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10 Characteristics of Man That Women Can’t Give Up

Some women like blonde, blue eyes, athletic, smart men. Some of them like western style, macho, sexy, tall guys. Or some of them likes black, hairless and so on. Type of men that women prefer is changeable. But in common idea is more or less same.

Great majority of women expects trust and then the list can keep continues in order of handsome, strong, self- confidence… There are 10 characteristics of man that women can’t give up. If you guys have some of those characteristics below, I am sure that no reason can take your women away from you.

Here are 10 characteristics of man that women can’t give up;

  • Bad guys: Yes its true, bad guys have great chance to be picked by a girl when there is 2 options for a lady to pick. They feel safe and confident while they are with bad guys.

  • Athletic: Most of us know that the thoughts of women about athletic and well-built body guys. They have always great chance than other who doesn’t care about his body appearance.

At the same time women believes that muscular men can be more functional and strong in the bed. So start a diet as soon as possible to get rid of your tummy. Show your 6 pax abs whlie swiming and take all directions towards you. %100 working!!!

  • Musician: If you can play a guitar, you have great chance to affect women. For most women, musicians are attractive and romantic guys. Who don’t want having a dinning with a popular singer that sings in the concert?Or which girl can refuse to listen a live guitar under the starts at the beach.

  • Mysterious man: Those guys are always acting interesting and unusual. But most women find them so charismatic and attractive. İf you have a mysterious characteristic, you have great chance to be discovered by women.

Such mysterious behaviors like being silent and behaving different, talking intellectual or politic, hanging always alone around and reading books about history, wearing very different than normal people, you know those kind of people are really obvious in society.

  • Well-dressed or Charismatic dressed man: Some likes suits; some like formal but dressing and uniform has key point on being attractive.

Charismatic-dressed man can be a soldier, policeman or Special Forces soldiers. And well-dressed guys are usually dressed in combined and colors are compatible. If you have fit or athletic body, you should prefer tight t-shirts that shows your muscles to the outside eyes. Dressing nice is important for women and first impression.

  • Dog owner man: As you know when women see a dog on the street, they will directly want to play with it. İf you are holding this dog, you have great chance to chat with. It can be also cat or any other pets. Your objective will be always animal lover girls.

  • Fireman: Women also like fireman as they think they are the heroes.

  • Doctors: When you are at the stage of choosing a profession, I would recommend you to be a doctor both for high prestige and charisma. If you are a doctor and also handsome, you might work overtime in your clinic. This is proved and works %100 🙂

  • Chefs: Women always pay more attention on ingenious men. They are the one who can take care of women, when they need help or feel special. İf you cook well you will be always choice.

If you trust yourself on cooking invite your women in your house and prepare your best food for her. First meal is important that is why you should pick the meal that you can cook better. A dinner together with selected champagne or vine would guarantee your final stop.

  • Macho man: That is not as popular as among the characteristics above but macho man have considerable portion of being a choice who like masculine man. It sounds funny but not all the women like romantic or polite man in their life. Some women feel more comfortable and safe with macho man. They also admire their rude way to behave women or their point of view to the women.


This list can be added some additional information but in superficially these are 10 Characteristics of Man That Women Can’t Give Up.

If you guys don’t have extraordinary characteristic that coming from the birth such as being handsome, tall or excessive charismatic then you should better practice one of this advises as soon as possible.

 Another extraordinary situation is being rich. Of course money can open most of the gates but I don’t like the feeling that knowing all this girls with you just for your money. It’s another option which everyone cannot get even they want to.

 If you also have an idea, about your secret that why your women can’t leave you please comment below and share your ideas with us.


  1. I guess now adays its only the money talks! Are you agree with me?

    • Dear Hatisofya,

      Money doesn’t talks always or in all situations. Money talks in most yes but you cant generalize those innocent lovers that expect only love!

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