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Novi Sad Nightlife & Nightclubs Guide

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and the capital of the northern autonomous province called Vojvodina. The city dates from Habsburg Monarchy times, when it was an important trading center, located right across Pertrovaradin fortress, which was a very important military post in the time of K&K Empire. It seems obvious that Novi Sad has a lot to offer when it comes to history and culture, but Novi Sad Nightlife is also on a very high level. This town isn’t large but offers so many good places to visit for lively nightlife. You can find many clubs, restaurants, pub etc.

 A huge majority of them is located at the city center, so you can get by foot pretty much everywhere. Other great things about this city are prices, which are even more affordable compared to the country’s capital.

Unlike Belgrade, this city doesn’t have river clubs. All important places are located at the city center, so won’t have a trouble to find them. Also, consider accommodation in this area as well. The first place you should check is a tiny street called Laze Teleckog.

Laza was a romantic poet and actor, a bohemian as well. So, it’s not wondering that there are numerous pubs in the street. Interestingly, this street is so narrow in some parts that you can reach both sides with open arms. So, count on plenty of crowds in late hours. All places are tightly sorted one to the other, which gives a special flavor to this street. Most of them are pubs.

Some Nightclubs and Bars in Novi Sad

One of the best-known places is caller Lazino Tele Pub. Characterized by the relaxed atmosphere and casual way of clothing, this place offers a wide beer choice, as well as every-day performs by local musicians.

Right across, there’s another famous pub called London. As you may presume, it is designed in a classic British manner and also has a wide offer of domestic and foreign beers. Count on similar atmosphere as in Lazino Tele. The great thing about these two pubs is that if you get bored in one of them, you just need to cross a 3-meter street to see what’s happening in the other. Prices are very affordable. Beers start at 1.5 dollars, as well as short drinks. Cocktails are around $5, while a bottle of wine won’t cost you more than 10 USD.

Outside this tiny street, there are many other places to visit at Novi Sad nightlife. One of them is called Giardino. This place is located at the top of the building and offers an amazing panorama view of the city. Lounge during the day, a real nightclub after dark, this place has so much to offer. The first thing that you’ll notice is a mass of beautiful, stylishly dressed up women. Also, prices aren’t so expensive. A full meal will stand you less than 20 dollars. When it comes drinks, beers go between 1.5 and 5, short drinks start at 1.5 while a bottle of premium homemade wine costs around 25 dollars.

Classic nightclubs are numerous in Novi Sad nightlife. One of them is called Paradiso. This place is pretty big and famous music stars and DJs from Serbia perform on weekdays as well. Prices are pretty affordable, in the same range as in pubs from Laze Teleckog Street.

Another interesting nightclub to visit is Djava. This place is located across the Danube River, at the famous Petrovaradin Fortress. A little bit rustic design in a combination with modern music makes this place pretty unique. Local celebrities are guests on a regular basis, but this doesn’t mean too high prices. Those are also in the same range as in clubs like Paradiso.

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Striptz Clubs in Novi Sad Nightlife

Novi Sad is also known for numerous Dance and Striptz Bars. One of the places that you should check is called Passion. It is located at the city center and hot girls perform all day long, offering private dances as well. There are also girl’s nights, with male strippers as well. Still, count on high prices. Another place of this kind is called Kiss, which is located near the Varadin Bridge.

 Exit Festival

Perfect time for visiting Novi Sad would be summer. Every July, the famous Exit festival is held. It is located at Petrovaradin Fortress and it is characterized by a variety of genres. Still, it is primarily for the lovers of electronic music. For these two decades of existence, many world stars performed here, including pretty much all world-class DJs.

It usually lasts for about 5-7 days and people from all parts of the world come to visit it. Tickets are pretty affordable. One-day ticket goes around 20 dollars, but if you order on time, you can get a complete set for about 50-60 dollars. Also, there is a famous Exit camp, where you can find cheap accommodation.

 Accommodation Costs in Novi Sad / Serbia

Speaking of accommodation, there is a great choice of hostels and hotels, as well as numerous apartments. You should choose something in the city center area. Prices are very affordable. A night in a hostel will cost you around 10-15 dollars. If you add few dollars more, count on breakfast as well. As we mentioned, Hotels are numerous. A decent accommodation could be found for 20-25 dollars, but you can find many luxury places as well. A night in a five-star hotel cost around 75-80 dollars. Apartments are also very affordable. This is definitely the best solution if you travel in a group. Most of them cost less than 10 dollars per person.

 Transportation in this town is cheap. If you prefer public transport, one ticket goes around 0.5 dollars. Taxi services are cheap as well. One ride won’t cost you more than 2-3 dollars. Finally, you can rent a car for about 10-12 dollars in Novi Sad.

Please share your experience in this small but lovely and lively city of Novi Sad Nightlife below in the comment box.

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