Sunday , February 5 2023

13 Golden Rules to Court Girls in Nightclub

Clubbing for some people is a life style. Most of us had clup experiences in our life even we don’t like. If your friend invites you for her birthday, you have to go. That is why we all should have an experience to tell about clubbing. For some people clubbing is just going nightclub, drink until get drunk and come back home. For others, drink little but dance a lot and at the end of the night, find a partner to have a happy end. “After party” as Americans says! For achieving goals, clubbing has some rules that you have to follow in order to the find a partner.

Here are 13 Golden Rules to Court Girls in Nightclub;

1-) İf you don’t want to spend too much money in the nightclub or bar, start drinking tequila before you go out. Do not start with hard alcohol. Tequila shots are best preparation for clubbing.

2-) Do not make yourself overdrunk and go clup. If you are overdrunk, you already lost the game. Do not approach any girl if you are overdrunk. You may also not be accepted in the nightclub by bodyguards.

3-) Try to make reservation or book a table. That will make you more special person and you will start 1-0 ahead to the game.

4-) Order a bottle instead of glass orders. This will be shown more classy and rich. Once they discover you, your table will be very busy after half an hour.

5-) If you staring at a girl, always respond her by your smile and use your gestures and mimics. Do not be shy. Eyes and first sights are very important. İf you want to affect the girl, you should not miss the eye contact.

6-) Do not try to court each girl in clup especially if you are in a small city that everyone knows each other. If once rejected, try second and change your strategy to approaching girls. If ı were in your shoes ı would prefer change nightclub instead of trying each girl in the nightclub.

7-) Do not evince horny behaviors at the very beginning stage. You should calm down and wait for the right time. Generally right time comes after 2 hours, but ıt’s flexible due to your chance and performance. You can start touching each other even in 10 minutes. But, to make it guarantee, start after 2 hours.

😎 Do not be insistent and focus on the same girl if she doesn’t like you.

9-) Wear smart and compatible. Your dress should have connection to your shoes and your watch. Smell is another vital subject. Do not go nightclub without any perfume on you. Because later you will get sweat and smell will be disgusting. İf you already have nice perfume on you, it will cover your bad smell.

10-) As ı said wearing have vital importance in some nightclubs. İf the bodyguards doesn’t like your style, they will not let you in. So, before you leaving the house check mirror and ask yourself; if you were a bodyguard, would you let yourself in? Then wear in these formats.

11-) İf you can’t dance, you have less chance than those who are good at dancing. So Practice dancing in the house before you go to the nightclub. Do not only stay in the bar desk and drink. Those macho styles are not working in the nightclub. The ugly guy who dancing good and looking more active, have more chance to have a partner than the handsome guy standing at bar desk with a glass of beer.

12-) Be creative and play good. This game is not easy game but if you play according to the rules, it will work %100.

13-) Do not hesitate to talk. The important key to find a girl in the clup is talking attractive. No matter you are ugly, if you are talking good and funny, they will love you.

To sum up, dancing well, talking well and dressing well is vital important rules  to Court Girls in Nightclub. Hope this tips will help you in your future clubbing experiences. And don’t forget these rules only valid for normal nightclubs. İf you are going nightclubs that mostly crowded of prostitutes, the money will talk there instead of your skills. As the sentence says; “No money, No honey”


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