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Nigeria Nightlife: Lagos Nightlife Reviews


If you have heard about the state named Lagos that is located in Nigeria, you might have heard a little about the beautiful nightlife that lightens it up. Even though Lagos is no more the capital of Nigeria, it still is the main state and the Nigeria’s nightlife capital. Not only does it rank at the top in terms of the country’s capital, but also as one of Africa’s fastest and largest evolving cities. Nigeria Nightlife most safer and enjoyable as well as its various options such as bars, Nightclubs and dance clubs. Lagos will help you to find out fun!

>>>Nigeria Nightlife Reviews

Furthermore, the people who work in the capital of Nigeria, that is Abuja, also make weekend plans in Lagos often due to the Nightlife in Lagos so that they can enjoy themselves with the social life that lacks in their town. And if you are about to visit this place, you would love the Lagos Nightlife that is filled with the dancing until dawn, live music in the bars in Lagos or even the event where legends are paid tribute to. All this at the hotspots of the city Lagos.

From the Nightclubs in Lekki to the Bars in Victoria Island and Ikeja, you have almost everything you need to experience in the Nightlife in Lagos. Here are some Lagos nightlife reviews would help you get to the best part of Lagos while you visit this place. In this article, you would find out about:

  • Places for Dining For a Great Start.
  • Bars/Pubs and Nightclubs in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Beach Parties & Festivals.
  • Accommodation Tips for the best Lagos Nightlife.
  • Safety Considerations

>>>Places for Dining For a Great Start

 When it comes to beginning your Night out in Lagos, what is better than having dinner at a perfect food court? There are many restaurants that light up the Lagos Nightlife with their late hours’ entertainment. You would find many different types of restaurants with different types of cuisines. For Italian dishes, Piccolo Mondo is the best one that is located on Idejo Street, Victoria Island. You can start your night with the grilled kebabs. And if you love this place, it could even serve you as a dance club for the rest of the night. They usually come with different themes every night that includes the 80s, and 90s music along with karaoke.

If this place is not where you want to begin the night and you want a perfect Lagos with an amazing view, try out the De Marquee that is located on the top floor of Mega Plaza. This is one of the best malls that is located on Idowu Martins Street, Victoria Island (Also known as VI by the locals). Here you would have the pleasure of trying out Western dishes along with hints of the local tastes like the peppered snails. After this meat, you can carry on your night by visiting a bar with live music or any other Nightclubs in Lagos.

 >>>Bars/Pubs and Nightclubs that light the Nightlife in Lagos

 Lagos Nightlife has its streets full of dancing spots and the famous pubs that stay alive all night till dawn. You can venture to any kind pubs like the German pubs, English pubs and the Irish pubs as well all over the main cities in Lagos. Hit nightlife places are scattered around the area of Ikeja, Victoria Island and Lekki near the Atlantic Ocean.

There are pubs like the Three Monkeys with diverse music and a crowd of all backgrounds. There is another one called the Bom Vivant and Rehab. If you are in Marina, you got to visit the Bar Greenhouse and the Bar Terapa which is a German Bar. These are one of the best bars in Lagos that lights up the Lagos Nightlife.


The Nite Shift Coliseum is one of the famous bars in Lagos that is located at Salvation Street, Ikeja. It offers the biggest dance floor and has a lot of foreign crowd along with the locals. You can enjoy the live music here and DJs on the special holiday events. If you are a salsa lover, you need to be at Casa del Habano, Lagoon Plaza, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road, Victoria Island that sparks only during the weekends. You can enjoy the fine cigars and the brandies here.

 Nimbus is another wonderful area for those who are living in Ikoyi at Maitama Sule Street. It is a piece of the art gallery and gives a wonderful highbrow clubbing experience. The Lagos, Nigeria Nightlife gets better with the live music here on the holidays.

Other top clubs include the Options on the Allen Avenue, Ikeja where the DJ is incredible and it opens its doors at 9 pm. Enjoy your night here with the American and Nigerian music. And if you are at Allen Avenue, it has another place called the Club Do It All that basically starts to light the Lagos Nightlife after 11 pm.


