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New Year’s Eve Guide: Top 7 Cities

Unlike the night that children’s hero Santa Claus delivers gifts for kids, New Year’s Eve is a particular “welcome new year” party night for all! When the time shows 00:00 Am, on every 31st December, New Year’s Eve celebrations takes place with firework shows or famous world stars concerts around the world.

Depends on the country that you decide to celebrate New years eve, almost all countries have firework shows while welcoming the new year. New Year’s Eve usually performed at the main squares of the big cities where the people come together for any kind of occasions or events throughout a year.

New Year’s Eve is special and joyful night since its only once in a year. Thus, you never want to risk your New Year’s Eve party to get maximum fun of it. Even though parties and events are held in different time zones (geographical time), its same occasion with similar fun. Below guide may help you to find some of the best cities in the world waiting for you on New Year’s Eve night.

“Top 7 Cities Around the World for The Best New Year’s Eve Experience”

New York – USA

Well, New York is top of the list for his the most gigantic and colorful new year’s eve party to his residents and visitors. Combination of expensive budgets and almost zero-cost street organizations, New York city entertains everyone safely starting from last day of the year till first lights of the new year.

Do not wait for the midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve. New York covers this for you. You can start your day by stepping into the streets in the day time and breathe the atmosphere of Christmas at any corner of New York.

Times Square is the meeting point for New Year’s Eve occasion. People count back the last 10 seconds of the year all together while the ball falls.

Concerts and firework shows are inevitable part of New Year’s Eve party in all over the world. Having party outside with the crowd in Times Square is unforgettable…

St. Petersburg – Russia

As second largest city of Russia, St. Petersburg presents a new year celebration like a dream in heaven. -35 freezing cold wouldn’t be so scary when you experience New Year’s Eve night in St. Petersburg. It would be so exciting that welcoming new year at a historical city with thousands of locals and visitors.

As mentioned earlier, each city has its own particular place(square) to celebrate any occasions. Hermitage Square (Palace Square) is the one for St. Petersburg. Hermitage Square also accommodates many nightclubs and bars where the fun keeps on for those who can’t stay in cold longer.

In ST. Petersburg, days are short while the nights are long in December. Therefore, you may experience long-lasting New Year’s Eve party in Petersburg.

St. Petersburg may considered a reasonable new year option for those who want to have romantic New Year’s Eve by stepping on narrow roads that fully covered by snow. It is also a good spot for those looking for nightlife features.

Sydney – Australia

Sydney holds world record that sharing highest fireworks budget for the New Year’s Eve celebrations every year. Thus, you may estimate how amazing and gigantic firework shows are being featured in Sydney, Australia.

When its time to start counting back the last 10 seconds, Sydney opera house and Sydney harbor bridge accompany you with their own styles. Fun continues in various bars and nightclubs with amazing DJ’s New Year’s Eve shows until the first lights of morning.

Not only the events in Sydney attracts visitor for the New year celebrations, its also the weather for those who don’t like cold since the celebrations are all outdoor scenes.

Tokyo – Japan

Tokyo would be the best option available for those who prefer to celebrate new year in Asia. It is one of the best New Year’s Eve celebration center in Asia. Since the Asian people are generally warm, it wouldn’t be surprise that you may have maximum fun in Tokyo.

Shibuya109, also called “Tokyo’s Times Square” accommodate thousands of residents and tourist to welcome the new year. This unbelievable atmosphere in the hearth of Asia, keeps on till the morning at bars and clubs in Shibuya.

Hong Kong

Another Asian destination for unforgettable New Year’s Eve experience. Hong Kong would be good choice for those who are seeking various and unlimited fun. Hong Kong nightlife covers them all especially in New Year’s Eve!

Join a cruise trip to view fireworks shows fully at Victoria Harbor which is the most tourist populated downtown area in Hong Kong. You can then join the Hong Kong Time Square in in Causeway Bay to meet with crowd. Finally end up your night with hundreds of bars & clubs that Hong Kong offers you at Lan Kwai Fong.

Rio De Janeiro – Brazil

A beach where 2 million people gather to celebrate new year. Sounds crazy but Copacabana beach is the main square to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Its also a good choice for those who would love to celebrate new year in warm weather.

Party never stops in Rio since it’s not just 10 seconds to count back. Rio welcomes visitors at bars and clubs once the fireworks show end in Copacabana Beach. You need to hurry up! before all the seats full in bars.

Dubai – UAE

Dubai would be a best choice for the luxury lovers especially in New Year’s Eve night. Dubai’s rich life is well-known in the world. So, the party must fit Dubai’s reputation. Due to its religious profile, Dubai may offer limited but joyful night! Burj Al-Khalifa the center of all the shows being held together with Dubai Dancing Fountain.

Bars & Night clubs stops around 2 :00 AM in the morning which is the only disadvantage to visiting Dubai but the luxury you may not find anywhere else in the world. Check out Dubai nightlife before you go!

Bottom Line

New year’s eve generally celebrated everywhere in the world with different ways of celebrations. There are many cities are missing here, I know but I have picked top 7 cities around the world for the best New Year’s Eve experience for you. If you believe your city need to be listed here, you can comment below as which city and why?


  1. I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  2. How was the Australia thıs year? I miss new year eves really. hope no more Corona next year eve…

  3. Next New year eve, planning to be in Japan…. Amazing celebrations, %100 satisfactıon and fully packed nightclubs. What else you are looking for?

  4. After long time of Corona, I believe 2023 New Year’s eve would be very excited! Any recommendation (not cold but crazy party) I was told Manila but never saw any fireworks going on. I know its stupid early to talk about it but it has been 3 years now I am not travelling so I have started my research for both my vacation and new year’s eve (this year it will be on dec-jan). Any hot destination recommendation would be great for me and tell me why?

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