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Sex Tourism: Best Destinations in the World

Everyone is going vacation with various reasons in mind. Some are going holiday for sandy beaches, Exotic Island, traditional cuisines. Some are going for relieve all stress of their life in city like crowded traffic, heavy city atmosphere and such boring city life or horrible climate.

But there are some people in the world desire holiday for sexual reasons to feel himself important for someone or to perform sexual activities that he cannot easily perform in his own life. Sex tourism helps a lot with unlucky guys in terms of relationship and here is the guide for the Best Destinations of Sex Tourism in the World.

Sex tourism is one of the popular and easy ways to find girls to engage sexual activity which is generally paid prostitutes all around the world. It’s a growing industry among the world. Prostitution activates can be seen anywhere in the world. But in some countries, sex tourism is ideal, cheap and easy to reach their goal. In another sight, some countries in the world got its world-wide reputation in sex tourism.

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Here is the list of sex tourism spots in the world;

sex tourism in thiland

 <<< THAILAND >>>

When someone says Thailand, sex tourism is the first idea that comes up in the minds. A guy travelling to Thailand alone is the picture of sex tourism in transparent way. The people travelling Thailand without family or girlfriend have already showed us the reasons to travel Thailand. Even though for 2 nights with the aim of business meeting, they engage sexual activity for sure. Thailand one of the best even can be considered the top of the list destination in sex tourism among the whole world.

Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket the popular spots for sexual activity. Nightclubs, bars, Go Go bars and massage saloons are the places that you need to hang out for sexual activities. There are a lot prostitutes in those spots working as freelancers. You can easily find them in the beaches and every corner of the crowded streets. I advise you to check out Phuket and Pattaya nightlife to find out more.

sex tourism in kambodıa

<<< KAMBODIA >>>

Another destination in Asia practicing sexual activities in their territory is Cambodia. Cambodia is not really well-known in terms of sex tourism but prostitution has increased and turns into an industry recently. This reputation seems to be grown in very soon and Cambodia will become a famous spot for sex tourism.

Phnom Penh, Siem Reap is the best spots to find out sexual activities. Same as in Thailand, nightclubs, bars and massage saloons will help you to find out. Also taxi and tok tok drivers can help you find bidders.

sex tourism in philippines


Philippines has been mostly known among the western and middle east origin guys to find out cheap and easy way to perform their sexual desire. In Philippines, the picture changes a little bit as the girls in Philippines, love to be with foreigners in serious relationships. That might be the reason that Filipina girls are getting married with foreigners once they find the right one. Beside, sex tourism activities also in vide range especially around Metro Manila.

Bars and nightclubs here are serving as brothels. Once you join the nightclub, extremely beautiful girls will surround you and start bidding. Check out for more information about Manila Nightlife. Also Boracay can be party a spot for sex tourism. What makes Boracay different is the combined population of tourists which generally comes with the same aim with you. If you are lucky and talented, you don’t even need to pay in Boracay.

sex tourism in brazil

 <<< BRAZIL >>>

Brazil One of the best sex tourism spot among the South America. Latina girls for some people indispensable. To be honest they are the hottest girls in the world I guess. Prostitutıon is not legal in the country but brothels and freelancers are almost everywhere in the country. In 2014, with the world cup, Brazil has reached the highest sexual activity levels ever. As per researches says, every Rio Carnival term, more than 1 million condoms have been sold within a week. Best options for prostitutions will be usually brothels and freelancers that you might see around the streets. Prostitutıon in brazil performing all around the country but mostly in Rio De Jenario, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza cities. Check out for full details here…

sex tourism in amsterdam

<<< HOLLAND >>>

Amsterdam is one of the top fun and sex destinations among the whole Europe. Amsterdam/ Holland is kind of a sin city trough the Europe where you can engage Drug and sex activities freely and unlimited. Red light District in Amsterdam is well-known and the popular one among the world. We cannot call it as sex tourism completely but, red light district will help you out with your imagination. Apart from red light district, city doesn’t provides more options as prostitution is strictly prohibited in the country and as economical situation, you can only find some freelancers from different nationalities that performing escort services online.

sex tourism in ukraıne

<<< UKRAINE >>>

After collapse of Soviet Union, Ukraine had some economic problems which lead the girls go Europe and Middle East to perform prostitution activities. Once the world discovered the beauty of Ukrainian girls, they start to travel this country for sex tourism. Ukraine now one of the highest rates of human trafficking issues among the world. Prostitution is very busy traffic in Ukraine. Mostly the escort websites helps you to find out girls are second address is the taxi drivers especially the nightclub taxis. Kiev and Odessa the best spots in the country for sex tourism. It’s not easy as in Asia to find a women in Ukraine even prostitute. Check out Kiev Nightlife Tips.

sex tourism in bahrain

<<< BAHRAIN >>>

Don’t be shocked and you didn’t read wrong. Bahrain is the sin city of whole Middle East. And the hottest sex tourism spot in the Middle East. The alcohol is allowed and the nightclubs serving as exactly brothels. Well, you haven’t found one yet in the nightclub, no worries!! When you arrived back to your hotel, someone will knock your door.

One more strange point in Bahrain Nightlife is where ever in the world you visit nightclub, you generally see %70 men, %30 women density. But nightclubs in Bahrain are exactly reverse. Most of the guests here are girls and prostitutes. The only disadvantage here is costs. As the country in general is expensive and represents second highest money in the world everything is expensive accordingly. Don’t forget bargain with the girls, prices will be half after around 2:00 AM as they need a safe place to spend their night at.

sex tourism in kenya

<<< KENYA >>>

Kenya is one of the best destinations for sex tourism in Africa. Most of the nightclubs are the expert brothels. There are brothels under control but, sex activities shouldn’t be performed in Africa as the high rates of HIV among the country. In any case you are ready to take risk, here you go; Mombasa / Mtpawa and the capital Nairobi can help you out to engage with sexual activities. Check out Mtwapa Nightlife.


  1. nice write up, lots of good places mentioned here, kenya is so intriguing

  2. Wow I listen new name in this list like Bahrain look great for tourism

  3. Hey, nice list, actually should be Africa more but its dangerous spots for sex deals. to be honest best place for sex tourism for me is Thailand. see ya 🙂

  4. This list must have Vietnam as well. Sex tourism now a growing industry in the country.

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