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Istanbul Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

İstanbul is one of the largest metropolis in the world. More than 16 million population and 2000 years history make Istanbul the most attractive places to visit in the world. When you come to Istanbul you directly feel the atmosphere of history in every corner you visit. Sultan Ahmet, blue mosque, Grand Bazaar, Taksim and much more that ı cannot count here. The city is big and crowded, biggest disadvantage is the traffic. There are 2 international airports and you can find direct flight from over 250 countries. I would recommend nightlife pals to stay around Besiktas, Taksim, Ortakoy, Kadıkoy(Anatolian part) to have best Istanbul Nightlife experience.

When someone says Nightlife in istanbul, probably he or she is talking about Taksim or Ortakoy. Istanbul Nightlife beats Mostly at Taksim or Ortakoy. They are little far from each other but you can find buses running untill morning. But ı will recommend you to hang out at Taksim area which is most crowded and alive until morning. Taksim square is the hearth of Istanbul. Whoever comes to Istanbul, never go back before visiting Taksim. Nightlife in Taksim mostly located on Istiklal Street, longest and crowdest street in Istanbul. Crowded means more than 2 million people passing by within 24 hours. Not a joke, when you went there you will witness by your eyes. Sometime it’s very hard to walk because of crowd.

Nevizade where you can find bars and pubs with open doors and crowded. Nevizade is connected to the Istiklal Street and sometimes it’s hard to find chairs to sit at those bars. You have to visit there and Asmalı Mescid is another second destination in Istiklal Street. Both of them walking distance and even walking in this atmosphere will make you excited for sure. There are thousands of nightclubs ,bars and pubs located here and you can find anything you expect to find in Taksim. Best thing to do actually for me in Istanbul, become drunk(not over drunk) and walk at Istiklal Street. You will feel fantastic.

Here is my story about Istanbul Nightlife;

Me and one of my friend from İstanbul went to the pub. He was my guide and he recommended me a nightclub that we spend the whole night. First he told me if you are hungry we can have some delicious Turkish kebab or doner. I accepted and we went to a Turkish style fast-food cafe. İt was quite cheap and delicious.

After staring to each other, my friend take me to their table. I found myself in the table with talking those girls. They came from Austria and they said they are coming to Istanbul every weekends for partying. But they were Turkish. We actually get used to each other after a while. when time was showing 2:00 AM, we found ourselves dancing and kissing each other. I was drunk but ı didn’t feel anything wrong. Because ı already known that nightclub is my friend’s friend. So ı was so confortable. When the time showed 5:00 my friend told “we want to head back to home and would you like to join us for after party?” They accepted and we went to his house at Bahcelievler. We had really wonderful morning. We wake up in the morning and had breakfast all together.

Actually this is how they partying every once a month. The book a ticket for 1 night and they are just coming for partying. We were both pleased. After that night ı stayed only 2 more nights and we hang out every day. But both nights was only for enjoying Istanbul nightlife. İt was a perfect memory of me. İf you guys planning to visit Istanbul, feel free to enjoy this beautiful city. I am sure you will be back.

Before finalize my story, I just want to give some tips about Istanbul nightlife,

Just to be careful at nights as some drunk guys might disturb you. Keep away from the crowd especially at nights. Taxis are charging double especially when they know you already drunk. So be careful.

Ask your questions to the Turkish ladies as they love foreigners. Turkish ladies are safer friends than males. I am not saying for all but this is my observations.

Even though I had a good nightlife experience, always remember that you are in a Muslim country and conservative culture. Behave as in the circle of these terms.

To find and apartment around Taksim will be a wise step to pick. Because budget nightlife mostly around Taksim area. This area has a lot of house or hotel options where you can find for every budget.

Clubbing around Ortakoy could be more expensive than Taksim.

Here are some nightclubs bars and pubs of Istanbul nightlife;

Taksim nightclubs;

360 (Istiklal Caddesi Mısır Apt. Kat 8 No:311 Beyoglu)

Wan-na (Kanyon AKM, Buyukdere Cad. No. 206)

Jolly Joker Balans  (Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 22 Beyoglu)

Club Lupe (Istıklal street right above mcDonalds)

Jolly Joker Balans (Istiklal Cad. Balo Sok. No: 22 Beyoglu)

Living Indigo (Istiklal Cad. Akarsu Sk. No:1-2-4-5, Beyoglu)

Babylon Bomonti ( Birahane Sokak No:1 Bomonti, Sisli)

Ortakoy nightclubs;

Anjelique  (Muallim Naci cad. Salhane Sok. No:5 Ortakoy)

Blackk  (Muallim Naci Cad. No:71 Ortakoy)

Reina (Muallim Naci Cad. No:44 Kurucesme Ortakoy)

Sortie (141 Muallim Naci caddesi Kurucesme Ortakoy)

This is my story about Istanbul. İf you also have story about Istanbul or anywhere else in the world, please WRITE ME  to share. See you in other story.

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