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manila nightlife

Manila Nightlife

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and craziest spot for nightlife events, clubbing and partying as the city never sleeps! Nightclubs in Manila are open all the time, so the people who like nightlife events, Manila nightlife would be a nice shot!!!.

Unlike other cities in Philippines, Manila is a hugest, and most crowded city but if you want to focus on the best and most popular nightclubs in Metro Manila, you should better stay around Makati, Malate, Fort Bonifacio, Mall of Asia. Most of the Nightclubs, Bars, Casinos, Karaoke Bars, Restaurants and Pubs are located in this area presenting full of fun and crazy parties.

 There are also smaller nightclubs a bit more underground house music. Makati is Manila’s main central business district and is the place in Manila where most tourists and expats stay. And it is safer in Makati area compare to Malate. From the airport to Makati is 20 minutes if there is no traffic, but can take up to 1 hour depends on the traffic. Let’s discover Colorful Manila Nightlife

If you want me to line up the Manila Nightlife spots, here is my list down ;

Fort Bonifacio is the best and safest place to stay and hang out. 1st class people are around and trace of poverty cannot be felt here. Mostly rich and young Philippine ladies and guys are hanging around with their nice brand cars and smooth dressing. Nightclubs are elite and well-organized but much more expensive than any other part of Metro Manila. Nightlife in Fort Bonifacio is not very crowded as it’s expensive. But this distinguishes Fort Bonifacio nightlife from others as safest and craziest nightlife experience ever in Manila.

Nightclubs in Fort Bonifacio;

Valkyrie Night Club (36 9th Avenue corner)

Raven Manila (Penthouse, W Fifth Avenue Building, 5th Avenue, corner 32nd Street)

The Distillery (Unit 108 Forbestown Center, Burgos Cir)

Valkyrie Night Club (36 9th Avenue corner, Taguig)

Hyve (8/F W Global Center, 9th Avenue Corner 30th St., The Fort)

Prive Luxury Club (Fort Bonifacio, The Fort Strip, corner of 7th & 28th St.)

Makati area;

Makati can take second place at my list as it is not improved as Fort Bonifacio. But still you are in the safety zone and nightclubs are open until morning. Makati Nightlife is also nightlife spot for many foreigners that visit Philippines. I really enjoyed the nightlife in Makati as its cheap and middle class people can hang out in nightclubs. Nightclubs in Makati are ok but could be more developed. Nightlife in Makati is actually located in Burgos Street. Most of the nightclubs bars and restaurants are located on this street and it’s at the center of Makati.

Some of the nightclubs and bars in Makati Area;

Royal Club (5343 St., General Luna, Makati)

G String Night Club (Burgos Street, Makati, 1210)

7840 TIME in Manila (Central Bus. Dist. Makati City, 7840 Makati Ave)

Draft Gastropub Manila (Greenbelt 2, Esperanza Street, San Lorenzo, Makati)

Palladium (Esperanza St, Makati)

For the last part and my last score will be Malate. Malate nightlife takes 3th place in my list as its atmosphere. The streets are little scary. I don’t recommend you to walk alone on the street especially in the midnight. Do not head the narrow and dark streets in Malate if you don’t have to. I was using taxi all the time as security issues are much higher than Makati and Fort Bonifacio.

While walking in the streets you can clearly observe the poverty and easily distinguish the huge gap between Filipino in Fort and Filipino in Malate. Nightclubs are quite oldish style and little dirty. Streets are garbage and home of homeless people, lots of beggars and pimps are hassling you. Jeepneys are everywhere (you cannot see 1 in Makati and fort Banifacio. It’s not allowed in both area)

 I stayed in Makati but most of the time I went to Malate to hang out.

You might say that I am crazy but I really enjoyed with locals there. I was aware of my safety as well so I didn’t have any problem except hassling while ı was waiting for taxi outside. It was good to be there. Well, Malate nightlife is mostly hosts bars live bands bars and karaoke bars but you can still enjoy the nightclubs in Malate.

Here is the nightclub in Malate;

Exklusiv  (1917 Adriatico St, Malate)

There are more bars but ı don’t remember the names. Once you get the center of Malate, you will find out your way to get in the best bars and nightclubs in Malate region. Finally I would like to add some tips about Manila nightlife. It might be strange but gay population in manila is too much. I didn’t see many of them in Makati and Fort Bonifacio area but in Malate nightlife, almost all bars and nightclubs have a group of gays enjoying their night outs.

The problem is they really love foreigners and once you get in to the nightclub, they will try to dance with you. If you don’t like such things happen to you, just politely refuse to dance. In Malate just be careful about your wallet and valuable belongings. You never feel that they have been stolen while you are dancing. Manila nightlife is unlimited.

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  1. good write up man, definiitely a ton of fun to be had in this city, the fort is the best for clubs

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