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Batumi Nightlife Nightclubs, Bars & Casinos

Batumi, touristic resort of Georgia. Anton, our Georgian Nightlife Friend will tell about this lovely small city of Georgia. He is a local Georgian guy who will share his precious information about Batumi Nightlife, nightclubs, Bars, casinos, massage saloons and more. He will also give us tips to avoid being single in Batumi for travelers who are visiting Batumi especially for beautiful Georgian girls. Here is Batumi Georgia Nightlife” details;

Batumi is not well-known city as it is not promoted in the media enough in today’s world. Both government and people don’t pay sufficent attention to Batumi Tourism events in tourism marketing. Therefore, when someone says holiday; Thailand, Miami, Ibiza, or other famous resorts come up in minds. But hopefully soon, my hometown Batumi will take the same reputation in the world as others. Actually, there are lot to do in Batumi and compared to other touristic destinations it’s cheaper here. For my opinion, I never prefer to be outside of my city for holiday. What you can do here is unlimited. It’s all depends on your expectations.

First you may ask; “Why I should go to Batumi? If you got answer of gilrs, casinos, nightlife and alcohol, you are on the right address. Batumi Nightlife is crazy as Miami. Not a joke I swear. Different nationalities and different kind of fun here waiting for you. In the day time, you can enjoy sandy beaches, walking at Piazza square, Theater square, Europe Square, Mtsvane Kontskhi… There are a lot to do in day time. After 23:00 PM Batumi Nightlife starts and continues untill the first lights of the sun.

Batumi nightlife is more attractive and joyful than Europe nightlife. I am clubbing every Fridays and Saturdays. But Batumi nightlife is available for every single day. If you want to pick a girl, it’s very easy here. but one point you need to know here in Batumi, most of the easy going ladies are sex workers. Around 1500 registered sex workers living in the town according to Batumi governor. This is official record, how about illegals and non-registered ones. But it doesn’t means that you have to pay, better contact with locals before you come here. Georgian ladies love to meet  foreigners. Here you can benefit to Find out Meeting Girls Online

How do you court a Georgian Local girls? or How can you meet with Georgian Girls?

There are 2 ways to find Beautiful Georgian local girls. If you have enough time to roam around the city, you will have great chance to meet with local Georgian girls. They are at parks, cafes and even they might be working in the markets. Just you need to do is “Talk”. Don’t worry; Georgian ladies are not that rude. If they like you (probably they will, because you are foreigner) they will respond you in a polite way. Once you get little exercises on chatting, invite her somewhere for a drink or a dinner. If she is working, tell directly that you can wait and pick her up after she finishes her duty. That’s easy as it is guys.

Second way is a little costly but has great chance to Meet Hot Georgian Local Girls. As we have talked about how fast and enjoyable Batumi nightlife of which you need to do is jump into a nightclub and settle down a table.  In nightclubs, you can book a table and order a bottle of vodka or any bottle you wish to drink, later girls will come around your table even you don’t ask for it. They will probably ask for drink with you. If you like her, kindly accept her offer and start drinking together. If you don’t like the girl that visited your table, refuse them in a polite way. You should make a deal about the price before accepting girl to the table. This is important to avoid troubles later. Don’t worry, this is not happening occasionally but being vigilant will be safe for you.

By the way, try to court the girls inside the nightclub first. Don’t assume that everyone in the nightclub are prostitute.  Some of the girls in the club just local Georgian girls who came to have some fun, just like you. If you are lucky to find one of local girl, you will only be paying for your drinks and the hotel room.

Prostitution in Batumi

Prostitution in Batumi is over estimated as I mentioned above. It’s really easy to find sex partner at any corner of the streets after midnight. I would not recommend you guys to find sex worker in Batumi streets as they might be the trap of Mafia. Unfortunately prostitution in Batumi is under control of mafia. Those ladies are not self-workers. May be some of them but mafia has huge portion of the cake in this industry. Anyway, if you couldn’t manage to find a girl by your own skills, Clubs in Batumi will help you out with this issue.

Simply join a nightclub. If you want to have fun you can stay and dance with her until morning and later you can head to your hotel to have happy end. But if you have no time, just explain your situation to the girl and directly go to the hotel. That is all. Also some of the hotels are providing escorts to the rooms. You can only reach them when you are here. Another way to have happy moments is massage saloons. You can have half hour or 1 hour massage packs. While massage is operating, you can make a deal with masseurs and have happy end. Don’t worry, you will never feel alone here in Batumi.

Batumi Massage saloons

Massage saloons are necessary but not like in Batumi. Most of the Massage saloons (I don’t want to mention the name or brand here) are serving as brothels. So-called Thai Massage saloons in Batumi or Chinese Massage saloons in Batumi hardly have girls from china or Thailand but from Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan which the appearance are look like Chinese.

