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Kiev Nightlife: Unforgettable Birthday Party

As most of you know about conflict that started between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 and cost to many fatalities and broken relationship between Russia and Ukraine. This situation seems to be ok right now but most of the ideas behind it, “Russia haven’t finished his mission on Ukraine and waiting for Syria task to finished.” Anyway I would like to inform you guys who still have doubts about Kiev safety or who wonders about Present situation of Kiev Nightlife. Lets start the story;

When we arrived to Kiev we went to the Passport check, officer was so serious this time and asked us little questions such as where we will stay in Kiev and how long we are planning to stay. It was regular questions but first time they asked to see my hotel reservation and return ticket. I showed them properly and we were finally in Kiev. We took the taxi but there is bus running to center of Kiev from the airport which is cheaper than a taxi.

I and my friend don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian but in Kiev it will not be a big problem. I have been here 2 times before and I didn’t had any problem substantially. At around 10:00 PM,  we were in our hotel that ı already booked. If you want to be closer to the Kiev nightlife and tourist spots, you should book your hotel around Maidan Square where is the hearth of city. The first day we weren’t eager to join nightlife in Kiev. We preferred to take a long rest for our 2 days casual nightlife. Tomorrow will be the party day as its Damien’s birthday.

After a shower we lied on our beds and fall in a sleep. We woke up around 10:00 AM to take a breakfast. I took him to the tourist spots that need to be seen in Kiev. Around 4:00 PM our walking trip through the Kiev was over and we were quite hungry. We jumped in to the Mc Donald’s at Maidan Square. There are a lot of fast-food chains and Alacarte restaurants along the Maidan Square. Also nice cafes, restaurants and pubs located in same place. We headed back to hotel to get ready for the birthday party.

It was around 11:00 PM when we woke up and quickly got ready to clubbing and partying. We should be in a nightclub before it gets 00:00AM. Finally we took taxi to the location called; “Arena City” where Most of the Nightclubs, Bars and Spritz Clubs are located in Kiev. You have many options here such as Spritz Club, Dance Club, Karaoke Bars and Nightclubs. We jump into Sky Bar. After a strict dress control we were finally inside but ı saw many guys are not allowed because of dressing. So be careful when you are clubbing in Kiev. Even if you have reservation, they will pay you back and not let you in.

I have ordered a bottle of Jack Daniels for the table we have paid around 120 dollars both for table and Jack. A birthday without a girl would be nonsense especially you are in Kiev. Atmosphere was good and music was bustling but problem was nightclub still empty even though it was around 1:30 AM. I still have hope that nightclub will be full of beautiful Ukrainian girls. After around 15 min waiting longer, we were almost leaving the Sky Bar to the Vodka Bar where they said to be full of beautiful Ukranian girls. But finally Nightclub start to get busy and we stayed in Sky Bar.

What a chance!!! Two blondes  was staring to us. We politely invite them to our table by mimics and gestures. They didn’t come but they were still wathcing on us. After 10 min. they start dancing and we went to join them. They didn’t refuse and we started dancing. While dancing we had change to introduce ourself. When dancing finished they asked to drink something with us at our table. It was done and ı was so happy that both of us will be having fun tonight.

We arrived to our table and  started a long conversation. Suddenly they said, they want to leave. It was around 4:00 AM and we were also tired. We wished to save our energy for the rest of the day. I offered them to continue ın the hotel with a nice home made-wine. They first hesitated and then accepted by smily mimics. But we have a problem that we booked only one room. Damien called the hotel and asked for another room. Luckily they have another room available and we booked it. We arrived to hotel to my room and start drinking wine. Everyone was really drunk at around 5:30 AM Damien took his lady to his room and ı was alone together with my beautiful partner.

We woke up around 3:00 PM and had really good day with these ladies. They show us more places and we went to another secret nightclubs only known by locals. I forget the name but ıt was really not discovered by foreigners and full with real Ukrainian ladies. The same scenario happened in our second day and finally we headed to the airport after an unforgettable 2 nights in Kiev.

Conclusion of Kiev Nightlife

If you are still asking is kiev safe for travel, answer is %100 yes. Kiev Nightlife still colorful, crazy and fast. But as the girls said east part of Ukraine still in war and dangerous for the foreigners. The places you should keep away for now are; Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea. They recommend us to visit Lviv where is the safest place in Ukraine. Hopefully next time we will arrange for Lviv. If you are asking “How much 2 days cost us in Kiev?”  Together with hotel and flight, it was around 400 dollars each. But we had a wonderful 2 days. Hope you enjoyed with our beautiful memory in Kiev. As you find out our experience in Kiev, Present situation of Kiev Nightlife just as normal. Don’t hesitate to come over Kiev. Kiev is still safe and normal as it was.

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  1. Where is this Ukranian girls? I have been out almost all night in Kiev but couldnt find anyone for partying 🙁 ı went back to hotel alone. actually ı scared to ask taxi for escort services but still ı dont understand why ı am that much unlucky.. by the way ıts very cold out here 🙂

    • Hı Leonard, sorry to hear that but you might be in wrong location ı guess or your self-confidance seems to be improved little bit. In Kiev, you can not focus on 1 girl in 10 minutes just because of the beauty of the Ukranian Girls… Next time tried to go with someone who can help you out with. Thanks..

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