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Manila Nightlife Guide: Bars & Nightclubs

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and craziest spot for nightlife seekers. Partying never over since the city never sleeps! It wouldn’t be surprise when you see the people in Manila streets rushing to go their job while you are heading back to your hotel for sleep. Manila nightlife offers variety of fun especially for foreigners. Unlike Thailand, Manila still presenting foreigner-friendly nightlife features and relations. Let’s view nightlife in Manila with full details below.

Nightlife in Manila

Manila is the largest and the most crowded city in the Philippines. So, the nightlife doesn’t locate in one particular street or town. Since the city never sleeps, nightlife can be found every corner but let’s list the leading nightlife spots in Manila, Philippines.

Makati Nightlife

The most well-known hot nightlife spot in Manila where the most popular bars, night clubs and hotels are located. The city also well-developed and safe for foreigners. The Burgos Street (Bar street of Makati) also located here where you can find many restaurants, bars and clubs in one street. Hotels are usually on average but the quality is worth for money at Makati area. You can check affordable and cheap Hotels in Makati here.

Bars and Clubs in Malate

  • Strumm’s
  • Manila PubCrawl
  • Royal Club
  • The Curator
  • Salon de Ning
  • Finders Keepers MNL
  • Music 21 Plaza
  • Club SixtyNine
  • Bar Crawl PH
  • Ringside Bar
  • Palladium
  • The Void

Malate/Ermita Nightlife

Also called Ermita district of Manila, offers second class nightlife options where you can find college students and locals hanging out bars and clubs. Compare to Fort Bonifacio and Makati, Malate district less developed.

Homeless people that sleeping on the streets, beggars follows you obstinately, freelancer Pilipino massage girls’ yells, vendors that cheats always, Jeepneys and heavy traffic. Seven eleven almost every corner 🙂

Usually safe but still needs to be careful after midnight. Manila’s famous 2 Bars (L.A. CAFÉ and Exclusiv Club) are located here. The atmosphere more sincere and venues relatively cheaper than Makati. Hotels are cheaper but my recommendation to stay in Birch Tower to be exactly in the center, right in front of Robinson Mall and walking distance to L.A. CAFÉ.

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Bars and Clubs in Malate

  • L.A Café
  • Exclusiv
  • FAB
  • Club ZZYZX

Fort Bonifacio Nightlife

Also called Bonifacio Global City in Taguig probably the most developed district in Manila. The city accommodates well-known companies and sectors but still has offers for luxury nightlife features for its rich class guests.

The most expensive nightlife experience in Manila but the service in return is also 5 stars. Once you are in The Fort, you may feel you are not in Manila but walking in New York streets. That is the reason the 5 star ultra-deluxe hotel chains are mostly located here.

 Bars and Clubs in Fort Bonifacio

  • Bank Bar
  • Seventh High
  • Nectar Nightclub
  • Prive
  • Rockstar KTV
  • Valkyrie
  • Revel
  • The Island
  • Early Night

Quezon City Nightlife

Unlike other hot nightlife spots, Quezon City still has nightlife options to offer for locals and visitors from abroad. Quezon City become popular recently in terms of nightlife since the foreigners bored of Makati, Malate and The Fort start searching untouched spots in Manila.

By taxi, depends on the traffic, it would take 1,5 to 2,5 hours to get there from Makati. If you also want to get rid of venues packed with foreigners, Quezon City nightlife may help you out with safe and cheap nightlife options. Let us warn you with your expectations. Since it’s not really a tourist spot, you may not find it worth but for me, its quite worth to experience. Hotels are also cheap and comfortable here compare to other tourist spots.

Bars and Clubs in Quezon City

  • Oblivion
  • Ka Freddie’s Music Bar & Restaurant
  • Cowboy Grill
  • Red Planet Quezon City
  • Vanity Club
  • Guilly’s Night Club
  • PS Bar & Billiard
  • Fred’s Revolucion Cubao X
  • Tago Jazz Café

Angeles City Nightlife

A town trying to emulate Walking street in Pattaya, Thailand. Also known as Pampanga. It’s basically a red-light district in Manila where you can find beautiful girls calls for a drink while you are walking on their so-called “walking street”.

And yes, their street also called “walking street” but in Pampanga. Anyway, its also crowded with foreigners and everything designed for foreigners attention. Relatively expensive and not really worth. Those who are looking for quick action without any effort may prefer Pampanga nightlife. Just be careful and don’t forget bargain all the time. For safe and central hotel options, Check Out Here.

Bars and Clubs in Angeles City

  • After Dark
  • After School
  • Agasya
  • Angelwitch
  • Atlantis
  • Aura
  • Viking Bar
  • Red Bar
  • Lollipop
  • Aqua Beach Club
  • Midnight Rodeo
  • The Living Room
  • Midnight Rock Bar
  • Tao
  • Club Vibe


Manila is a great nightlife option in Asia right after Thailand. There are many options according to your budgets for hanging out and variety of options in terms of fun.

The listed bars and clubs are not the all but the ones I can remember. The real list may not fit in this article since there are hundreds of bars and clubs in Manila that open till morning.

Filipino Proverb: “Its more fun in the Philippines” 


  • Some bars and dance clubs may turn into a money trap and dangerous for foreigners. Especially those “dance bar” promoters on the streets that following you should be ignored immediately.
  • Those people selling drugs such as “Viagra” or other pills for performance may have dangerous effect with you. those pills are not original and important from China. If you need such pills,  buy them from pharmacies.

Finding Filipina Lady in Manila

Manila Nightlife would be perfect with a beautiful Filipina lady if you are lucky to see one. If you don’t want to risk, you can check out this website to find one before you go. Don’t worry, its not fake website and most of the users are women looking for foreigners to meet or marry. Good luck and please comment below your Manila nightlife experience to guide also others.


  1. good write up man, definiitely a ton of fun to be had in this city, the fort is the best for clubs

  2. Can anyone advise the names of hotels very close to the nightlife area,Walking distance? Davao.
    Many thanks in advance

  3. Also mall of Asia is good spot for hanging out if you want to meet with locals. There are many bars along with sea side in front of mall of Asia. People walking around and it’s quite crowded as well. Definitely recommend.

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