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Nightlife in Agra

Whenever we go outside at any place we just thought about have some fun with friends in that city in night. In this article I am going to tell you about the nightlife about the Agra, the city of India. There are many things about Nightlife in Agra which everyone don’t know like night clubs, festivals, safe places, best pricing, best place to visit and the places where you should go for nightlife to have some fun with girls.


One of the most famous event in Agra which you should not miss the Taj Mahotsav. This is an annual event which conducted in February every year. This festival includes all the cultural activities of the India such as arts, cultural dance shows, animals with some funky dress up. The most important thing of this event is you can buy anything here from the stalls which include craft and hand made some beautiful things.

Most of the nightclubs and pubs are located in the hotels. There are some hotels with nightclubs nearby the TAJ such as ‘Mughal bar’ In Clark Shiraz hotel, ‘On the rocks bar’ in Jaypee Palace Hotel, ‘The tequila’ in Mansingh palace hotel.This clubs are serving Bollywood music tastes and Indian desi dance. In these bars, you can find many girls and can chit chat with them easily because they are also in the mood.


Nightlife in Agra is full of fun but Agra serves not only the nightlife features but also historical and amazing nature that you must see before leaving Agra. Here what you can do in day time. Agra’s attraction The Taj Mahal you must visit which is the sign of love in history and nearby it Mehtab Bagh. The view from Mehtab Bagh at night to see the Taj is absolutely fabulous. Everyone who visits Agra wait for this time.

I can confidently say that the scene from Mehtab Bagh at night of the Taj Mahal brings you some amazing feelings with your partner. The Taj museum visited by many peoples in a day, inform its guests the information about Taj Mahal. Soami Bagh in Dayal Bagh is also worth to see. Keetham Lake between the Agra and Mathura Road is amazing. It takes about half an hour from MariamTomb. The Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is 20 kilometer away from Agra on Delhi Agra highway.


Here is the point about which every boy thinks to spend a little time with Indian girls. Picking up Indian girls is not so easy, almost everyone knows that. If you have money and you want some fun with girls then there are some places where you can go. The place located in front of Mariam Tomb in Sikandra(20 km from Taj Mahal) where you can have fun with girls for which you have to pay.

Another place to have fun with Indian ladies is about 7 kilometer from Taj Mahal. Taxis and locals can help you out, you just need to find right person to ask. If you are looking for and traditional Indian girl, it is not that easy puppet that type of girls because Indian girls takes long time to be with a boy.

Safety in Agra Nightlife is high level as the cops and government aware of too many tourists visiting that place. In any trouble case, dial 100 to get fastest access to the cops. Atmosphere is beautiful only nearby the Taj with some hotels as I have discussed above and you must visit the scene from Mehtab Bagh to look the Taj Mahal during sunset, it so amazing.


Nightlife in Agra is so interesting .There are many incident happened in Agra. Like one day, the Tourist couple forgot their luggage and money in it. Driver of the vehicle shows his honesty and submit their luggage and whole money to the counter and some of these have post their luggage and money to the address of those tourists.

You should come to Agra in rainy season because it is awesome to look Taj and other historical places in rain.


When you buy something you should do bargaining with the Seller because sometime the seller asks 2 to 5 time more money from you. Just plan your trip before going out and prepare a chart that how much you will spend money on the item and the place.

Nightlife in Agra is tolerable compare to Mumbai or other cities in India. For most of the tourists’ opinions, Nightclubs and bars İn Agra is lot cheaper than their own countries.  Even one was claiming that he can buy 6 beers more than his country with same price of 1. Enjoy Agra and unforgettable Nightlife.



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