Nightlife in Lagos gets better with Bacchus at the Awolowo Rd, Obalende, Lagos. It is best for those staying on Ikoyi Island, where along with the VIP area here, you can also enjoy the great music that is found across the street. For all the Nightclubs, the entrance fee is free before the specified time and if you get after, you might have to spend 5000 (approx.15$) to 10000 (30$)Naira.

Moreover, you would find the hottest girls and can easily hook up with them at each of these bars. I have personally visited them and are all great in their own way. My personal favourite one is the Nite Shift Coliseum. But if you have got time, the Sheraton has got a lot in store for you as well.

 >>>Beach Parties & Festivals

 When we talk about the beaches in Lagos, you have the Atlantic Ocean to help it out. With Lekki being one of the best beaches and the most famous one, you can stay there for the night and enjoy the nightlife in the nearby clubs and bars like “The place” and many others. Another great place is the E-BAR at the Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki that is a highlight of the Lekki Nightlife. Along with this, there are live music concerts at the beach area along with dance parties all night long.

The beaches are full mostly during the main festivals like Eid, Christmas or New Year. There are other days are also great, but the crowd is not that much. Along with this time of the festival season, you should not miss the Carnivals during the ending of the year in Lagos.

And Lekki Sun Splash is the biggest one that takes place on the Maiyegun Beach that is on the Lekki Peninsula. It is filled with about over half million people who attend this along with famous singers. It goes one from December 25th to 26th. This is something that should not be missed where you can even learn about the cultures of Nigeria and enjoy the beach and Nigeria Nightlife at the same time.

Another favourite beach is the Barbeach in Victoria Island that is lively all the year long and one of the best places to visit. Though, if you are here for a little time, don’t miss out the Maiyegun Beach or the Lekki Beach.

>>>Accommodation Tips for the best Lagos Nightlife

 The Blowfish Hotel on Oju Olobun street, Ikoyi is the best staying place that comes close to the Allen Avenue and the Lagos Nightlife. Best Western – The Island Hotel is another great place stay, if you love the ocean view and want to be near the beach and the Lagos Nightlife. Another great place to stay is the InterContinental Lagos that has a Nightlife in itself in case you are not willing to move out of your building. And if you want a decent and cheap hotel, you can check in the Hotel ibis Lagos Airport that is at the Ajao Estate, Lagos.

Moreover, if you are staying in Sheraton, Ikeja, which is the most expensive and the best hotel in Lagos, and do not wish to move out of the gates, these places have got all you need to enjoy the Lagos, Nigeria Nightlife. The hotel also has a pool room with a club, another one outside the building and another one near the dance floor inside it. Federal Palace Hotel is a place for those who love to Gamble. It has a huge casino along with a nightclub and bar to add to the excitement for the night.

And if you want a lady to be by your side for this time, be confident when you are about to approach a girl. Start with an ice breaker like a joke and then compliment her. To get her easily, invite her to enjoy a drink with you and then ask her to enjoy the entire outing you are planning for that night.

With the right thing in the right place, you are sure to get a chic with you within no time. And since there is not Hotel in Lagos that does not allow you to get a girl back, you can take the night back into your room for more fun! If there are any hurdles, a little cash here would do the work to remove it as well.

Safety Considerations

 In all the buzz of the Lagos Nigeria Nightlife, there are some things that need to be kept in mind since we know that Nigeria is not really that safe even though Lagos is much safer as compared to the other places in the country. There are crimes like carjacking and mugging in the streets that are uncommon during the night hours.

The visitors should not walk into unknown places, avoid wearing jewellery and flash a lot of money in front of the public. Moreover, if you a homosexual couple, you would need to be careful and avoid the public display of affections as they are illegal in Nigeria. Other than that, the Nightlife in Lagos is something worth being a part of along with staying safe during the time.

In the end, for the Lagos nightlife reviews, Lagos is no less than Las Vegas in terms of the Nightlife. Moreover, it is worth every penny you spend and I am sure you would have the best time of your life here.

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