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Port Angeles Nightlife Bars & Pubs

Most of us might only see USA from Hollywood movies. Crazy nightclubs, Texas, casinos, national parks, homeless  people, unlimited fun, more and more. USA is a world itself but it’s not same as in the movies. Contrary to general belief, people in USA don’t like the politics that going on in the country. They are so polite and kind people. Let’s talk about nightlife of a small town where I was working at. This is Port Angeles WA. Nightlife in USA changeable state to state but in general you have to be above 21 to enter a nightclub. Otherwise, no way for you both in casinos or nightclubs. At USA, it’s strictly not allowed. I was in Port Angeles, 4 hours far from Seattle / Washington State. Port Angeles / WA Nightlife not crazy and lively as it’s just a small town.

Washington State has a really green and beautiful nature. Weather is quite good in the summers. Olympic national park is just 1 hour driving from Port Angeles. You have caravan renting options but make sure entrance to the park have fee and you have to take permission before camping. Olympic Peninsula is a rain forests and well-organized, secured by park rangers.

You can have a rest in the hot spring resorts also they have room for rent. Port Angeles is a small town settled at sea side. You can see Vancouver/ Australia from the port. They have daily boat running to Vancouver, but make sure that you have Canada visa issued. Well, Port Angeles Nightlife is not varying and people do not have too many options. Actually clubbing in the small town in Usa is not really safe specially for foreigners.

That is what my friend Josh told me. Our story started when we decide to hang out for the weekend and ı really excited for discovering Port Angeles nightlife. I ask him to organize a Saturday night; we were both off on Saturday. He came up with a paper that schedule a day for us but ı was laugh to him. According to his schedule, we would go trekking and after that we make fire in the forest have some beers and chat…. ı said no, ı will make a schedule for us and promise me you will accompany. He said ok.

My schedule was going casino for 3 hours and after 12:00 AM we would join the nightclubs in Port Angeles. But there is no nightclub at all in this town. Only bars and pubs. After 2:00 AM, they are closing and alcoholic beverages are not allowed to buy. We went casino first but ı wasn’t that much lucky. I lost around 100 dollars and stopped. Josh was lucky he von 300 dollar with Black Jack and he gave 100 to me back. Because he started with 10 dollars and made 300…

There is a big casino at Sequim town; it’s on the right side of the main road. We went back to Port Angeles and entered to  Xbar. Xbar at Port angeles can considered the largest bar in the town. They said this is the safest one. I was asking why this town is not safe for clubbing. Josh “the young guys here are pissed offers. All they want to prove themselves that they are the gangs of the town.

That is why every Saturday or Friday there is a big fight here. After we drink a few beers, he was right. One black guy came toward me and shouted to me. He was saying “why you dance with my girlfriend bla bla…”  “I don’t even stood up from my chair. How could I dance with your girlfriend” I said but he kept shouting me.

Josh was clever, he called bodyguards and bodyguards kicked him out. Because he was drunk. After this argue happened we went back to home because I felt nervous. The Bar was good but music style is not enough. Girls are awesome in the bar as you know but not easy to pick same like in American movies.

They love foreigners but you have to meet with this girl many times to have a happy end. Port Angeles nightlife doesn’t have crazy nightlife events and parties at all but there are many bars or pubs that group of students meeting. You have to have local friends to discover nice places in Port Angeles. And if you really want clubbing you have to drive 4 hours to Seattle for unlimited fun.

Some Bars and Pubs in Port Angeles;

♣Station 51 Tap House     (125 W Front St.)

♣Cherry Bomb    (1017 E 1st St.)

♣The Front Street Alibi (1605 E Front St.)
♣Reggie’s Lounge  (120 N Lincoln St.)
♣Bar N9NE (229 W 1st St.)
♣The Dam Bar  (242701 W Hwy 101)
♣Next Road Gastropub (113 W 1st St.)


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