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bosnia nightlife

Bosnia Nightlife

Are you ready to meet the night life of a small but funny country in the heart of Europe? Yes, the country that I mentioned is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia, a member of the European Union, has a wonderful night life, sexy girls and lots of fun in the city. Let’s start with the Banja Luka night life which the most intensive nightlife is going on almost every night. For tourists who visit Banja Luka Bosnia, first impression of the city streets is full of beautiful attractive women. “Gospodska Street” is the representative walking zone in the centre of the city. Single guys should definitely come. In a town where single guys are welcomed, they will experience a great Bosnia nightlife

Winter clubs are found downtown, and their bustling season extends from September until May. In the late spring, the Banja Luka nightlife party moves to the “Kanjon,” where the summer dance club has their premiere nights. Those are enormous, outdoors pontoons and water crafts, rebuilt into discotheques. The most mainstream Banja Luka clubs are those on down coats the river Vrbas, beginning from the old Green Bridge and up to the “Kanjon” were organized the craziest “Wet drinking party”.


Banja Luka clubs don’t charge an entrance fee, however the reservation is important. All spots – by the bar, bar tables, high tables, VIP tables – will undoubtedly be saved. It is critical to get into the club no later than half past midnight, on the grounds that generally the club has the privilege to give your reservation to another person.

You can’t enter “Dance Clubs in Bosnian Nightlife” with improper dress code (like: games design), and you can’t convey beverages, opiates or weapons inside. Other than that, the bouncers in the door are checking if your name is on the rundown of visitors.

What makes Bosnia nightlife different from other countries is the high level of safety in Banja Luka.  Walking alone during the night is not dangerous at all. Of course that you have to watch yourselves, but mostly, this is a peaceful town.

Most dance clubs are full of young people dancing, smoking and drinking. There are an assortment of good bars and clubs that influence in various melodic headings; shake music and electronic being prevalent among the youthful group. In case you’re searching for a peaceable drink with colleagues or companions, wine basements or winery are an incredible alternative for tasting neighborhood and worldwide wines. If you just want a quiet drink , you better choose some peaceful cafe than a bar or club where you can find plenty of them while walking the mot crowded streets in Banja Luka.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Nightlife Reviews

The main points of Bosnia nightlife’s are: friendly people, party clubs where entrance is free and cheap drink. Drinks are inexpensive, especially beer. That is why domestic beer “Nektar”, brewed in Banja Luka, is the most common drink. Also traditional rakia called “Šljivovica”. Rakia is considered to be a national drink. Its alcohol content is normally 40%, but home-produced rakia can be a tongue burner, typically 50 to 60%. Slivovitz is made from plums and lozova, which is made from grapes.

Nightclubs and Bars in Bosnia

Mr. Brown – is sophisticated bar, which is a cafe/restaurant in one. During the evenings interior is darker and well known city guests spend their night out.  Next door, Mr. Black is a place for a  younger and noisier crowd.  They continue their evening in the basement of the Hotel Bosna. You can stay there because all events of Bosnia nightlife are mostly near in the same street.

Mac Tire – is Banja Luka’s large Irish-style pub. This place is more for urban people who likes Irish music. The live music band program is the personification of this pub. Food is, also, great and atmosphere is pleasant.

Boom Boom Room – is the biggest night club. His PR team is making a interesting party every weekend. Dress code : white party or costume ball is the great opportunity for those with imagination personality. Free entrance, low price of drinks and crowd of party people make this place perfect.

Down Town – Peaceful interior with rafting and fishing pics – makes you very calmly so this is a great place where you can drink late night after work coffee. Sells its own brand of coffee what makes this place special.

Hard Rock Cafe Little pub with soul. Agressive interior with rock band posters pinned up everywhere is just afirst view, but if you stay there you can feel the energy of incredibly creative artist visitors . Perfect place for urban modern people who listening rock music.

If you are not a fan of smoky place and crowd, you can always choose some options of different Bosnia nightlife.

Open-air Festivals in Bosnia

Demofest – Celebration fest of  music, typically enduring three days, comprising of two distinct parts: each night there is a challenge of demo groups, with two elimination round evenings and the finals. On the third day of the festival shows of groups with more notoriety taking after each piece of the challenge.

Banjalukanima –  Evenings of animation films in October.

Kratkofil – Festival of short films during the summer.

Neofest – Pop music stage.

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