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Hotels For Unmarried Couples in Dubai

Dubai has been very popular among the luxury tourist spots in the world. It has managed to drive all attention on it who wish to have a classy, luxury and comfortable holiday. However, Dubai is restricted with some religious-based law system that is not allowing unmarried couples to stay in same room.

A vacation without fiancé would not sounds good idea for an ultra-luxury holiday. But wait, don’t be nervous. Even though its legally not allowed, some hotels may handle the risk and let you enjoy your vacation. Let’s talk about those taboo’s and hopefully this article may help you out with finding hotels for unmarried couples in Dubai.

Can Unmarried Couples Stay Together in Hotel at Dubai?

Well, this is the most bothering question especially for unmarried couples. Staying in hotel without marriage in Dubai, technically not possible, but when it comes to practical way, there are some tips to stay together in Dubai without marriage.

Before answering this question, do you really think that thousands of unmarried couples that visiting Dubai, staying in different rooms? Of course not! Have you ever heard that lots of people deported or sentenced just because they booked a single room and stayed together without marriage contract? Nope!

Or, is any hotel asking your marriage contract before checking in? No! So, which simply answers our question above that it’s possible to book hotel or rent apartment in Dubai without submitting marriage contract.

Dubai Law For Unmarried Couples

Here is why Dubai not allows couples to stay together; According to Dubai Law, sharing a room, apartment or even a car without marriage is strictly forbidden as per the article 356 of UAE Penal Code. These regulations can vary from state to state.

Here is an example to understand well. Alcohol is allowed conditionally in Dubai but at the same time, strictly banned in Sharjah. To knowing this, being on alert is always recommended. Not only deportation may implement, but also various prison penalties may be sentenced.

Tips to Stay Together in a Hotel at Dubai

So why would I commit crime while I am visiting Dubai for vacation to get relax? No worries, Dubai has been developing day by day and would tolerate laws against its tourists since they are the first country that aware of the wealth from oil-source economy may collapse soon. That simply means they need more tourist to contribute the economy.

September, 2020 Update: Abu Dhabi lifting alcohol restrictions which means you can buy with no limit and no any requirements in liquor shops and bars & clubs. (Dubai did earlier)

  • First tip to stay together is keeping away from the trouble which can drive attention towards you. Police in Dubai generally nice and polite. They are not breaking down doors just to check couples whether they are married or not. If you guys believe that you are calm couple, you will not be having any problem in Dubai.
  • Secondly, book your hotel on high prestigious and world-wide known hotels like chain hotels that I have mentioned below. They seems to be more secure and they will not allowed anyone to damage their reputation.
  • When you are at lobby desk, introduce yourself as husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. In most cases, hotels don’t ask your marriage contract. In case they asked, just let them know that “you never guess a marriage contact would be necessary while check-in.”
  • If you still feel anxious, book 2 rooms and stay in one room after checked-in. It will not become a serious problem as long as they will not schedule guards in front of your door which is not possible 🙂
  • If still worried to stay in hotel, then choose a safe apartment to stay with same comfort of luxury hotels. CHECK HERE to find out your luxury apartment in safe location with affordable price.

Alternatives to the Hotels for Unmarried Couples in Dubai

As you know, Dubai hosts millions of expatriates in their territory and most of them are just living together in shared apartment or a flat. Most of them doesn’t have contract but they are living together for long times.

If you still worried to stay in a hotel, you can rent an apartment or flat as a safe alternative. Staying in apartment also has some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see them below;


  • Your partner can visit you, anytime she wants, without any permission or hesitation.
  • You can have unlimited party in your flat with your visitors as long as you are not disturbing your neighbors.
  • Apartments are generally safe if you really booked apartment in good and safe location.


  • You just need to control yourself and make sure that you are not disturbing anyone in the building.
  • If you rent apartment in particular locations from where crime rates are high, you would have great chance to be visited by police.
  • Apartments, depends on location, might be high in costs.


During my 10 years experience in Dubai, I have never experienced or heard any issue about unmarried couples staying together in Dubai. If there are such incidents you may have heard, probably regarding over-drunk issues instead of marriage contract-related issues.

As long as you are not drawing attention on you, no one would stop and ask your marriage contract for sure. Finally lets see where you can comfortably stay for your dream holiday in Dubai.

List of hotels that you can safely stay together in Dubai:

If you still have some question marks or hesitation, here are some hotels where you can stay with your spouse safely in Dubai. I have just make a list of some reliable hotels that you will definitely  not having any problem during your stay.

COST RANGE ($$$$) – ($$$)

COST RANGE ($$$) – ($$)

To check more Hotels in Dubai, VISIT HERE to get safest and comfortable hotels with amazing prices. If you still looking for hotel both safe for couples and including nightclub or bar in hotel premises, CHECK OUT HERE to find out hotels with nightclubs in Dubai. Have fun!


  1. what if a white woman is meeting her Indian man for first time and We have been having online relationship for 3 years we want to be together and meet and it seems very difficult to get to meet him with so many restrictions on getting visa and he has tried to come yo UK but without success we are so in love and want to meet dubai is only place that isn’t to far to travel from uk for me although I am a bit worried travelling alone I am very confident of my boyfriend and his love with different passports though and nationalities would we be able to book a double room or should we I need advise as I don’t want to break the law and land I jail thanks

    • dear
      go to places or islands like maldives.
      Visa free and no restrictions on couples to stay in hotels even for inter racial couples including indians.


  2. Hi,
    Me and my girlfriend planning to visit dubai, my only concern is i am from india and she is from london but she is British Asian, so is it safe to stay together in dubai without being married.

    • Its not legally fine to stay together in dubai without marriage contract for couples. however, some of the hotels will not ask you to provide marriage contract. Most of the times couples who visited Dubai not having such problems as long as you are not driving attention upon you. Just be relax and in case of being asked, just tell them you are married.

    • bhai chance mat lo.

      koi dost yaar yah koi pehchan k hain to salah lo

    • There’s no such thing as “British Asian”. There’s only Indian, and “Indian pretending to be European because immigration laws let anyone get into Europe”. Just because you managed to get into someone else’s country doesn’t mean you can claim to be from there. Indians are Indians. No matter where they are.

      • Da Ninjeh,

        Why are you getting so pissed? Are you alright? You have completely deviated from the question and it seems as if you don’t understand English. She will be called British if she has a UK passport, doesn’t matter whether you scream, deny or keep blabbering..

      • Yes there is…

  3. I enjoy reading your travel blog.

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