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Dating Ukrainian Girl Guide: 10 Golden Tips

Every single guy in this planet has once dreamed to be with the sexiest and beautiful woman in the world. Once you are talking about Ukrainian girls, this both descriptions above fits to them amazingly. Yeah, after living in Lvov, Ukraine for more than 2 years, I could describe myself as a Professional Date Coach For Ukrainian Ladies. Dating Ukrainian Girl is not easy as one can have thought but not hard too. All you need to know the Ukrainian women indeed and understand them well. Then they can give their life for you without hesitation. In this article, you will know   Dating Ukrainian Girl  while getting detailed information about them.

What Ukrainian Ladies Looks Like?

Well, most of the Ukrainian girls are blonde and has blue eyes. they usually wear mini-skirts even though its freezy cold outside. Most of them following fashion and most of them wishing to have all kind of make-up sets and they care a lot about dressing. It’s partly a disadvantage for foreigners but most of Ukrainian girls cannot speak English! So, it will be easy for you to find them online as most of them who are looking for a foreigner, mostly subscribe dating websites to find a rich and handsome guy!

What Ukrainian Women Expect From a Man?

There is no exact criteria’s but mostly same works fine with Ukrainian ladies. Most of them looking for a wealth first. Do not judge them! This is same in other undeveloped country girls. Why Ukrainian girls want to be with a rich man is simply live in good condition and save their loved ones. Ukrainian people has good and strong relations with the family members. Once they get changes to rich, they will never forget their families. After wealth, Ukrainian women usually seeks in men are loyalty, love, trust, well-groomed (especially teeth and nails) and care! That is all for a real Ukrainian woman that expect from a man.

Why once should date with Ukrainian Women?

To have most beautiful and sexiest women in this world. Plus, loyal to his husband and can take care to her man forever if this man deserves. What I really loved with Ukrainian women is they know what they really want!!!

Do I Need to Live in Ukraine for Dating Ukrainian Girl?

Well, it really depends on the situation. I was here for a language collage to learn Russian. It was easy for me to date Ukrainian girls as I was attracting them with my little Ukrainian language. (I was there for a Russian course but the city doesn’t like people who are trying to talk in Russian. This rules just valid in Lvov and some other surrounding Ukrainian cities.)

So, if you are planning to get marry with an Ukrainian woman, you better plan to live here for couple of months. This also works good as most of the guys coming here for one-night stands relations so they don’t aware how serious the Ukrainian girls are. You could have one night stands everywhere in the world but for long term relations, you need to spend long time here to prove that you are not tourist here.

How to Get Marry Ukrainian Women?

Ukrainian women for marriage is not hard to find out. All you need to do is give your trust to them and let them know how you are serious with them. As I told above, this country invaded by young horny guys from all over the world because of beautiful and sexy Ukrainian girls reputation. You should do something different to be indicate that you are different from others. Don’t worry, I will be giving my Dating Ukrainian Woman Tips, just keep reading.

Dating Ukrainian Girl Tips


Dating and finally marrying an Ukrainian woman is a dream for most guys but it can be a real scenario if you really want to. First you need to know how to behave a woman in a right way and in this guide, I will help you out dating Ukrainian girl for the first time. If you are sure about Dating Ukrainian Girl, you should follow these tips below to be successful. If you followed this and still not successful, there must be a problem with you. Search some other websites to find other techniques.! These techniques below is based on my 2 years experience in Lvov, Ukraine.

  • Be always gentle, never try to be macho as Ukrainian woman doesn’t like macho styles!


  • Be well-groomed always. Ukrainian ladies really care specially teeth of their man and the nails. They like shiny teeth and short nails always. Some of them likes beard and mustache in men but mostly they like man shaved.


  • Be romantic! This is important as they are lacking romanticism because of Ukrainian guys! Most of the Ukrainian guys are not giving enough care to their women. These women are looking for love, lust while men prefer drinking. This is what I didn’t understand in this 2 years.


  • I know this part might be hard but be patient for the sex! Ukrainian women are really fed up with lies and being fooled all the time from foreigners. That is the reason your task is little hard. If you will not patient for the passionate night in the bed, you will be categorized one of the deceptive guy that they have met before. Don’t worry and I really do understand you very well. Based on my experience, I have date with many of them but I couldn’t make it in the first night. Whoever I tried, I failed and never saw same girl again!


  • Gift, especially roses! When you come to Ukraine, you will see many of the florist shops almost every corner. Ukrainian women love roses! Believe me it will make a big change. Grab a bunch of red rose in the first night, forget about the efforts later.


  • When Dating Ukrainian Girl, Give Care! Do something shows that you think about her. Any surprise or a little help for her grandma! Ukrainian women love their grand family. Most of them devotes their life for their old grannies in the village. Be a hero for them.


  • Stop smoking and drinking! As experience of Ukrainian men, women in Ukraine really hates smoking and drinking. They already know how rude and aggressive their man when they are drunk and they really don’t want to live a drunk man forever. If you are a drunk man, even you have done good so far, they will live you sooner or later.


  • If you are planning to date a Ukrainian woman, you should eat or like seafood. Ukrainian women love eating seafood and drinking house vine.


  • Ukrainian also loves accessories that makes them happy. They can live without money for 1 month but they can give their 1-month salary for accessories or make up sets. This is good that you have idea about what to buy as a gift for your women!


  • Compare to men in Ukraine, women have more tendency to be religious than men. So, respect their religion and do not offer to convert their religion. There are some can accept this but most of them strongly against this idea.


So, after this information about beautiful Ukrainian girls, I should start giving you tips to find them. As I said above, you have 2 ways to date a Ukrainian girl. First one to plan a couple of months in Ukraine like a local, second one is online which I do prefer to find English speaker Ukrainian girls online.

Let’s Analyze First Option Which is Living in Ukraine;



  • Very cold country especially in the winter you may experience – 40 in nights
  • Little dangerous to be in some locations after war with Russia
  • Lots of scammers especially taxis
  • Corruption issues through the foreigners in the country
  • Hard to find people who can speak English



  • Extremely cheap country if you have Ukrainian friend
  • Full of beautiful and sexy girls around
  • A lively city that never sleeps
  • A beautiful nature
  • The most lively and colorful nightlife (Also Check: Kiev Nightlife)
  • The most cheapest drinks ever in the market (3 Euro for bottle of vodka 70 cl)


Why I Recommend Online Dating Site to Find Ukrainian Women?

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  1. these are some great tips, ukrainian girls are some of the most beautiful in the world but many guys strike out on their trip because they don’t often put out quick

    if you are looking for a good serious girlfriend it is a great place to go, the tips above will give you a much better shot at winning them over

  2. Great piece!

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