That being said, most massage saloons in Batumi, you may have professional massage service beside more than this if you wish to. But I don’t recommend as most of the masseurs are really ugly and asking extreme amounts for extra services that you asked for. Better deal with bar girl in any nightclub that you can find more beautiful and sexy ones and the way better service. To get experience, just give a try but I am sure you will regret if you are planning more than a massage.

Nightclubs,  Bars, Pubs & Casinos of Batumi Nightlife

Arena, Star, Bomba, Intourist and many others leading Batumi, Georgia Nightlife. Nightclubs and Bars open till morning and serving various kind of events, music and tastes that address to almost everyone. Batumi is not a large place to be lost. Everything near to eachother. If you find far, taxis are not that expensive for transport. Just ask how much they ask for the place that you want to go. They are good cheater for foreigners.

Besides, there are many pubs or live bands clubs in the city as well. Casinos also the way of finding a beautiful girls. But better nightclubs as people who goes to casino mostly looking for money not a girl. Some nightclubs have entry fee some not, but they can give you free drinks inside. Hotels are not usually Guest-friendly, but you can contact with your hotel before arrive here and ask them if they accept guests. Also you can rent fully furnitured houses here for a week or month. Just type house rent in Batumi, you can find out many that matches of your expectations and budget. Alcohol is really cheap here. I am pretty sure once you come over here, you will visit Batumi back soon. Batumi makes addiction.

We thanks our friend “Anton” from Batumi for his priceless story about Batumi. Hope this story will guide us to find out our deal. If you want to share your own story of your city, please not hesitate to Contact Us…


  1. Hi
    Frist of all thank u for your brife information about Gergoia and Batumi.
    If u dont mind tell me how can i have a very special night with a beautiful girl in my hotel in that city?

    • you dont need an extra effort for this, they will be in hotels or bars. just hang out in the nightclubs and order a bottle of viskey. enjoy the rest of the night 🙂

  2. Small town but huge fun!!! ı didnt expect but you are really right… Batumi can be good alternative for cheap Casino, Nightlife and Sex Destination… Will go there very soon again…

  3. I just want to add some points… Keep away from pimps around the road guys, they are all scam buds for taking you somewhere to get all your belongings and leave you out naked!!!

    • Hı, Tigert, partly ı agree to you but not a big cases happened so far. this kind of stuations are everywhere in the world and this is the reality of nightlife…

  4. Batumi is Love and addiction, dont travel in winter thats all. let the summer sahpe your dreams in Batumi…

  5. Hı, how about the escort services in Batumi? is there some people or organisations to help out?

    • Escort services are not really turstable but better find your own way in the nightclubs. Most of the girls are working as Escort. there are some taxi drivers who can drive you such brothels but as ı said, it might be dangerous. Don’t think too much about girls, this is the easiest part in Batumi.

  6. Is Istanbul hotel still not accepting guests for its Nightclub? Is anyone having any idea? Last time it was closed (I have no idea for what reason)

  7. Hey ADMIN you should warn people to keep away from the casinos here in Batumi. Lots of tricks and very dangerous atmosphere here. No need to come for Gambling here. Nightlife is tolerable but finding Georgian women kind of hard here. Ladies Mostly from old Soviet countries SUCH AS Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Dagastan.

  8. Batumi not really a nightlife city mostly seems like a brothel…

  9. I am at batumi but how can i find girls??

  10. Star is the best nightclub for girls. If you want to find girl, go there and enjoy the cheapest nightlife experience with cheap deal girls. There is guest friendly hotel just above the Star club. But you need to pay around 50 Lari for the guest that you bring. I forget the hotel name for now. But its easy not hard. Enjoy the Batumi nightlife.

  11. I would like to know the culture of smoking, I hope, that people there are moderate and opend-minded.

    • Hi Muaiad,

      It’s not officially allowed in the country however illegally available in the market. all you need to do is contact with taxi drivers or when you arrive in Batumi, you will find out this concern for sure… People in Batumi doesn’t care about tourists actions. All they need more Tourist and money income for their country. Hope this helps, thanks.

  12. Hi Guys, can you recommend any special district for the best nightlife in Batumi. Thanks.

  13. Batumi is the best compare to Tiblisi Nightlife. More on focus and not complicated… Easy to access anything you want. Enjoy..

  14. Hi
    I would like to know about the cost of fun with a beautiful girl in Batumi?
    thank you

    • Hi Ebi,

      Depends on your expectation, it may cost you around 70$ – 150$ per whole day fun. By the way, it also depends on nationality, if you go with women from Uzbekistan, Dagestan, Mongolia or Kyrgyzstan might be cheaper while Georgian locals and Russians will be expensive to hang out with.

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