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Best Sex Tourism Destinations in The World

Everyone needs vacation with various reasons in their mind. Some need vacation for sun and stunning beaches, while others looks for food, relieving stress of their life or run away from their boring daily routine. But there are some people in the world need vacation to search women to fulfill his manly needs. Sex tourism is an easy way to perform sexual activities that he cannot easily perform in his own life. Sex tourism helps a lot with those guys who are either shy or not handsome enough to experience dating.  If you are one of them above, here is the full guide that you may interested in.

Sex Tourism Destinations in the World

Before I start to dig in the topic, you guys need to know that below list is not limited but mentıoned cities would be the good options available for sex tourism especially during Corona days.  However, not all the hotels are guest friendly in all hot spots. We add the most secure and %100 guest-friendly hotels in sex tourism spots in each city. Try to book from those hotels  in order to avoid any problems or extra charges on reception. They are safe and budget hotels.

Briefly, Sex tourism is a popular option to practice manly desire for adults, insecure singles, old guys and easy way to find girls to do with in a free and unconditional atmosphere where only money talks. This may sound weird but there are some cities and countries in the world known of its sex tourism activities and practices.

List of Sex Tourism Spots in the World;


sex tourism in Thailand

When we talk about Thailand, sex tourism is the first image that blows in minds. A guy travelling to Thailand alone is the clear picture of sex tourist in reality. Travelling to Thailand without family or spouse, obviously great sign for adult fun. %90 men traveling Thailand have one reason in mind! Freely and unconditionally having sex! Thailand is one of the best in adult tourism concept in the world! İt can even be considered the top of the list in sex tourism compare to rest of  the world.

Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket the popular spots for adult fun and nightlife. Nightclubs, bars, Go Go bars and massage saloons are the places that you need to hang out to find sexual activities. There are lots of freelancers available 7/24 to make you happy. Besides, you don’t even need to be handsome or attractive, all you need have some cash! Yeah, easy like that! No matter you are old or ugly, your money always attractive for them. Don’t worry, both parties are happy! So no issue at all.

If you dont want freelancers or bar girls, and you may want some serious level with only one serious Thai lady, you better go online before 2 weeks of your departure. It will be enough time to meet each other online and trust will developed. Local Beautiful Thailanders same like in above picture available Online to meet their summer love or future men! Try ThaiCupid!

Guest-Friendly Hotels in Thailand

As we talked about before, its highly advised to book guest-friendly or ladyboy-friendly hotels in Thailand since some hotels doesn’t accepts ladyboys or may ask extra charges for your spouse. To prevent such cases happen in reception, we have figured out best guest-friendly hotels in Thailand for you below.

If you book any of those hotels in below links, you will not be asked extra charges for your lady or ladyboy. Additionally, those hotels are ladyboy-friendly. Not everyone prefer ladies right! When you see ladyboys in Thailand, your preference may change! Don’t say “NO!” See them and talk later.


Another hot and budget adult tourism destination in Asia practicing adult activities safe and cheap! In Thailand we can’t assure you about prices since Thailand is the capital of sex tourism in the world and as a result of this, prices are adjusted for tourists. But Cambodia is a new market in sex tourism and not really discovered well!

However, Cambodia in recent years has shown increased desire to be a tourist and adult fun spot in the world. From Koh Rong Island to capital Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and other small islands that can be visited by boats. Casinos, Nightclubs and bars are hot spot to find Cambodian lady that still haven’t been discovered by western man! They are cute, sexy and beautiful. Cambodia seems to be second hot spot for sex tourism in the world very soon.

Also note that, since it’s still unknown for tourists, it’s a bit hard to find English speaking girls or freelancers since this country still need a lot improvement to go for this level. Don’t worry, there is a website that would help you to find your target girl regionally with  good English skills.

This can help you to find your partner before you land in Cambodia. Click Here to go Cambodian specific dating website to find your partner. Add your most attractive photo on your profile and watch  how many messages coming from girls daily. Some ladies are serious while others only need time passing or having fun free. It’s all up to you and your approach to them.

Guest Friendly Hotels in Cambodia

If you are in Cambodia for sex tourism, you better know that not all hotels are allowing your spouse along with you. We have great contact with some of the hotels in capital that could able to help you without any extra charges. They also allow ladyboys.


Philippines has been the best destination recently to find out budget and easy way to perform their sexual desire. After closing its doors to the world due to high Corona cases around 2 years, Philippines now open for tourists and those freelancers that haven’t been touched almost 2 years. Apart from sex tourism, Philippines also a good destination for the serious relationships. That might be the reason that Filipina girls are the highest rated foreign-marriage Asian nation in the world. Besides, sex tourism activities also popular in around Metro Manila, Makati, Ermita(Malate), Burgos Street, Pampanga.

You may interest: LA Café Manila

Bars, nightclubs, casinos, strip clubs and venues like massage saloons. If you are even shy to talk or don’t know where to start conversation, dig in such venues and start drinking! After few beers, you may find yourself covered by the arms of beautiful Filipina ladies. If you are handsome enough, you can find the lady for free since Filipina’s value fun more than money. Trust me! I am talking based on my own experienced! Metro Manila, Makati, Malate (Ermita) Fort Bonifacio could be the best destination for sex tourism and fun. If you have more time and budget, you better visit Boracay too since the new concept added more value and classy outfit.

