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Dating Middle Eastern Man Guide

Those rich Arab guys! For some ladies, they are handsome, charismatic, macho, and respectful… At the same time arrogant, rude, disrespectful and selfish. Arab men have always drive attention towards them usually for the sake of their crazy wealth. They are rich and can afford anything that a women may expect from a man. But apart from wealth, is Dating Middle Eastern Man really a good choice? Have you ever date with an Arab man or are you just start searching for an Arab man dating? In this article, I will be sharing my own experience of Dating Middle Eastern Man in all aspects.

Hello there and this is Amore from Spain a personal fitness trainer that used to worked in Qatar. I have been dating with a Qatari man and would like to share since there are so many complications regarding dating Arab men. So called gossips are partly true but not everything is like what you think! Anyway, let’s get started! All woman deserves a good life and care. Unfortunately, life is not fair and equal for everyone.

Many women can’t reach a desired life easily. But if the being rich and living in wealthy life, this article may get you covered. Whether you are a gold-digger or a serious lady that want to set your future life, you would better consider Arab man if they are your type. I lived in Qatar (Middle East) almost 5 years and I assure you that 5 years fair enough time to answers your possible questions for those who want to date with an rich Arab men.

How Arab Men Looks Like?

A typical Arab man has thick and black beards and hairs that well-shaved and well-shaped, (The young Arab guys) white skin. They wear a traditional white long dress. Most of them decent handsome and well-groomed guys, plus crazy rich. They are rich from the family that money comes from oil.

Arab men don’t like to work! In Middle East, all service sector and heavy-duty works are managed by Asians. (Mostly Indians and Filipinos) Arab men only fills works in administration positions for few hours. Honestly speaking, they are the laziest man on earth. I would describe my boyfriend too.

How Arab Men Behave Women?

Middle East has patriarchal and conservative cultural structure where the women rights either banned or limited. In a patriarchal society, a good woman is scored with her way of taking care of her children and her husband. Apart from that if she always stays silent and follows husband instructions, she would get another bonus to be a wife candidate for an Arab guy.

If you are ready to accept this, you would be their princess for the rest of your life. They would respect and protect you. In general, Arab men doesn’t behave bad to women. Instead, they are so protective but at the same time not romantic as well. Very limited Arab men are considered to be romantic of those who are studied in US or Europe.  It seems that they are get marry just to have baby and being a family since they all family-oriented people. That is also what is expected from them too.

What Arab men expect from a woman?

Well, Arab men consider women in 2 different types. Women for marriage and women for fun. If you are in the second category, it’s very hard to talk about marriage with an Arab man. (Exceptions don’t changes the truth) Let’s say you are in first category with your guy, he would probably not expect too much from you. When the relation is serious, Arab men are so strict and dominant with your clothes, your behaviors outside, your approach to foreigners and almost everything.

They will provide you what you want but in the circle of his restrictions. This is true. You cannot go out, travel or have fun without your man besides you and most of the guru’s those women have to handle in Middle East is covering hair or face. I slightly rejected this since its my life style but later on I felt that I was in second category for him. So, I don’t mind either since I loved him and wanted to be with him! Yes, life is rich here but it is similar to “golden cage” for a woman in this century.

If you are in second category, dating middle eastern man is quite easy task as you have not much to do to make your Arab men satisfied. They will probably say “goodbye” once they get tired of you. If your man not blinded with your love, you have to consider how to transfer as much money as possible to your country since most of foreign girl – Arab men relations are ends up eventually.

Marriage dream with rich Arab guy is inevitable end for a non-Muslim woman because of the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Arabs. Well as far as I understood, there is no way for a non-Muslim woman (as long as they prefer not to convert to Islam) for both categories. They will just have fun with you and leave you when the right time comes.  So think twice if you are searching a serious relation with Arab Men.

What is my experience?

As I told you earlier, I was in second category and I felt it earlier. For me it was not really a money but the words and romantism that he let me feel. We met with him in a dating site and he invited me to go there as tourist first. After dating couple of months, he told me that his family asking him to get marry. It was very hard for me in the beginning but I had no other way to run away from this reality.

I let him go and he helped me to find a very prestigious job here. I am earning almost 4 times more than my country and this was a perfect favor for me. So, we both parties separated happy and still meeting time to time even with his family. (But he never told her about us)

Many of you girls may want to ask “if its easy to dig money from Arab guy and sent to my own country?” if you are physically present here yes! The dating website that I met with my ex is really trustable since they have all paid accounts with real picture. They can’t do hanky-panky with social platforms like Facebook or WatsApp but by this website, they can do everything.

I trusted him and he bought my ticket, book our hotel and covered all my daily expenses here almost 6 months. He was also asking me if I am taking care of any family back in my home country, he wanted to help them too. But I never approached with this way. You can do gold digging here very easily but you would really need to attract them in sexiest way as possible. They all love s.x

How to meet with Rich Arab guy?

Till here if you still good to meet with a rich middle eastern man, here you go. It’s not really hard to meet with them online. Simple meeting apps like Badoo or Tinder would not really woks since they all aware this apps are full of scammers and promoters. And many of them find this apps as cheap or worthless. My ex has only WatsApp. He doesn’t even have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Besides, they are looking for Arab, European and Us citizens to meet. Arab ladies are usually preferring dating websites due to their privacy reasons. And rich Arab guys know it. My Qatari ex-boyfriend found me through my account in Muslima. I also heard about this website trough my friend who also dated with another Qatari man (but in Spain, not in Qatar) this lady was a real gold digger who was renting Ferrari in my city to show around thanks to this guy) Interested ladies can WISIT HERE to registered online. Its free!

My Suggestions

  • For those gold digger ladies wants to meet with real rich Arab man, Muslima is the exact platform where you can find them.
  • Just have fun and control yourself with your future dreams. Enjoy your time with them and focus on your goal (money or luxury life whatever) since if you are European, you cannot get along this type of lifestyle longer.
  • Put your most beautiful pictures on your profile. First attraction is really important. (Do not put any fake photos as it is waste of time. Arab guys are not silly.)
  • Introduce yourself nicely in your profile and express your reason to be on this platform clearly. But of course, don’t say “I want your money” in to the face.
  • Never ask money! In the beginning. Don’t worry, if you are able to spin his mind, you will swim in money.

Here you go! I wish you good luck and if you have any question, comment below. Any questions about Arab Men are welcomed. I may check comments time to time to answer you concerns.

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  1. where can I meet one. I am from Georgia, blonde, 1,78 height, 68 KG brown eyes and beautiful girl. Any serious rich Arab men please comment here. I am also serious.

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