were all equipments that ı need and ı went downstairs to buy some chicken and rice. After ı arrived, ı make food but the food was too much for me. Those 3 girls still chatting on the sofa at lobby and one of them stared to me,

I said “hello, are you guys hungry, because this food too much for me and ıts traditional food, would you like to taste?” They all agreed and we start to eat together. They grab some beers for me which ı really forgot to buy… After a long chatting about culture and places to visit in Lviv, we get little drunk and time was around 11 pm. What a luck, ı was there on Friday and they told me that Fridays and Saturdays nights are the most crowded days in Lviv nightclubs. I suddenly got excited and offered them; “if you guys free tonight can we hang out all together?” They were so pleased and directly accepted. We decide to drink Ukrainian local Vodka called Nemiroff, ıt was very strong for me but the girls were very fast. I really admired and amazed with my friends, they drink a lot and still they can talk very clear. The biggest clup was very near from the hostel. We walked about 15 minutes but the outside was very cold. I am not used into cold but they didn’t even feel it’s cold.

After a cold but funny walking, finally  we arrived nightclup called Metro club and we were ready for the crazy Lviv nightlife. Metro club was well-designed and divided in to many parts. It’s good that you can smoke inside and stuff was ok. It’s hard to communicate with locals if you don’t know Russian but when everybody is drunk, you started to use your body language which is fairly enough.

When ı got into the clup ı was little drunk actually but ı don’t want to keep drinking because ı wanted to finalize this night with happy end. The one who stared at me when ı was cooking at hostel, took me to the bar and she bought me a beer. Actually ı was so embarrassed because ı should be the first. But as ı see too much beautiful girl in the clup, my mind really confused. This girl was really good to me and she was sooo beautiful. I decide to end up with her because Ukrainian girls a little jealous especially if they like you. We drink together and dance.

When the time showed 5:00 am we decide to go home. They were so drunk and ı call the taxi that waiting in front of the clup. Before getting into taxi make deal!!! Otherwise you will be charged double or triple. When we arrived home, those girls lie down on the sofas at lobby and their room was only booked for them.

İt was 4 shared bedroom and 3 of them booked all the beds. They fallen in sleep, me and my partner went to the kitchen first. I was telling her what to do, she suddenly kissed me and took me to the room…. İn the morning around 9 am ı woke up and go back to my room. We had really good night and ı was so lucky to meet her. Sometimes we are writing to each other, whenever ı go there, ı visit her for sure.

This is my nightlife story at Lviv. Lviv nightlife is colourful and unforgetable. Don’t forget to go for a walk at old town and monuments, also if you have time go to the High Castle located on a hill so that you can see view of Lviv from the top. Do not come back before trying “Medovuha, Kvas, Samagon” national alcoholic beverages of Ukraine.

If you also have a memory about lviv night life or anywhere in the world, please do not hesitate to WRITE ME. You will guıde many of nightlife pals before they go…

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