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Filipinos here usually the ones looking for foreigners here. No way that you will not find one! Almost all speaks English well and all of them sexy enough to be with! To find one of them online before your visit, try this website but frankly speaking nothing works in free version of this website! You better upgrade their packages and get full benefits of the website. Here you go! Filipino Cupid

Guest-Friendly Hotels in the Philippines

Most of the hotels are allowed any guest with you and they don’t ask extra amount for your guest. The below mentioned links would take you the best options available in Manila with affordable prices. Besides, those hotels get your guest’s ID incase of any robbery or issue with your partner. They will get your confirmation before release your guest’s ID. They also allow ladyboys where you may find a lot.


If you are a Latina lover, Brazil would be the best sex tourism spots among the South American countries. Latina girls for some people indispensable. To be honest with you, they are the hottest girls in the world, I guess. Sex activities not legal in the country but hotels and freelancers help you out almost every corner in Brazil. In 2014 world cup, one research has shown that Brazil reached the highest sexual activity levels ever in world history. Imagine the level of fun!

Same research also says that in last Rio Carnival, more than 1 million condoms have been sold within a week. To find Latinas easily in a such risky country, I would recommend you to stick around Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Fortaleza cities.

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To be in the safe side, try to find your partner for a few days online. Its safer and more comfortable once you have managed to give her trust. Money not always helps in Brazil. Some ladies really looking for a great sex partner or a holiday escapade. Reach them Brazilian specific website that ladies who looking for real partner to be enough for them. Please avoid using pervert language to Brazilian ladies since they hate this approach. Here you go the Best Brazilian Specific Dating Website.

Guest-Friendly Hotels in Brazil

Usually most of the hotels doesn’t asks extra money if you book a room for 2. It doesn’t matter your spouse is ladyboy or a lady, both are welcomed. See cheapest Guest-Friendly Hotels in Brazil based on the popular cities,


Amsterdam is one of the top world-wide know European hot spot for sex tourism. Amsterdam/ Holland is kind of a sin city trough the Europe where you can engage sex activities freely and unlimited. Red light district one of the best option for men but it wouldn’t be easy to find women outside compare to Asia.

This is not the right place that your money buys everything but may allow you to have sex with European girls. Your physical appearance, age and attitude matters in Europe rather than money that you have. If you are lucky, you can spend your whole day with one of the beautiful Dutch girl that you just met in the night club. This is quite possible and random in Amsterdam.

Hotels are booked for 2 and no one asks you to pay extra for your guest. Make sure that you book for room not for person! To get most closer and budget hotels list in Amsterdam, check the link below;


Don’t be surprised and you didn’t read wrong. Bahrain is the sin city of entire GCC countries. The only GCC country that allows freely alcohol and nightlife activities. Nightclubs and hotels can help you with finding freelancers. Nightclubs serves till 2:00 AM in the morning which is a huge cons for the nightlife. You may find variety of national mostly Chinese, Thailander, Moroccan, Egyptian, Lebanese and Algerian freelancers.

Pricing changes depends on nationality but it’s not a cheap option for sex tourism of which we can assure based on our experience. A night with an American or European Lady may cost you 500- 1000 US Dollar including fun in nightclub. If you are not lucky enough to find yours in nightclub, hotels may help you with that. Hotels in Bahrain works as massage parlors. When you arrived back to your hotel single, someone will knock your door for sure.

To be on the safe side, keep this in your mind that not all hotels allow your guest or allow you with a woman without submitting a valid marriage contract. But we have experienced this before and we know some hotels covers this for you. if you don’t want to have trouble while in the reception with your flirt, trust below listed hotels for safety and avoıd any issue. Nobody will disturb you!


We did not forget the black girls’ lovers and Kenya seems to be best and safest destination in Africa for sex tourism. Kenya the safest nightlife among African countries but still need to watch sex activities. It’s strictly not recommended to have sex with such ladies works in nightclubs as freelancers. High rates of HIV cases among the country shouldn’t be ignored!

Based on my experience, I found one cute lady online and frankly asked for HIV test before I came to Nairobi. We talked online almost every night after we found each other online. The trust built between us within a month. Don’t be shy while asking HIV test. They understand your worry very well and they respect you. Mombasa / Mtwapa and the capital Nairobi are the safest cities in the country.

Recommended for you: Mtwapa Nightlife.

To be in the safe side, meet Kenyan locals online and offer them a summer love! %90 would accept your offer since most of them living in poverty and they want to feel rich even for a limited time. They know they will just have fun with you and you will leave them but this doesn’t bother them as long as you make them happy by buying gifts, taking them for dinning outside, buying nice clothes. They will let you feel maximum happiness in return. Here  You Go! Kenyan Local Girls who can speak English well.

Guest-Friendly Hotels in Kenya

Hotels are usually allowing if you book your room for 2. Kenya’s hotels are usually guest-friendly. You can check below link to get best offers available for most safe cities in Kenya;

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