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Moscow Nightlife Bars Nightclubs & Tips

Crazy nights, beautiful Russian girls, crazy parties and a city that never sleeps. Moscow is the capital city of Russia. Actually there are a lot to tell about Moscow. One of the oldest metro, very deep metro station, Cyrillic alphabet, crowded traffic and -25 to -40 weather in the winter. Better to travel Moscow between May to September. Moscow Nightlife is as crazy as the Moscow city life. Fame of Russian girls is well-known in the world and it is really true. No word can describe beauty of Russian girls for sure. Moscow nightlife” presents you variety of nightclubs and charming nightlife options. Lets start to discover Moscow nightlife.

If you are coming especially for Moscow nightlife events or clubbing in Moscow, you are at exact spot for reasons that you are in Moscow. You will have unforgettable memories in Russia. Moscow is heart of nightlife and fun. Russian girls have a big reputation about their beauty. İf you don’t believe you should come and experience with your own eyes. I will give some advice who specially visiting Moscow for its amazing nightlife.

For accomodate options, ı wouldn’t recommend you to stay in the hotel. There are houses or apartments for rent in Moscow which is fully furnitured and safe. If you already have  Russian friend, he/she can help you out for local prices. They will not charge from tourist as local currency. There are thousands of apartments just located or walking distance to Moscow Nightlife spots.

Try book an apartment around Arbat-old Arbat or Tverskaya streets. Those streets are the exact location where Moscow nightclubs mostly located. Don’t forget!!! Accommodating in apartment will give you 1 point as Russian girls mostly reject to go along with guys who are staying in hotel. Just don’t take this risk and better find out a cheap apartment in Moscow to be more comfortable and double your chance to have happy end. There are lots of website online to check out apartment for rent in Moscow.

Moscow is very expensive city compare to other capitals. Be careful when you picking a place for food and beverage. I would recommend you to eat in public places and avenues.

İf you don’t know Cyrillic alphabet, you need your phone to take photo of the addresses. In Moscow it’s very hard to find people who can speak proper English. To be honest if you know a basic Russian, you have great chance than a native English speaker. Russian girls will love you if you whisper them something in Russian. No matter you utter true or missing.  For taxi cases as everywhere in the world, Moscow also have cheather Taxi drivers. Make a hard deal before you get in Taxi. Otherwise you might have trouble when you arrived your final stop.

Russian girls amazingly pay attention to their beauty. They like showiness and being special like every other girl. So they also expect their man to be rich profile. what Russian girls expect from men is simply shave well, use expensive watch (even its fake), dress compatible, smell nice and Russian girls really pays more attention to the nails and teeth.

What about Moscow nightclubs?

Nightclubs in Moscow generally expensive and some of them really hard to enter. You need to pass some exams such like dress code, behaviors, drunk level. If everything is ok with you, you are in and you are now one of the luckiest guy among the waiting queue. If there is a party or organization in nightclub, it’s really hard to get in and I don’t also recommend you to go nightclubs with concerts or organizations. The girls will be focusing on the concert and chance will be low. Better go to nightclub and dance on the spot. You will eventually reach your goal.

Russian guys are little jealous and can be dangerous at the end of the night. Just be careful especially going out of the nightclub with an attractive Russian lady. As foreigner, if you are going out with a Russian girl, you are the objective of Russian guys who doesn’t have any girl in the nightclub. Be gentle but don’t be over-brave. This is not your country and you might have a huge trouble when you get involved to the police.

Don’t wear sport shoes or dresses to go nightclubs in Moscow. Generally you have great chance to reject. Once you rejected, politely leave the place and do not try to argue with bodyguards as you can find yourself in the garbage bin after 20 minute.

In the nightclub try to reserve table before you go out especially Thursday, Friday and Saturday is the most crowded days. You might not find a place. If you are in the nightclub, do not drink beer and do not stand around bar desk like guys who are staring girls in horny way with beer bottles in their hands. It doesn’t look nice. Better get your table, order a bottle of vine or whiskey, and wait the ladies come and ask for sit. Dont worry, with this image you have great chance than guys standing around bar desk. Most of the nightclubs are free for ladies but there is unfortunately entrance fee for gentleman. But some of them give free drink for this entrance fee.

Trust yourself and do not hesitate to talk with Russian girls. İf you feel that someone looking towards you, you shold also look to her with little smily face. Wait until she get dancing spot. When she is there, join and ask politely for the dance. If she is ok, do your best dance tricks and finally invite her to your table to have couple of drinks with you. Be always polite. Russian girls like polite man.

Prostitution in Moscow;

İf you don’t have self-confidence and want to be with a Russian girl, Second scenario for you is being happy with money. You need to book 4 or 3 stars hotel and ask if they guest-friendly. You can find many sex workers both in lobby and hotel’s nightclubs. Some hotels in Moscow provides Escort services and prostitutes.

İt will cost you minimum 100$ depends on your deal. Some houses, taxi drivers, some nightclubs, pimps that appear around nights on the streets also self- street workers are providing prostitution in Moscow. The escort houses might be dangerous for you to go as they might be trap for foreigners to get their money and kick them out somewhere in forest. Hotels and nightclubs are safest way to get and escort with you.

Buy a line in Moscow; you need to have a Russian operator line so that you will have contact number for the Russian girls. I would recommend you to buy package with internet. Most of the places doesn’t provide Wi-Fi.

İn the street, police can stop you and there is too much corruption here. They might ask you illogical questions just to find a reason to take money from you. Always carry your passport with you and do not pretend as scared. Krasnaya Polyana Balsam, Kvass, Medovukha, Tarasun are the local drinks.

Here are some Nightclubs & Bars  in Moscow Nightlife;

Posh Friends Nightclub


Dont Tell Mama


Dandy Cafe

Soho Rooms


Rolling Stone




Night Flight

Uncountless bars and nightclubs around Moscow. If you want to be happy without any performance (with your money) “Don’t tell Mama” and “Night Flight” can be right options for you as mostly sex workers inside.  For age 20 – 30, “Barbados” will be good choice after 12:00 AM. In general Most of nightclubs in Moscow are open until 5:00 or 6:00 AM

Try to find Russian girls from online websites such as Odnoklassniki, or Vkontakte. This 2 websites is same as Facebook for Russians. You can find many friends there who can speak English and it will be easier for you to hang out. For now this is what ı can say about Moscow Nightlife.


  1. Beautiful and sexy Russian girls, extremely cold weather(if you go in winter), more than 1000 Bars & Nightclubs, big and scary Russian Guys, absurd Nightlife costs, extraordinary face control, dangerous to stay outside alone after midnight, I can say more about Moscow nightlife which will not be enough as comment. But Russian Ladies are unique in entire world. If you don’t have 200$ budget a day, better stay at home. This is not a joke!!!!

  2. very fun city to party in but there are lots of rich local guys that make competition fierce

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