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Athens Nightlife Guide 2018

A city known for its intense nightlife. Entertainment in the center of the capital Athens, keeps up until the early morning hours, especially during the summer months, and the people go out relatively late for diner and drinks. Especially night clubs and music venues in “Athens Nightlife” open very late, usually after 11:00 PM.

Best Locations for Athens Nightlife;

There are plenty of choices for all tastes. In Athens there are truly countless night clubs, both in the center (Gazi, Psyrri, Thissio, Kolonaki, Plaka etc.) and in the suburbs (Glyfada, Kifissia, Piraeus). At Psirri and Gazi you will find some of the capital’s most famous and popular nightlife venues. They play all kinds of music: from Greek, rock and pop, to Latin, jazz and ethnic.

Similarly, there are many taverns with traditional cuisine, restaurants, cafes and smaller bars in Thissio, Monastiraki and Plaka, which are the historical centers in Athens. The nightlife in Athens, Greece,  there is more relaxed and is combined perfectly with strolls on the paved paths of the now linked archaeological sites scattered in these neighborhoods.

Best Nightlife Spots for Summer Season in Athens;

In the summer months, Athens Nightlife moves from the center to Poseidonos Avenue. Along the beachfront there are many nightlife venues and the entertainment combines food and drink by the sea in magnificently landscaped grounds.

Following the seafront promenade to the Piraeus area, you will find yourself at the magical Mikrolimano where the fun and the nightlife from May until the end of the summer is at its best. Microlimano gives the impression and the atmosphere of an island, with the amphitheatrically built houses, the countless bars and restaurants that are there next to each other.

Average Costs of Nightlife in Athens;

The price of a drink in Athens mostly depends on where you are going to enjoy it, with Mythos being the cheapest local lager beer and an average price of 3 to 5 Euros and with local house wines being at really low prices at taverns and casual places (around 6 Euros per liter).

Nightclubs are usually open until 5:00 AM and some has entrance fee but included free drinks inside. If you are over drunk, you may get refused from the door. Dressing is just a casual. No dressing code required. After this brief info, let’s introduce the local nightclubs and bars where you can have plenty of good time.




Ranked as one of the world’s best 50 cocktail bars in the world and talk of the town. It is ideal for the whole day and has become the first thought when you are at the city center and want to eat, read, drink coffee, taste something different or have fun in the evening.

In a magical place in the heart of the center. Behind Klaathmonos Square, at Praxitelou Street, nine design took over a building of 1919 and transformed it into a multi-level, warm and beautiful space. Once you enter, you feel very intimate as the wood dominates, while the lights on the bar and all its design travel to you in earlier times.


Another bar that featured in the top 50 best bars in the world.
Great music taste, bar-tendering with original ideas and with 120 rums at their disposal it is established as one of the best cocktail bars of the city.


MoMix is the first molecular bar in the whole country, bringing an innovation wind that the city has never seen before, but also the only one on the planet that produces massive molecular cocktails!


One of the most classic bars of the city since 1989, Batman has put to sleep and mourned all those who have been for one, two or more nights of their lives, bachelors, separated, bohemians, nightclubs and lovers. So if you find yourself on Vrestheni Street and recognize the Bernarnd Beer logo, pass the door’s threshold.


It is a business venture of superstar Lindsey Lohan. Lohan is a unique place in the city’s nightlife, with fantastic parties, unique live acts, and the best DJ’s to panic in the city every day.


The “handmade” bar, which has become a big part in the nightlife of the Athens, at St. Irene’s Square is well-suited – in addition to its amazing tea and coffee varieties from all corners of the world – for the custom cocktails according to everyone’s tastes!


However, since we are talking about venues that leave their mark on the night map of Athens, we cannot miss the place that first united the magic of a live show, with the intensity and the entertainment of a club, casually hosting some of the biggest names of the music industry, BOX Athens.


Whoever wants to be part of genuine, authentic and unconditional Greek entertainment has two very good choices. One is located in the heart of Athens, Kolonaki and is the most beloved Thema, where the mood remains intact until the early morning hours. The second option is a bit further, and it is one of the reasons Southern Suburbs will always be a great meeting point in Athens. The reason is, of course, the great ’Ολα Ελληνικά (Ola Ellinika), or the “Temple of Fun”, as it is called by its thousands of fans.


The philosophy, the name, the decoration, the music, the drinks it serves, all bring pictures from the respective era, reinforcing the view that it is not yet another bar that simply adds up to those of the particular popular venue in the center of Athens.

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