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Prague Nightlife Guide Nightclubs & Bars

Many of you most probably know the city in the hearth of the Europe, famous with love, romance and nightlife? The Prague, capital of Czech Republic or with the new name “Czechia”. If you are also looking for best nightlife experience with your love, Prague Nightlife may help you by offering variety of nightlife options with reasonable costs.

Before digging into Prague nights, a brief information about city may help you to find out some fun during day lights. Prague offers amazing history as well as colorful nightlife. Its inevitable not to feel 1800 century while walking historical Prague streets.

City divided into 2 parts by Vltava river and connected by Charles Bridge. Old town square, baroque style buildings, and Astronomical Clock are the must visit spots along with the Charles Bridge in Prague.

Prague Nightlife

Prague nightlife mostly settle in Old Town but if you are looking for alternatives such as strip clubs, you may better hang around Wenceslas square also one of the biggest square in Prague. There are plenty of African guys who may approach you to assist for strip clubs.

They are great hassles! Its recommended to keep away anyone that offers strip clubs to you. Since I mentioned above, Wenceslas square would help you find out the best one!

Old town accommodate most of the famous night clubs and bars in Prague. Head spinning venues welcomes its guests when midnight take place. What would be your expectation of a nightlife? Karaoke, live band, rock, jazz club or even strip club? Relax! Prague nightlife manage this for you.

Famous nightclubs in Prague usually charges a decent amount at the entry but they may provide a free drink in return. They have safe security systems to give you more comfort while enjoying your time in the venue.

Hanging at a local pub or bar before joining club is the best option to meet with local people. Since its cheap and attractive to hang out in Prague nightlife, it gets many European visitors who wants to meet with attractive Czech girls. But locals think adverse! They have their own venues that most of the tourists don’t even aware about it.

It’s always recommended to follow venues social media accounts to find out best fun that fits for you. Almost all venues have their own social accounts and they are actively publishing any future updates they may have.

Prague Nights Safety  

Prague is generally safe place to visit either at night or during day. You just need to know about some fraud in Prague nightlife that many people have already experienced.

African Immigrants:

In many cases, you can get rid of them by politely refusing but it’s really annoying when they follow you and insist on inviting you to strip clubs. It’s really sad that it’s happening in the most crowded area of tourists.

Club Girls:

Some attractive girls may approach to you and ask whether you need accompany or not. They are usually arranged girls working for mysterious clubs to take you there and get commissions. You may be forced  to pay astronomic numbers!

Night Taxi Drivers:

Since taxis are the only options to go back home at the middle of the night, you better find a local to deal for you.

Nightclubs and Bars in Prague

Since we mentioned above, the hearth of the nightclubs in Prague is Old town. Here are some of the best nightclubs and bars selections that leading the Prague nights;

  • The Karlovy Lazne Night Club: Its 4-floor venue and each floor welcome you with different decoration and music. Entrance a bit expensive compare to other clubs but worth of money! The location is very easy to find! Just ask someone around Charles Bridge. WebsiteFacebook
  • M1 Lounge – M1 Club Prague: One of the best options for Lounge Music lovers. Great atmosphere and lightning features. Prices are tolerable and location may consider center of Old town. Entrance fee and dress code applies. Website Facebook
  • James Dean Bar: James dean Bar more or less looks like a bar that you may dine in while having your best vine or liquor but once you go basement at down, you may find yourself in a crowd where people having their cocktails and having fun with the DJs. WebsiteFacebook
  • Nevinný bar Gecko:Facebook
  • Duplex Bar:Facebook
  • Vzorkovna Bar:Facebook
  • Groove Bar:Facebook

Bottom Line

Prague nightlife options are not limited with above listed bars and nightclubs. Once you are in Old Town, you may discover many of them located in almost every corner. Nightlife in Prague deserves 9 starts out of 10 and I do recommend Prague of those looking for an attractive and cost friendly nightlife features in Europe. Have fun and please share your Prague nightlife experience briefly in comments below.


  1. Hi, how about safety? Do nightclubs in Prague are safe? I have read some cases and really worry about it.. Please let me know as I am willing to apply for Erasmus in Prague. Thanks.

    • Hi Nuaman, Prague is one of the most safest city in Europe but anywhere in the world, you need to be careful specially nights. My strict advice to you is just keep away from annoying hassle guys all around the city that invites you to such places like Strip Clubs. Africans are engaged with this commission works. You might end up with trouble. Anyway, you are going to study in Prague and you will figure the things out pretty soon. Good luck.

  2. This nightclub always have problem, ı dont know why but its better to hang out loca check clubs

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