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Kiev Nightlife Tips

Kiev, today’s one of the best nightlife spot for those who really wants to enjoy crazy parties and unlimited nightlife options. Let’s talk about Kiev nightlife tips and recommendations. Kiev as you know the capital of Ukraine. Actually Kiev is a lifestyle; City is fresh blood for nightlife pals. Whoever comes to Kiev they fall in love, and they definitely come back to Kiev. Unfortunately nowadays Ukraine having hard times after conflict with Russia. Don’t worry guys Kiev is safe and still nothing missing about nightlife performance. After reading this article, ı am sure most of you will start to make plans to visit Kiev.

Kiev nightlife generally placed on Maidan square but we cannot say all of the nightclubs are located there. Actually as nightclub, you have thousands of options but yes, most of them are located around Maidan Square. I would not recommend you to book hotel or hostel. Try to rent houses around Maidan square, so that you can be closer to the nightclubs and the hearth of the city. Renting house is not expensive as you thing. 1+1 houses starting from 25-40$ a day and its full-furnitured. 2+1 houses starting from 40 to 60$ a day. It depends on situation of the house and location.

If you have an Ukrainian friend, they can help you to talk with house owner. The price might me lower.  Mc Donald’s, KFC and such restaurant chains are almost all over the city. So, you will not feel hungary if you don’t like Ukranian food. Kiev also presents the taste of international cuisines. Don’t worry about prices, according to currency, you will found prices quite cheap. Our traditional foods are Vareniki, Kievski, Borscht soup. You better try before you leave Kiev.

Before you coming to Kiev make sure that you are taking Dollars or Euro with you. You can convert your money into Grivna (Ukranian Money) here. Do not change all your money in airport, currency at out side is greater than airport. English is well-known compared to other cities in Ukraine but still in the nightclubs and bars, not very common. But that doesn’t means you will have difficulties, for sure there will be always someone who can speak English. Spoken language is Ukrainian but almost everyone knows Russian. Let’s continiue with Kiev Nightlife.

There is really amazing and nonstop nightlife here in Kiev. Believe me it is. When you come here and feel the atmosphere, you will be amazed. Nightlife in Kiev actually has 3 options, students’ nightclubs, local nightclubs and tourists’ nightclubs. Student nightclubs are full especially on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s same for the other classes but students nightclubs are more dynamic and sexy compare to the other classes.

Kiev Nightclubs & Bars 

Vodka bar, Forsage Club, Shooters, Sorry Babuckha are some examples for Kiev nightclubs. Booking a table and enjoying a bottle of vodka with unlimited energy drinks will cost you around 50$ for all night.

Arena, Buddha Bar, Sky Bar, D-Lux are apparently first class and expensive Nightclubs in Kiev. But it’s safer than cheaper nightclubs. There are also spritz clubs but I don’t recommend you to go such places. You will be fooled and ıt can cost you a lot of money without enjoying.

Courting girl in Kiev nightlife is not very hard. İf you are little handsome and speak little Russian or English, you have great chance to find a beautiful girl. Anyway you will be amazed by the beauty of Ukrainian girls. Blonde hairs, blue eyes sexy dresses…

ı would not recommend you to travel by metro or tram. It might be dangerous for foreigners especially at midnight. Do not walk alone in the midnight, always use taxi for your transportation even though its costly.

Keep away from fights and drunk guys. It’s quite possible in Kiev to encounter a fight when you are outside of the nightclub. Just don’t listen if someone yelling you or do not stare to the fight. I am not saying it’s going to happen to you but racist issues are recorded especially last few years.

Taxi drivers are kind of sex dealers here. İf they know that you are foreigner they will try to sort you and recommend you some houses at the back streets of Kiev. Those houses are sex workers houses. İf you cannot finalize the night with a nice girl, you should find a trustable taxi driver and let him to take you to your goal. Taxi here in Kiev actually systematically perfect but the problem is language. İf you know Russian or if the taxi officer knows English, they will sent a SMS to your phone that stating the car model and number of the driver and also the price that you will pay and how long the taxi will be there. It’s cheaper or safer than the street taxis.

I would recommend you to buy a local line for internet connections and calls. local lines will be also good for courting girls. None of the girl will make international call just to meet with you. İts not expensive, like around 6$ for package of internet and minutes.

There is very little chance not find a girls in Kiev’s nights but if it’s happened, you have taxi options and if you don’t trust this way than last options is escort service websites. You just simply pick one and she can come to your house. Everything depends on your agreement. Prices depending from age and physical appearance. But if you want a beautiful and young girl will cost you around 80$ – 150$ for whole night. Average girls will be lesser but do not go for the cheap price, otherwise you will have 35 + age and if you don’t want when you saw the girl, you might have troubles. I think its clear enough about Kiev nightlife. If you have questions about Kiev nightlife  Please comment below and if you have also story to share please do not hesitate to WRITE ME…


  1. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant idea,
    post is nice, thats why i have read it fully…

  2. Hı, İf you want to meet with local kiev student girls, you need to visit Vodka Bar. Drinks prices are average, Music is good. ıts open utill 6:00 AM which is great time to meet with local Ukranian ladies. My personal suggestion, don’t stay longer untill 6:00 AM as ıt might be litle dangerous for foreinger even for Ukranians. Enjoy 🙂

  3. very nice nightlife.. nightclubs are full of beauitiful Ukranian women…strongly reccommended…

  4. fromkievwithlove

    Keep away from taxi drivers in Kiev if you don’t know Russian or you don’t have local companion. They are scam network in Kiev nightlife who focused on man tourist in Kiev. They are especially those freelancers on the road asking 10 times more than actually price. Well, if you refuse (you don’t have this chance) they get frustrated and start to threaten you. Believe me it works this way. My advice, if you need taxi, before leaving your current venue, ask help from them to call you taxi. Otherwise, it can be extreme costly….

  5. Kiev is the land of most sexiest ladies in the world. Try to contact with them online. otherwise they will not relpy you on the streets. and its hard to find girls who can speak English. If you go online, you will be meeting those who can speak English…

  6. Extremely helpful I’m looking forward to travel to Kiev.

  7. students’ nightclubs are which ones

    • Hi Mahesh,

      My personel preferance would be “Saxon, Votka Bar and Forsage” There are many young University students hanging out especially Friday nights. Have fun.

  8. Awesome write up , would be a pleasure to.visit and live in Ukraine for a week , any good site to look for escorts ? Is it safe to walk around the city in day time ? Are there no online taxis ?

    • Hi Deep,

      I have no idea about e….rt website but for walking at streets any time during day is safe absolutely. There is taxi offices that you call and they provide you taxi. its very affordable prices and you are more safer than regular taxis waiting on the roads. only disadvantage is those lines may not speak English. have fun.

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