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Top Ten Nightclubs and Bars in Thessaloniki

Although Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece, it has nothing to envy from Athens in terms of entertainment and nightlife. In Thessaloniki, nightlife gets new meaning and fun is memorable. The endless mood for fun and the lively nightlife in Thessaloniki is explained by the constant presence and alternation of college students and the numerous tourists visiting the city throughout the year.

Like all major cities, Thessaloniki offers many nightlife alternatives for all tastes: from traditional to Modern Greek music and from jazz to rock and any other genre of music. The Thessalonians, even more so than the Athenians, are lovers of the night. Rarely, dinner starts before 9 or 10 pm and most restaurants and taverns remain open until at least 1 am in the morning. Late night entertainment like clubs and bouzoukia, start at around 11:30 and they last until the sun comes up.

The spirit of the city is alive and strong in the districts of Valaoritou-Syngrou, Ladadika and the Port. The Valaoritou – Syngrou area attracts mostly younger people as the kind of shops that fill the area around the Stock Market  are mostly clubs and bars with emphasis on hip-hop, rock and mainstream music.

A region of great historical and cultural interest as it is one of the oldest districts in the city and captures the essence of the old Thessaloniki, Ladadika, invite you to wander around its paved cobblestone streets to discover some of the best pubs in the town along with bars, live venues, clubs, restaurants, cafes, traditional taverns (ouzeries) and bouzoukia all housed in low traditional buildings, pieces of the historic center of Thessaloniki.


The natural continuity of Ladadika is the Port of Thessaloniki another pole of attraction for those who wish to experience intense moments of nightlife or a coffee by the sea at the endless and beautiful coffee shops. If you decide to go out of the city center, famous and big entertainment venues, bouzoukia, various event venues, and even discos are housed in the airport area.

In Kalamaria the bar and café options are infinite and there are shops that have dominated the nightlife of Thessaloniki for decades.

Last but not least, in the summer times you can escape from the heat of the city center and head for Halkidiki. In Halkidiki you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and have the time of your life at one of many Beach Bars, as during the summer Halkidiki is more alive than ever with many events, parties and music festivals.


DOGS Club: Dogs is considered one of the most popular club in Thessaloniki. You will find it at Polytechniou Street 4 in the center of the city in one of the busiest spots on Niki Avenue at the Port.

Vogue Live is one of the most popular live scenes in Thessaloniki. It extends into an impressive area with exceptional decoration and an exceptional sense of luxury. It hosts live shows from many well-known artists.

Dizzy Dolls is one of the oldest rock bars at the Ladadika area. For years, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal sounds are housed in a cleverly decorated space that reminding of old school bars. It is located in one of the many historical buildings of the area and has two floors, the first being the ground floor with the bar and the second one hosting the billiards. It is a classic choice for all those who want less mainstream atmosphere.

La Rosa Negra is the most famous Latin Club in Thessaloniki. Cuban, Jamaican and Latin music and many unique Latin and Salsa parties make the atmosphere unique! It is definitely worth your attention, especially if you love dancing and want to dance until the morning!

8ball Club is definitely one of the most well-known and alternative choices for those who love hard sound but also because of the popular Disco Parties that are held every Friday and have become an institution. It has two floors that usually host different events and musical genres!

Due to its more undergound character, in Eightball (8ball) you will hear Hard Rock, Metal, Thrash Punk and Gothic but also Industrial. Many concerts and live events, some of which are retro or Erasmus themed make Eightball one of the best live places. You will find it without difficulty at the popular Ladadika in the center of Thessaloniki.

The Piccadilly is an excellent all-day restaurant that changes colours in the evenings and turns into a club! Like many other destinations in Valaoritou, it has acquired its own loyal audience. The piccadilly hosts many events and Dj sets in a space that is comfortable and impresses with its contrasts. You can choose it both for your meal and a drink or a cocktail in the evenings.

On Proxenou Koromila Street is one of the oldest and best known Live Bars in Thessaloniki. Malt ‘n’ Jazz now counts over two decades of life and continues with many live performances and shows from various bands. Really enjoyable evenings, ideal for you and your company in a colorful and comfortable place. It has various beverages, beers, whiskey (of course!) And cocktails for every taste while the atmosphere is excellent.

The Pub: Rock atmosphere, unpretentious environment, good company, abundant beer and a highly up-to-date cellar. In a building on one of the most historic streets of Thessaloniki in the old Ladadika with the motto “Friends Welcome”, its distinctive decoration manages to make the first time visitors patrons!
Selected rock music from the 1960s to the heavy metal, raises the mood and completes the experience!

Kitchen Bar: Taking a walk at the harbor you will find that there are now many interesting options both for food and for a drink or coffee! One of these is certainly the well-known Kitchen Bar, an excellent All Day Bar – Restaurant that combines comfort with luxury and beautiful views of Thermaikos Sea!

Taksidi (Ταξίδι): One of the most famous bars in Thessaloniki always in the top ten for people in Thessaloniki it has acquired its own fan base. With very particular music selections ranging from Latin music up to Rock, it manages to create an atmosphere that is rather difficult to copy by any bar.

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