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San Francisco Nightlife

San Francisco is a great place for tourists. It’s the home of many attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Ghirardelli Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf. Those three attractions are a full day of California fun, but the fun doesn’t have to end once the day does. San Francisco Nightlife offers plenty of clubs, bars, and festivals that will provide fun that lasts the whole night and through the early hours of the next day. Nightlife in San Francisco is an indisputable source of entertainment.

Clubs in San Francisco

Looking for a classy night out in San Francisco? Monarch has got you covered. This 6th Street steampunk bar and nightclub has drinks, acrobats, and plenty of music. Monarch has three parts, the club, the bar and upstairs lounge, and the Emperors Drawing Room.

The club is where their high-quality gold Void Acoustics sound system is located. Of course, this is where the dancing takes place and where popular DJs like M83 and Kaskade have played. The bar and upstairs lounge is where the guests can distance themselves from the loud music, but not the drinks. Want to get distanced even further? Then go to the Emperors Drawing room, where the club serves cocktails to no more than fifty people.

Earning a spot on Timeout’s Best Nightclubs in San Francisco list is SF Temple on Howard Street. This club features famous DJs, like Afrojack and Vice. Need another reason to go? Well, how about fifty thousand, because that’s how many lights flash to the music! This club takes up over fifteen thousand square feet, which leaves room for plenty of vacationers and locals to enjoy SF Nightlife.

San Francisco Bars

Looking for an adult-oriented outing but don’t like loud music and dancing? San Francisco has plenty of bars too. A notable one is Anina on Hayes Street.This place serves drinks and nothing else. Anina has a dimly lit outside patio where guests are welcome to enjoy their drinks while the night is still young, but the inside bar is open until two in the morning. The bar has an extensive list of various beers, wines, and punch bowls to order. Anina is open seven days a week, but some highlights of San Francisco nightlife only happen once a year.

San Francisco Festivals

San Francisco hosts tons of events during the year around. Some of the SF events are wolrd-famous. Here are some of the best San Francisco Festivals year around.

Treasure Island Music Festival;

 In mid-October, San Francisco’s very own Treasure Island holds the Treasure Island Music Festival. This festival goes from noon to midnight, which is perfect for people who don’t like staying out late but still want to experience San Francisco nightlife.

This year the Treasure Island Music Festival will be a decade old and will feature energizing performers such as Ice Cube and James Blake. Treasure Island has been a venue for other musicians such as Deadmau5 and Outkast. Some of San Francisco’s music festivals have featured more iconic members of the music industry.

Outside Lands Music and Art Festival;

During the tail end summer, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park holds the Outside Lands Music and Art Festival. This festival is full of great food, music, and drinks. Outside Lands has featured world-famous performers such as Elton John, Lionel Richie, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder.

After working up an appetite at the concerts, festival guests can head on down to eateries like Choco Lands, where they can enjoy many well-prepared treats. If an attendee finds themselves thirsty, they can go to Wine Land, which offers over one hundred selections of fine wine. While at the Outside Lands festival, a guest can visit more of Golden Gate Park’s attractions such as San Francisco’s AIDS Memorial Grove, Japanese Tea Garden, or the California Academy of Sciences.

San Francisco Safety

Before partaking in “San Francisco nightlife,” please remember to stay safe. Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol for any reason. Although a cab may be expensive, the cost of a DUI is much higher. To make sure that there is no possibility of drunk driving, see that everyone knows their alcohol limits.

If they do not, then assign a designated driver, or hire one by using the DDVIP app, or use a ride-sharing service like Uber. To stay further away from harm, travel with a friend or family member. Make sure that the friend or relative knows what to do if and when an emergency occurs, and make sure you know how to help them as well, for traveling alone can be risky, especially at night. Following this advice and remaining cautious is sure to keep any night out both safe and fun.

San Francisco nightlife is sure to impress any traveler. San Franciscan evenings are chock full of drinks and entertainment, some of which is too great to have year-round. With all these clubs, bars and festivals, you’ll never be bored. So when in San Francisco, keep these events and locations in mind. Also remember to stay safe, plan accordingly, and have a great time. After all, if you’re visiting the Golden State, why not see the Golden City too?


  1. Is San Francisco best place for a single guy? For nightlife scene, do you people agree or recommend San Francisco? I have collage for the next year and I am already stuck between S.F AND San Diego. I really care about nightlife and expect accordingly!!

  2. Which one of the list above is the best nightclub in S.F in terms of cost, atmosphere, music and service?

    • Danielle Monique Keating

      Probably Monarch. Tickets for events are within the $10 range and it has a cool steampunk vibe, plus it has good DJs

  3. Hi, Admin, could you recommend a budget Bar in S.F that has good atmosphere and live band?

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