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Moscow Nightlife Bars Nightclubs & Tips

Head spinning nights, Beautiful Russian Girls, crazy parties and a city that never sleeps. Moscow is the capital city of Russia. It has one of the oldest metro in the world, crowded traffic and -25 to -40 degree temperature in the winters. Please be advised to travel Moscow anytime between June to September.

2022 Update Link: Please Check Latest Tourism and Covid-19 Policy of Russia in 2022.

Reputation of Russian girls is well-known in the worldwide. No word can describe beauty of Russian girls, for sure. Moscow nightlife, aside from variety of nightclubs and bars, welcomes it’s guests with charming Russian girls that I have just talked about. Let’s get start to discover more details with important tips about Moscow nightlife.

If you are travelling to Russia especially for nightlife events or clubbing in Moscow, good choice, you are in! You will have unforgettable memories in Russia. Moscow city not only capital of Russia, but also capital of crazy nightlife and fun. Let’s start with accommodation since it’s the most important part which you would understand later why its important!

Accommodation Advice!

I DO NOT recommend you any hotel. There are thousands of flats and apartments out there for rent which are fully furnitured, safe and most of them are just located or walking distance to the Moscow nightlife spots. Try book an apartment around Arbat-old Arbat or Tverskaya streets. Those streets are the exact location where Moscow nightclubs mostly located. But why not a hotel? Here is why;

Staying in apartment or flat will give you 1 extra point in terms of inviting Russian girls to accompany to you. A typical Russian lady most probably would reject you if you offer hotel. The reason behind it simply Most of them scared to be tracked and some of them feel bad when they meet up in the hotel.

Based on my own research among backpackers and visitors that looking for romance with Russian girls, 80% got refused just because they invite the girl to the hotel, instead of house or apartment where they would feel more secure and comfortable. If the lady that will accompany you is not a Freelancer (paid), you would also miss the chance of romantic night that you have been dreaming of. 

The only way that Russian women may accept hotels is the built trust that between you and her. If you know each other earlier, its more that ok. Don’t worry, I have listed Guest-friendly Apartments or even Hotels in Moscow with really affordable prices.

Language Challenge

In Moscow, it’s a bit hard to find people who can speak fluent or even basic English. To be honest, if you know a basic level of Russian, you have greater chance than a native English speaker in terms of finding a Russian spouse. So, better start practicing basic words of Russian before you go. Trust me it worth! Russian girls may like it when you whisper them anything in Russian. No matter you are misspelling, you may grab big smile or attention in return.

Russian Girls

Taxi Scam!

Similar to anywhere else in the world, taxi scam seems to be touching issue in Russian streets. Its strongly recommended to bargain before you get in to the car. Otherwise you may have trouble at your final destination. I have experienced this by myself!


Moscow is very expensive city compare to other capitals. Be careful when you picking a place for dinning. You may end up with a bill that costs 50 US Dollar for only a soup! Sounds crazy but real! I would recommend you to eat in public venues or if you are a budget traveler, better eat in Mc Donald’s or Burger King.


Russian Girls!

I guess you guys are so serious and more focused to the topic now! Yeah, I assure you that Russian girls are one of the most beautiful creatures in earth I could say with no doubt! They really are, man! They amazingly pay attention to their beauty. They like show-off and being special like every other girl in the world.



So they also expect their man to be rich in profile. Shaving well, wearing expensive watch (even its fake), dressing compatible, smelling nice is a MUST in men for Russian ladies. One small detail is that a Russian girl really pay attention to nail and teeth care in men. Caterina (Russian Local Interviewer) explains Russian women Dating with all aspects and I definitely recommend you to read this FULL GUIDE HERE!

Moscow Nightlife

Nightclubs in Moscow generally over-expensive and hard to enter due to dress code. You need to pass some exams such as dress code, level of drunk, politeness etc.. If they find you eligible :), you are in and one of the luckiest guy among the waiting queue at your back.

In order to pass nightclub entry exam, don’t prefer sport shoes or dresses for your night in Moscow. You would probably got rejected. Once you rejected, politely leave the place. DO NOT ever dare to argue with bodyguards as you may find yourself fainted in the garbage. No joke!

If there is a party or organization in nightclub, it’s really hard to get in and I don’t also recommend you to go nightclubs which has concert, event or any organization. Most Russian girls in the club probably would be focusing the concert or the singer of which may cost failure in courting.

Better join a random night club and dance on the spot as crazy. If you dance good, you would probably not going back home alone! Russian girls thinks “the best dancer are the most active guys in the bed!” So listen my advice, dont be shy and get this opportunity!

Innocent Warning!

Russian Fellas may get jealous and angry once they see a foreigner courting sexy Russian girl in Russia! Just be careful especially leaving the nightclub with a Russian spouse, you are not welcomed by Russian guys who doesn’t have any girl in the nightclub. They damn Jealous!

Be gentle, but don’t be over-brave. This is not your country and you may have trouble chains not only with Russian fellas but also with police. If your case carries on police, God bless you then. Good luck! (I believe you would rather prefer Russian Fellas punches instead of police)

Nightlife Culture in Moscow

It’s always recommended to reserve table for clubbing earlier especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You may not find empty longue later. In the nightclub, occupying a table or longue with rich menu such as liqueur bottles and some authentic fruit plates may drive many attentions towards you. Especially the ones come with fireworks and candles. Nightclubs in Moscow are mostly entrance-free for ladies while paid for gentlemen which comes with free drinks depends on the venue.

Be enough active in talking and dancing as I said above. Don’t be scared of Russian women sight. They usually looks so serious and quiet. But once you have managed the crack down their lock, next level would be unforgettable for you. Be always polite. Russian girls like polite man.

Popular Nightclubs & Bars 

  • Posh Friends Nightclub
  • Icon
  • Dont Tell Mama
  • Barbados
  • Dandy Cafe
  • Soho Rooms
  • Rodyna
  • Rolling Stone
  •  Gypsy
  •  Solyanka
  • Propaganda
  • Night Flight

Actually countless bars and nightclubs are available around Moscow. If you want to be happy without any courting effort in the club (with your money of course) “Don’t tell Mama” and “Night Flight” can be right choice for you as many freelancers are landing there at late night.

For age range between 20 and 30, “Barbados” will be good choice after 12:00 AM. In general, most nightclubs in Moscow are open until 5:00 or 6:00 AM. If you have more comments, or additional information, please feel free to comment below.

Finally massage saloons in Moscow works fine for any man want to be happy without any effort of courting or those who doesn’t like to be in night clubs. You guys must try the best massage saloons for optimum and effortless relaxation with full service. Enjoy your vacation in Moscow!


  1. Beautiful and sexy Russian girls, extremely cold weather(if you go in winter), more than 1000 Bars & Nightclubs, big and scary Russian Guys, absurd Nightlife costs, extraordinary face control, dangerous to stay outside alone after midnight, I can say more about Moscow nightlife which will not be enough as comment. But Russian Ladies are unique in entire world. If you don’t have 200$ budget a day, better stay at home. This is not a joke!!!!

  2. very fun city to party in but there are lots of rich local guys that make competition fierce

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