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Sao Paulo Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Sao Paulo, with its 11 million population, the most crowded city in Brazil. The country of crazy Samba Carnivals, beautiful Latina girls, extreme Nightclubs, exotic tequilas, most sexy brunette latinas in the world. Sao Paulo Nightlife is now one of the hottest spot for the nightlife lovers. Sao Paulo is not the city of tourism. Of course there are many things to do or visit in Sao Paulo but city mostly known as business, trade, industry, culture, art city and crazy Sao Paulo Nightlife.

You need to be careful as Sao Paulo has great reputation with security issues. Actually, houses surrounded with high walls and security guards giving us a little clue about safety. It’s very hard finding a safe place for rent. You need to have a very closer Brazilian friend to handle with Sao Paulo. Try to book 4+ starts hotel to be in safe and be aware of special belongings. Sao Paulo is very expensive although Brazil is not expensive in general.

Nightlife in Sao Paulo is a must. If you are asking where is the nightlife spot in Sao Paulo, the answer is definately “Augusta Street” that you need to hang out; Nightclubs, Pubs, Bars, Spritz Clubs and Restaurants in Sao Paulo are mostly located here. There are 2 streets up and down at the beginning of “Augusta Street” that will show you the poverty and richness at the same time. I recommend you to be careful at up-side of this street. It’s too crowded and dangerous. Compare to the down-side of the street, it’s cheap but make sure that cheap places have more potential of cheating than expensive ones. Do not make eye contact if someone hassles or yells you. Just do not walk in the street alone especially at nights. İn general, Sao Paulo Nightlife presents lots of fun and entertaintments. Beside, Brazilians are warm and lovely people. I guess I don’t need to tell about how sexy the Latina girls are 🙂 Not most of the Latina girls know English but you will not have difficulties about language for sure.

Sao Paulo Nightclubs & Bars

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The top Nightclubs in Sao Paulo;

D-Edge, Sky Bar, Ballroom, Provocateur, Disco Club can be picked for having a nice experience with Brazilian Samba girls. These are just a little of them. There are tons of Nightclubs and Bars in Sao Paulo that waiting to be discovered. the bad thing about Sao Paulo nightclubs is expensive and they have different regulations. They will give you a Card which will be your bill when you get a drink from the bar and when you leave the nightclub, you just need to submit your card back to pay your bill.

Do not lose this card otherwise you might have been asked for unexpected amounts and charges. Some nightclubs charge before entering the nightclub and somehow they give you limit for the money that you need to spend. Because there is no change… Some nightclubs let you wait in front of the entrance just to giving impressions that nightclub is full. And some of them using famous actors names as they were there before. Lots of tricks but once you are in the nightclub, enjoy with your unforgettable Sao Paulo nightlife and Latina girls.

Do not come back from Brazil before you see the world-wide famous Rio Carnival. Actually most Nightclubs are organising Samba carnival shows but the one at Rio de Janerio will leave unforgettable moments.

İf you want to contribute with Carnival or Rio de Janerio experiences, please CONTACT with us. We will be pleased to publish your experience of Brazil.

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