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Cairo Nightlife: Nightclubs in Cairo

 Nightlife in Cairo  is a mix between history, Fun and modern life. The unsleeping city has a lot of places where you can spend a lovely nights having a lot of fun. Even there are streets and squares where you can experience the night life in Cairo just by walking in streets. Before talking about Cairo, Egypt Nightlife, I would like to introduce briefly about most tourist attractions about city.

The Nile River

Once you come to Cairo You should definitely go on a trip in the Nile. The trip is full of fun and The Nile Corniche itself is a crowded place full of families and lovers. Restaurants and cafes will be available for your desire of taste.

Al-Mu’izz ledin Illah Street

One of the best historical places in Cairo and maybe the world. There you will find the ancient Islamic history alive with a lot of famous mosques and in night is a heavenly place on Earth and so soulful. Worth a visit.

Khan El-Khalili

If you want to buy souvenirs and have a wonderful time in a historical place then you should visit it. Traditional coffeehouses, restaurants and bazars. Plus, Al-Hussein Mosque is just next to the place and Al-Fishawi coffeehouse which is one of the oldest places in Cairo.

Downtown, Talaat Harb Street and Fouad Street: are also interesting open places to walk there where you will find coffeehouses, bars and cinemas. Those streets in general are alive at nights.

Best Bars, Nightclubs and Party Places in Cairo, Egypt

There are two kinds of bars in Egypt. Traditional Bars and Modern Nightclubs. And here is a list with directions for every Nightclubs and Bars with a short description.

Some of The traditional Bars in Cairo are:

  • Riche café:  from Tahrir square and taking Talaat Harb street you will find it. It is a traditional bar where you can enjoy both drinking and the lovely cultural atmosphere of Egypt.


  • Estoril bar: take the Talaat Harb street to Qasr El Nil Street. It is quite like Riche.


  • Stella bar: just adjacent to Riche where The Yacoubian building movie was shot.


  • Windsor bar: In Emad-Eldein street after The Americans coffeehouse. It is one of the most traditional bars in Cairo.

The Modern Disco Life and The Most Famous Nightclubs in Cairo Include:

  • Cairo Jazz Club: one of the best night places in Cairo. Couples only, or girls and above 25 years only. you should book earlier. Crowded in girls and introducing alcoholic drinks.


  • The New Tamarai: a very expensive place and so high class which is full of girls, alcohols and parties full of dance and music. Entrance is by the administration evaluation. A night there is unforgettable. In Nile city towers you will find this incredible place.


  • Deals 14: has branches in Al-Zamalek, Al-Mohandseen, and Masr AL-Gadida. It offers drinks and meals. It is a calm place for a lovely evening on a blue music and playing Billiards with your friends if you are not a big fan of loud parties. Book before going there to avoid crowdedness. Prices are quite expensive but the place is really a high class one.


  • 1122 Bar: Radisson Blu Hotel, Cairo Heliopolis. It is a classy place for meals. It has a rooftop pool and a cocktail bar. It is suitable for families with kids too.


  • After Eight: this is a MUST visit place. Couples only and groups and above 25 years old. The place hosts underground bands and belly dancers. Book before going and prepare yourself for a high class night that you will never forget. It is in Qasr- Al Nile street, Downtown.


  • The Cellar: that is the nightclub you will like when you need loud music, dance, girls and drinks. President Hotel, 22 Taha Hussein Street in Al-Zamalek night club is the best place to party night.


  • Amici: two branches nightclub and restaurant for party nights. DJ, girls, dance, drinks. A branch is in Taha Hussein Street, New president Hotel, Al-Zamalek and the other one is in Masr Al-Gadida next to Heliopark Hotel. Go and enjoy your life.


  • Leila – Le Bistro: a downtown bar that is dedicated for the beautiful actress and singer Leila Mourad. It does not require booking but you should go earlier to avoid crowdedness. It hosts underground bands and introduce alcohols and meals with good prices.


  • Roof Bar: Gabriel Hotel, Sun City Mall Heliopolis. Unforgettable night of dancing, drinks, bar bites, and shisha with your friends at Roof Bar with incredible view of Cairo.


These are some of the amazing Nightclubs and Bars in Cairo, Egypt where you can spend a party night. Do not think that bars and nightclubs as limited as these list above. Actually, entertainment sector has been spreading in many places of the country in recent years together with developing tourism. For my opinion, Cairo Nightclubs can nominate for the best nightclubs in the world.

Lastly, most people may ask how to pick up a girl in Cairo?


Well, picking a girl in Cairo, Egypt is not as easy as most people thinks. As you know you are going a conservative country that people has different customs and traditions. For that reason, its not impossible that I am saying but a little hard task compare to western nightlife. But be relax, Egypt is now more liberal and free country that people doesn’t mind the customs as they do mind before. You can easily find a girl to have dance or drink together in the nightclub.

If you have contact before you go to Egypt, it would be more easy and comfortable. Egyptian girls are kind and very beautiful girls. Once they fall in love with you, it may end with marriage and child.

For more information about How to Find Egyptian Women, please read: “Dating Egyptian Women”

Picking girls in the Cairo is not a big problem. A lot of girls like to have fun in parties and that will not be a big deal even if you are a foreigner. It just requires your self-confidence.

Accommodation hotels distribute all over Cairo and they are quite high class hotels with the same qualities and all of them either containing a nightclub or near one. I recommend hotels instead of apartments to not being a victim of Fraud. You can enjoy your accommodation without any troubles. Here are some recommendations of the highest rated hotels in Cairo, Beside, if you want to be closer or at the center of nightlife those hotels below are highly suggested:

>>> The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Corniche El Nile <<<

>> Fairmont Nile City, Corniche El Nile <<<

>> Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences <<<

>> The Gabriel Hotel, Heliopolis <<< 

Cairo is a safe city to spend a lovely time. For most tourists it is a paradise. Cairo Nightlife is spectacular and You will review it as one of the most incredible visits of your life.

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