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Prague Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Hı guys, today we are going to talk about another beautiful city also called “love city” Prague and Prague Nightlife. Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic and one of the best city that mirroring history. Once you been there, you will feel 1800 century. European Culture and patterns all over the city.charles-bridge You have to see a lot in this city and need for 1 week at least to enjoy whole city. Old town square, baroque buildings, Charles Bridge and astronomical clock are most visited places at Prague. City divided into 2 parts and connected by Charles Bridge. Charles Bridge has decorative golden covered monuments and sculptures. İt shows all historical motives of the city. I thing this enough for the city, let’s talk about Prague nightlife. Actually no words can describes beauty of the girls from soviet-block countries. Prague is the one of them and Czech girls are amazing. Even in the freezing cold, they wear miniskirts bravely without caring freezing weather. I can hear a “wooooow” from you but this is real. We went there with 3 guys by bus from Poland. We had limited time to travel around the country. First day we walked around whole city and it was very cold outside. While walking, we were gathering information from locals for Prague nightlife. When we saw the charming Czech girls, we decided clubbing.

After city tour finished we arrived hostel and start drinking to get little drunk. Outside was sooo cold. So, it would be better for us to drink before joining Prague nightlife. We finished a bottle of Bacardi and went out around 11:00 PM. Actually our plan was going to a local pub and drink with locals. We did. When we went out from our hostel, we saw a small but pretty pub just the other side of the road. We went into this pub and drink few beers.

I have talked with one guy in the pub about where to go and which nightclub is the best one to hang out tonight. He told me “there is one Nightclub just at Charles Bridge with 3 floors and every floor has different ambiance and music.” We decide to go there and it was easy to find. It is located just next door of historical Charles bridge.


I really forgot the name of this nightclub but entrance was very expensive. We paid and try to enjoy. It was the worst night for me actually. Nightcub was full of European guys that came from nearby countries to meet with beautiful Czech girls. What we found is just too much guys and very few girls. The girls was ok but ı thing they were in high altitude mode. When ı went out for smoke, I meet with another Erasmus Student. After 5 minutes chatting, he told me he is an Erasmus student here and we are at the wrong place for real Czech girls. They also fed up with European guys and they have their local clups that most of Europeans don’t know where it is. I told him can you take us there, he said he was also bored here and wanted to go there. After ı thing 20 minutes walking we arrived nightclub that he was talking about.. It was downstairs and very strange ambiance. First we little scared but after we saw the dance spot, we said we are on the right place. %60 percent girls and no Europeans.

Yes!!! Finally. We start drinking there with our new Erasmus friend Charlie. He was so kind guy actually. After getting drunk ı said “it’s time for me to dance with a Czech girl.” Actually, I already picked one when we first entered the clup. And after a long staring to each other ı took my beer and went to her table. ı had a strange self-confidence there which ı dont know mightbe from affect of alcohol or nightclub was mostly girls.

 She was so cute and little taller than me. She also told me the story about Europeans and so on. Actually she didn’t know that we were also in same aim, but luckly we are not European :). We get really drunk after long chat and ı was getting more excited when the sun almost rising. She said, “ı have to go home now” and ı said “well ı thought we can have after party.” She smiled and kissed me but at the same time she said “I am not staying with strangers that ı have only spent few hours.” I said ok and she added me on Facebook  and gave me her phone number.

prague-nightclubs, prague nightlife

But we have Polish network in our phones. One of my friend was lucky. He went with the girl to her house. Me and my other friend came back hostel after eat some snacks. Around 6:00 PM we woke up. I saw a message from this girl. She was inviting me to the zoo. She told me she have car and she can pick me up. I said ok but ı don’t want to leave my friend alone because the third friend still not back to hostel yet and we don’t know where he is. She said he can join us, no problem. She came and picked us up from the hostel. We had a really nice day and ı had a really perfect friend. Most of you ı thing wondering about if we had happy end, Hell no!!! But ı got a very beautiful and smart friend in Prague now.

Finally we finish our trip without happy end. Only my friend had really happy end. We head back to Poland by bus. Before finishing, when you walk around the old town you will fed up too many black guys on the street that hassling for spritz clup and such dangerous place. DO NOT enter those places with the aim of girl. You will only pay for the drink of girl and you cannot take those girls out.

They can offer you such things but do not even listen them and don’t stop or stare to them. We stopped but we were almost in the fight of 2 different hassle guy that working for different spritz clup. We haven’t experienced but Charlie told us many stories about this black guys. They can beat you believe me. Other than that enjoy with Prague nightlife., you will never forget Prague.

Here are some  Nightclubs, Bars and Pubs at Prague;
  • Cross Club  (Plynární 23)
  • Reduta Jazz Club ( Národní třída 20)
  • Blue Light Bar (Josefská 42/1)
  • Cloud 9  (Pobřežní 1)
  • Abaton (Na Košince 8 / Povltavská 2175)
  • Aloha Wave Lounge ( Dušní 11)
  • Atmophere ( Smetanovo nábřeží 14)
  • Back Doors (Na Bělidle 30/310)
  • Bambus (Benediktská 12)
  • Barock ( Pařížská 24)
  • Batalion (28. října 3)
  • Beer Factory (Václavské nám. 58)
  • Blues Sklep (Lilliová 10)
  • Bombay Coctail Bar (Dlouhá 13)
  • Infinity ( Chrudimská 2a)

There are a lot more than this list, you can find your own choıce when you arrive Prague. Prague nightlife story finished here and ı want to hear your own story. İf you have experience of Prague nightlife or any other city, please do not hesitate to WRITE ME. Meet you up with another story.


  1. Hi, thanks for information about Prague. I just want to know about where is the best spot for meeting local checz girls? I have plan to travel Prague but I have only 2 weeks. I need to know where exact nightclub to hang out.

    • Hı Alex, to be honest, I just had bad experience with Karlovy Lazne Nightclub. I am not exactly saying this nightclub is not fun, unlike, it the hugest and the most attractive nightclub in the city. With 3 different floor, music selection and design, Karlovy Lazne is leading the Nightclub reputation in Prague. But tons of European guys already make Checz Girls fed up. This is the only disadvantage of this nightclub. 2 weeks will be fine to find out local Checz Girls. What I recommend you, while walking around, check your sides and jump in a random bar to have some beers. There might be single local girls inside. Another way is meeting girls from avenues. If they accept to show you around, here you go. Just be patient and visit her few times in a day. To sum up, you need to find a local friend (man or women) to develop friendship before you go. If you don’t have time, ıts all about your skills, not a specific place will help you to find out. Thanks…

  2. hi, how about safety? does the nightclubs in prauge are safe? i read some cases and really worry about it.. please let me know as i will apply for erasmus in prague. thanks.

    • Hı Nuaman, Prague is one of the most safest city in Europe but anywhere in the world, you need to be careful specilly nights. My strict advice to you is just keep away from annoying hassle guys all around the city that invites you to such places like Striptz Clubs. Mostly blacks are engaged with ths commission works. You might end up with trouble. Anyway, you are going to study in Prague and you will figure the things out in pretty soon. Good luck.

  3. This nightclub always have problem, ı dont know why but its better to hang out loca check clubs

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