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Mtwapa nightlife

Mtwapa Nightlife

Kenya, the East African country that usually known for its wild life. Not only its wild-life but also nightlife has much to offer. Mtwapa Town is one of the tourist spot in Kenya that offers colorful and exciting nightlife scenes for its visitors. Mtwapa is a coastal town located only 16 km far from Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya. Mtwapa Nightlife may not a well-known or popular nightlife spot but it holds exciting nightlife features and fun especially for those interested in African ladies…

Not only nightlife events but also fascinating wild-life trips during day, blue and white combination beaches, year around warm climate, surprising African culture and beautiful African girls…If you are planning to hit daytime activities in Kenya such as Safari or an ordinary vacation plan such as beach, sun and sea, you should prefer “Bamburi” or “Nyla”. Those places are very silent and natural to get maximum comfort while releasing stress out.

Safety Reminder! 

Unesco, WHO, and other human organizations active in Kenya. High levels of HIV and other fatal diseases are the biggest problems of the country. So you need to be extra careful while having fun in Kenya.

Well, you may know that before coming Kenya, you must check out your country’s ministry of health instructions. In most cases, you need to have some preventive vaccination for Yellow Fewer Disease. While entering the country, visa officer may ask you that you have required vaccines certificate. So better take copy of your vaccines report with you.

People in general are safe for tourist since the government try their best to attract foreign exchange into the country. But you still need to be aware of poverty in the country that may drive some people for kidnapping and pickpocketing issues recorded by local authorities.

Accommodation in Mtwapa Town

You can find affordable and especially gust friendly hotels or even apartments in Mtwapa. Some of them may ask for additional charges for your guest. CLICK HERE to find most secure and guest-friendly hotel options in Mtwapa.

You just feel free to contact if they will ask additional charges for your guest or not. Most of the hotels listed in above link are near the hearth of city nightlife. you may not need a taxi or vecihle to go your apartment or hotel.

Mtwapa Nightlife

Nightclubs & Bars

  • Club Lambada
  • Casuarina Nightclub Bar & Restaurant

Above 2 nightclubs are the most preferred and biggest nightclubs in Mtwapa. There are also many bar restaurant options along with beach side for chilling during day. Casuarina hosts restaurant, bar and nightclub in one complex.. You can join Casuarina nightclub to meet with 18 – 25 years’ old beautiful Kenyan ladies. You don’t need to be handsome or attractive to have fun with girls in Casuarina nightclub. Most of the beautiful ladies in the club ready for you to invite them.

Its highly advised to walk around this small town during day time and try to communicate with local Kenyan girls who are working in the restaurants and bars. MtwapaMall also one of the best options to meet with locals. You have great chance to find one. Most of Kenyan young ladies want to meet with foreigners to have their  dream holiday or long term serious relations.

Finding Kenyan Girls Online!

Some people prefers to go online to meet trustable Kenyan girls. It’s the easy and safe way to meet with Kenyan girl before your visit. You can find Kenyan girls online, some would ask for money, some ask for fun, some seek for husband and some want to guide you during your Kenya visit.

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Finding Kenyan spouse through online before your visit much more safer than random relation while you are there. Random girls may have great potential to transmit any kind of disease including HIV. But when you find them online and upgrade your relation level after some time, you may ask them to prove that they are free from such diseases with hospital report or etc. Don’t worry, if they really like you, they will not hesitate to do that.

Here is the Website where most of the Kenyan girls are looking for their future man or holiday buddy. Just be honest with your intention and let them know this would be a summer love or whatever your plan with this girl! This is what they expect from you. They also like to hang out freely even though it will last for 10 days or what so ever.

Most of the ladies here are %100 real girls but still you need to pay attention of scammers that would only ask money! Don’t forget to buy some gifts to her which is specials. That’s all, she will definitely make you happy. No need to spend time in night clubs and risk your life…

Daily Budget

For daily routines such as food, hotel, nightlife and your African spouse’s needs may cost you more or less around $100 per day. If you have pre-arranged dating a Kenyan girl, your daily budget may decrease to around $30-60 per day since they would not try to dig your pocket. 

Mtwapa is not expensive in general but it is all about you and your budget. However, it’s also possible to spend $1000 a day. Don’t expect a luxury life in Mtwapa. If you are willing to access luxury options, you should better rent a car and stay around Mombasa and drive to Mtwapa just to enjoy nightlife.

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  1. Mtwapa has been known “The Sin City of Kenya” so far and it was really true. Those who want to meet with girls from Kenya should wisit this place just a 15 km out of the Mombassa. Dont worry its very cheap but as autor stated above “Its not worth to take AIDS risk” just for fun. ALEO!!!

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