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Tokyo Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Japan is mostly known as technological inventions and hardworking people in the world. But at the same time, they know how to enjoy life. As they are powerful in Asia, they have also colorful and crazy nightlife. Tokyo is the largest nightlife spot in Japan. Tokyo nightlife will make you sometimes happy sometimes sad but at the end you will have a different idea about clubbing in Tokyo.

Japan is one of the most progressive country in the world known to be the most high-end technology in Asia. Tokyo is the capital city of where you can find a very friendly ambience. Undeniably, this city is well-organized and almost all of the shops are closed at 10:00 PM however, if you are looking for crazy nightlife in Tokyo, still there is an option for you.

Just hit the streets and you can experience the unforgettable night with the craziest parties in nightclubs. The common perception of the people about Japanese are quite and calm people but you don’t know if they get some shots and music, you will be surprised.

You can find a lot of stylish ladies with their glittering dresses and accessories and most of the men are wearing suits and ties. Saying hi, how are you? (koni chiwa, ohayo?) Japanese will be sounds hard but if you start speaking, you will find it wonderful. They are smiling at you while talking even they cannot speak very good English. They will try their best to speak but only little you can understand.

In terms of job Japanese are very hardworking no questions why they are one of the most developing country in the world. They are very strict in terms of time management. Well, life will not be life if we will  just settle in working we still need to enjoy life, and the most  amazing time to enjoy is at nights. Here is Tokyo Nightlife Tips;

Meeting Japanese girls;

This can be kind of sad but guys do not put Japanese girls as easy as in Thailand. Anyway even in Thailand, the reason it’s easy is just because of your money. As ı stated above Japan is not a poor country and the ladies are going clubbing not to find a men to make love, just to have party and dance. They really love dancing and partying. Sorry to say that but they don’t sleep with strangers that they have meet in the nightclub. You cannot see the very drunk Japanese lady in the nightclub as they really aware of what they are doing.

Good thing is if your goal just to meet and make friendship with a Japanese lady, you are luckier than Japanese guy as they really love to chat with foreigners. This is part of culture in Japan. If you visit Japan, you will also feel the sights that going around you. Even some can stop you to talk while walking in the streets. They love foreigners but not as a sex partner.

Actually there is one way to finalize your friendship with sex. Try to find one online before your trip and keep contact around 3 months. If you give them that trust, you might have a chance to have happy end. It’s all about your skills. Even though you are handsome as Brad Pitt or Leonardo Di Caprio, chance is very low in Japan.

Prostitution in Japan

This can be a way to have Japanese but, you should be aware about the costs. Tokyo Nightlife is amazing but can be costly as well. Roppongi is the place for foreigner. You can find many foreigners and foreigner lovers there. Most of the clubs and bars are located and organized for foreigners.

Some prostitutes can cheat you as they will claim that they are “Japanese” but actually they are girls from Philippines, Thailand and Korea. Some of them tell truth about her nationality. But the problem is no one will be really happy paying 600$ per night. This is true, prostitutes in Japan starting from 600$. With a hard deal, you can take the price down to almost half.

Here are some Heading Nightclubs & Bars of Tokyo Nightlife;

  • AgeHa (2-2-10 Shinkiba, koto-ku, Tokyo)
  • Womb (1F 2-16 Maruyamatyo, Shibuya-ku)
  • Genius (6-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku)
  • Vision (Shintaiso Bldg. B1F, Dogenzaka,Shibuya-ku)
  • Feria ( 7-13-7 Roppongi minato-ku)

Those above are just the most popular nightclubs of Tokyo Nightlife. You will love Japanese girls just because of their friendships and the attention that they give to you. You will be sad just because the nights will not end as you expected. Over all, Japanese girls are so sexy and beautiful and Tokyo Nightlife is unforgetable.


  1. Hi There! I storngly agree about what you have said about Japanese girls… But Tokyo Nightlife is very colourful.. only problem is life is so expensive in Tokyo!!!

  2. Tokyo nightlife is really has different scene out of those classic Asian country, those who want to cpme for gün, its the best ABD Japanese girls are so friendly, but about sex, its almost poasible,

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