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Mtwapa Nightlife

Kenya, the East African country that usually known for its wild life or African specific animals. This is aparently correct but apart from wild life, a city called Mtwapa offers colorful and exciting nightlife options for those nightlife fellas. Mtwapa Nightlife might not be well-known or popular nightlife spot but it’s a secret and unknown party house need to be discovered by nightlife hunters.

Not only nightlife events but also fascinating wild life, sandy beaches, tolerable climate and surprising African culture… One side of the city is full of homeless and poor people while other side has business towers and rich life at the same time.

Unesco, WHO, and other human organizations mostly active in Kenya. High levels of HIV and other fatal diseases are the biggest problems of the country. I just want to let you know especially being know that foreigners here for some fishing 🙂 so just be careful while having sex intercourse in Kenya.

Well, you may know that before coming Kenya, you must check out your country’s ministry of health instructions. In most cases, you need to have some preventive vaccination for Yellow Fewer Disease. While entering the country, visa officer may ask you that you have required vaccines certificate. So better take copy of your vaccines report with you.

You can buy a prepaid line from the airport and change a little amount of money. You can find a hotel in Mtpawa when you arrived there and most of the hotels are guest-friendly Concept. Some of them may ask for additional charges.

So let’s start to talk about Mtwapa  Nightlife”

Mtwapa is just 15 km far from second largest city of Mombasa. There are direct flights from over 100 country to Nairobi. Nairobi actually expensive and kind of a business spot for those business people. As i I stated above, Kenya offers variety of fun and entertainments to his guests.

If you are planning to hit daytime activities in Kenya such as Safari or an ordinary vacation plan such as beach, sun and sea, you should prefer “Bamburi” or “Nyla”. Those places are very silent and natural to get maximum comfort while releasing stress out. But if you want crazy nightlife options with beautiful Kenyan girls and having crazy parties until morning in Africa, you need to give a shot to Mtwapa Nightlife.

Nightclubs & Bars in Mtwapa:

  • Club Lambada
  • Casuarina Nightclub Bar & Restaurant

Those listed 2 nightclubs are the most preferred and biggest nightclubs in Mtwapa. Casuarina hosts restaurant, bar and nightclub in one complex.. You can join Casuarina nightclub to meet with 18 – 25 years’ old beautiful Kenyan ladies.

You don’t need to be handsome or attractive to court a girl in Casuarina nightclub. Most of the beautiful ladies in the club are freelancers. To be honest, spending time with a sex worker would be taking an extreme risk just for fun. It doesn’t worth it.

Better walk around this small town during day time and try to communicate with local Kenyan girls who are working in the restaurants that you visit or bars. You have great chance to find one. Most of Kenyan Girls want to meet with foreigners not for exactly money but for having nice time or long term relations.

Some people prefers to go online to meet reliable Kenyan girls. It’s the easiest way to meet with Kenyan girl before your visit. You can find many kinds of girls from Kenya online, some would ask for money, some just for fun, some looking for husband and even some of them want to guide you during your stay in Kenya.

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I think arranging such dates much more better than paying for freelancer who may have great potential to transmit any kind of disease including HIV. Here is the Website where most of the Kenyan Girls are looking for their foreign heroes.

Don’t be shy while offering them such guidance service. Just be honest with your intention and let them know this would be a summer love! Trust me tell them. This is what they expect from you. They also like to hang out freely even though it will last for 10 days or what so ever.

The website is free to registered but most of the features like instant message is available for Premium users. Become Premium and start to find your travel love. If you really manage to find one, don’t worry! Most of the ladies here are %100 real girls. By the way, if you want to be %100 sure about the women health, you can politely ask them to take Elisa examination just to be in safe side. ha! don’t worry they wont offend as they also love to see you confident while you are with them.

 You just simply need to book your hotel for 2 and buy some gifts to her. That’s all, she will definitely make you happy. No need to spend time in night clubs and risk your life….

mtwapa nightlife

Prostitution in Kenya

This topic is kind of economic structure of this country. Almost every corner, there are freelancer Kenyan girls trying their best to convince you. In nightclubs, (where you can find the most sexy and attractive ones) most of them are insisting on deal which they ask, but if you can wait until late night, the prices will be half sum than they have asked. It’s also depends on the crowd in the nightclub. If the club that you are in not busted by foreigners, you can deal for 15$ with who was asking for 100$ at the beginning of night.

During Day Tips to Meet With Locals:

In Mtwapa town center, there is huge shopping avenue that can provide all you need. This might be a hot-spot for meeting modest local Kenyan girls. They are in every shop as sales assistance and they speak very good English.

Don’t forget to ask their phone and don’t be scared while asking. They would love to have some beers with you after duty over. Anyway, you probably may see British and American oldies with 20 years old black girls while walking around town as couples. There are also variety of restaurants and bars are available along with the beach side where you can spend quite enjoyable time.

How much you may spend in 1 day in Mtwapa?

For daily routines such as food, hotel, nightlife and being 1 night with a average Kenyan girl will cost you more or less around $100 per day. If you have arranged dating a Kenyan girl before your visit, your daily budget may decrease to around $30-60 per day.

Mtwapa is not expensive in general but it is all about you and your budget. However, it’s also possible to spend $1000 a day. Don’t expect a luxury life in Mtpawa. If you are willing to access luxury options, you should better rent a car and stay around Mombasa and drive to Mtpawa just to enjoy Mtwapa Nightlife.

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  1. Mtwapa has been known “The Sin City of Kenya” so far and it was really true. Those who want to meet with girls from Kenya should wisit this place just a 15 km out of the Mombassa. Dont worry its very cheap but as autor stated above “Its not worth to take AIDS risk” just for fun. ALEO!!!

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