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Kiev Nightlife Tips, Cautions and Updates 2021

Kiev, today’s one of the best nightlife spot particularly for Europeans. Obviously, it has 3 reasons behind. Kiev offers affordable options, extreme and limitless nightlife features and beautiful Ukrainian girls. Its not only Europeans, many foreigners around the world visits Kiev for its well-known crazy nightlife and beautiful girls.

Kiev, as you know the capital of Ukraine.  Whoever visit Kiev, they fall in love, and they come back again for sure. Despite the security myths between Russia and Ukraine, life in Kiev still same as usual. So its not the concern that you worry about. If you are able to visit Ukraine now, you are free to hang out as you used to do before.

Please Check the latest update of the country tourist policy due to the COVID-19 restrictions before you plan your travel.

Kiev Nightlife Tips 


Nightlife in Kiev, not only located in one particular street or square since the city itself is huge. But let say some areas are rich in bars and nightclubs. Maidan square is one of the popular spot for nıghtlife.

Its also the center square of Kiev. Beside, Arena-City at Basceynaya Street attracts lots of nightlife lovers too. It’s a complex that provides extreme fun with strip clubs to bars or night clubs. To be on the safe side, please be aware of;

Some bars pays attractive ladies to let them eat or drink on account of foreigners as much as they can by using their attraction. They are well aware of why foreigners are there!

Freelancer Ukrainian girls in nightclubs may play with you and leave you at the end of the night. She can cost you a lot since her drinks are usually costs double which means she receive the half of the amount at the end of the day.

Dress code is important in Ukrainian night clubs. Do not dare to argue with bodyguards if they refuse you. Leave that place immediately if you don’t want to find yourself in the garbage bin! No joke!

Do not carry big amount of money with you. If available, use credit card always. Many girls are pickpocketing if they see you are drunk enough.

Try your best to call taxi instead of  taking one on the road. Believe or not, they will make trouble when you arrive in the hotel for extra charges. If you don’t know Russian to call taxi, give a decent amount of tip to a waiter, he/she will do it for you.

Always travel by taxi in the middle of the night. Do not travel by walking at Kiev streets alone especially during midnight.

If some of the troubles above happens to you, please accept it instead of going to police. Police would make more trouble even you are right. Unfortunately, due to low salary range, many police in Ukraine attempt corruption especially from foreigners.

Please note that, this cautions doesn’t means that it would definitely happen to you. But those are recorded cases in Ukraine. Some foreigners have had experienced earlier.

Food & Beverages 

Mc Donald’s, KFC and such fast-food chains are available in many places and 7/24. So, you will not feel hungry if you don’t prefer local Ukrainian food. Kiev also presents the taste of international cuisines. Restaurants are quite affordable. Try traditional foods such as; Vareniki, Kievski, Borscht soup.

Guest-Friendly Hotels in Kiev

It’s always advised to book apartment in Kiev which is more affordable and safer. What I mean by safe is for your guest! Ukrainian ladies hesitate to go hotel with foreigners due to registration at hotels. They feel bad. But if you book apartment, they would feel more comfortable with you and the chance of accompany gets higher.

Hotels usually asks ID for registration and you need to contact with hotel if they allow guest before you book. Some hotels asking for extra charges even you have booked the room for 2. Still want to book hotel to feel safe, Check Here the most affordable guest friendly hotel lists.

Its also better to book your either hotel or apartment near Maidan Square to be closer many tourist spots and nightlife.

Ukrainian Online Dating Site

Sounds weird but think about it. You would be able to know each other before your travel. If you really practice 3 weeks earlier, you can easily find out if the girl is gold-digger or really looking for a flirt.

Many of these girls are subscribing such websites to find a man who can spend their expenses such as make up sets, clothes or some jewelries. Don’t worry, this is not a gold digger style, she will make you happy throughout you vacation. So it would have some costs of course!

Who knows she may only want a honest guy to get marry? Everything is possible and you have chance to know through online. Its better than a bar girl of which you even don’t know about her! I am sure relations can be developed in this way! Below link would take you the site and you can start searching now!

Kiev Nightclubs & Bars 

Finally let’s talk about venues. Nightlife in Kiev non-stop fun and if you know where you hang out, it is unforgettable too.  Vodka bar, Forsage Club, Shooters, Sorry Babuckha are some examples for Kiev nightclubs. Booking a table and enjoying a bottle of vodka with unlimited energy drinks will cost you around 50$ for all night.

Arena, Buddha Bar, Sky Bar, D-Lux are relatively first-class and expensive Nightclubs in Kiev. But it’s safer than so-called cheaper options. There are also spritz clubs but as I mentioned above, you better watch all the time. If you also have memories of Kiev Nights that we did not mentioned here, please let us know in the comments below.


  1. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant idea,
    post is nice, thats why i have read it fully…

  2. Hı, İf you want to meet with local kiev student girls, you need to visit Vodka Bar. Drinks prices are average, Music is good. ıts open utill 6:00 AM which is great time to meet with local Ukranian ladies. My personal suggestion, don’t stay longer untill 6:00 AM as ıt might be litle dangerous for foreinger even for Ukranians. Enjoy 🙂

  3. very nice nightlife.. nightclubs are full of beauitiful Ukranian women…strongly reccommended…

  4. fromkievwithlove

    Keep away from taxi drivers in Kiev if you don’t know Russian or you don’t have local companion. They are scam network in Kiev nightlife who focused on man tourist in Kiev. They are especially those freelancers on the road asking 10 times more than actually price. Well, if you refuse (you don’t have this chance) they get frustrated and start to threaten you. Believe me it works this way. My advice, if you need taxi, before leaving your current venue, ask help from them to call you taxi. Otherwise, it can be extreme costly….

  5. Kiev is the land of most sexiest ladies in the world. Try to contact with them online. otherwise they will not relpy you on the streets. and its hard to find girls who can speak English. If you go online, you will be meeting those who can speak English…

  6. Extremely helpful I’m looking forward to travel to Kiev.

  7. students’ nightclubs are which ones

    • Hi Mahesh,

      My personel preferance would be “Saxon, Votka Bar and Forsage” There are many young University students hanging out especially Friday nights. Have fun.

  8. Awesome write up , would be a pleasure to.visit and live in Ukraine for a week , any good site to look for esc…s? Is it safe to walk around the city in day time ? Are there no online taxis ?

    • Hi Deep,

      I have no idea about e….rt website but for walking at streets any time during day is safe absolutely. There is taxi offices that you call and they provide you taxi. its very affordable prices and you are more safer than regular taxis waiting on the roads. only disadvantage is those lines may not speak English. have fun.

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