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Nightlife in Bangalore

Bangalore, one of the most technologically advanced city in India. It is also called Electronic city or compared with Silicon Valley in U.S as most of the start-ups in India starts from here only and any and every start-ups need engineers and since many software industries reside here, it becomes a hub for working people and all of the working people needs a break which comes at night when the city really comes alive. Nightclubs, bars, and restaurants anything you want will be at your doorstep. But all of that remains open only till 1p.m and after that  Nightlife in Bangalore   shuts down totally.

 Maybe if you find any housewarming party or any private parties which happens a lot there, other than that all the maximum restaurants close after 11:30 PM and the nightclubs and bars only remain open up to 1:00 PM. The reason for that is maximum of the people living there are working people and they get tired from all days work and so the Bangalore government passed a law that every shop should be closed by 11:30p.m but recently that law has been changed and closing time has been increased till 1p.m.

But unlike other cities the big difference in Bangalore is that here women are safe and crime cases are very low thanks to the super active Bangalore police, so you can roam freely with your loved one on an empty street at night if you want to enjoy the night.

One of the most striking aspect of this city is the weather here is awesome, in fact unlike other major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata here you will get a cool breeze and the humidity level is also low, perfect for enjoying a day and a night both. So in this perfect climate the places where you would like to hangout and have some fun are mentioned below.

Before I start talking about the notable nightclubs and bars and restaurants, I want to you know that the most famous road of Bangalore is the 100ft road Indranagar where something always happens now and then.

This place is fully loaded with bars, nightclubs and restaurants and I bet that if you live here or in any nearby hotels you will never want to leave this place. But coming back to some of the notable Bangalore Nightclubs and Bars are:

    • Loft 38 – This club is located in Shop No. 763, 100 Feet Road, Hal 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Next to Xtreme Bar and is one of the main attractions is the abode of the famous 100ft road Indrangar. This ecstatic club is famous for its lighting system and this bar particularly has become the humble abode for many top artists so you can hear live performances while drinking your elixir. For getting the full experience you can stay at hotel Park View Inn which is located at 7th main road, Indranagar, second stage, Bengaluru and is 0.3 km away from the place.
    • Blue Frog – It’s an eclectic bar with a nightly DJ and this music venue is sometimes turned into a music paradise. This one particularly is a new addition to this city’s already famous bars. In a nutshell if you want to be wild and dance with a drink in hand this might be your perfect place. It is located in No.3, Church St, Beside Matteo Coffee shop, Ashoknagar, Bengaluru and to enjoy its full pleasures you need to stay at either Ocea International hotel (0.1km away)located at Brigade road next to St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bengaluru or at The Elanza hotel (0.3 away) located at 88/2 Richmond road, Bengaluru.
    • High Ultra Lounge – Rising to fame recently and steadily is one of the highest bars situated at the rooftop of World Trade Centre in Bangalore. Here you can enjoy various kinds of foods and beverages with a ravishing view of the Bangalore city from the top. This place is a must visit and for that you need to station yourself at Sheraton Grand Bangalore at Brigade Gateway which is 0.1km away from World Trade Centre.
    • Pebble – Located at one end of the all famous Palace Gardens in Bangalore. This nostalgic place has existed here from 2004 and has been giving its attendees a rescue from mainstream music and a chance to indulge yourself in some offbeat tracks and all of that beneath its trademark Banyan tree. Its Jungle theme is its most notable quality. If you want that experience then you need to book a ticket of Tulip Inn at Senkey Road Bangalore, opposite of Palace ground or Hotel Nandhini at MLA layout, R.T Nagar Main Road.

Here in Bangalore the hotels does not have a strict policy of taking in girls or staying with your girlfriend but to be on the safe side of things I advise you to not book any hotels online. This because after that you would arrive there and they would completely refuse since you are not married.

Situations like these might arise so always choose a reputed hotel and all the hotels I suggested above are good ones and even if something happens you could always take two rooms, though the charges will be doubled but you will stay safe because you have hired two rooms and now nobody cares which room you will spending the night in.

 Sex Life in Bangalore Nightlife

There is no designated or licensed place where you could safely find women for a night, so unlike Delhi Nightlife where there is an official place for all this i.e. G.B Road, there is no such place in Bangalore where you can find pleasure but that does not mean there is nothing.

Since doing prostitution is illegal in Bangalore that’s why the mafia here is more at work in human trafficking and if you dig a little you are sure going to find some place to spend a night with a women but always remember that all of this is illegal there and if you are caught in the process somehow then Bangalore police will make your life hell with accusations.

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  1. Hello there, Is anyone can explain to me why Bangalore nightlife stops at 1:00 AM?

    • Due to different issues regarding increase in rape incidents specially at night time, government of India has issued strict law to close all nightclubs and bars before 1 a.m and because of this bangalore nightlife stops at 1 a.m. Hope you got your desired answer.

  2. Nice information about Bangalore nightlife but I still have some questions,
    What is the time limitations for buying alcohol in Bangalore?
    Where is the safest street to hang out clubbing in Bangalore?
    Is Bangalore nightlife safe for a tourist? I mean should I worry to be outside in the midnight in Bangalore?

    Thanks in advance.

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