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Venezuelan Women Secrets of Love

Hot, delicate, soft and beautiful women. They are a world of danger, of pleasure, of suffering and even happiness. Like glamorous, eye-catching roses, they fan the fire of life. Like sharp thorns hurt if they feel threatened, The Venezuelan women.

Men go crazy to conquer, like hungry wolves they watch us as delicious prey, and of course I’m talking about women. More difficult than science itself, there aren’t patterns, there are only recommendations and although we can generalize, it won’t always give the same result with all women.

It is well known that Latin men are charming, they put one’s skates on; but the attitude of these men is defined by the type of women with whom they have to deal with every day in their youth. It is incredible that women with small things can have the life of one or several men in the palm of their hands. But let’s ask the question, where does everything start? In a look? In a smile? And the reality is that those are only components of the answer, the truth of the situation to which we owe the opportunity to bind are called appointments.

Appointments are classic gestures of courtship, it have never gone out of fashion, the dates have changed a bit with respect to what is or is not allowed to be done. However, I doubt that they will go out of style. Appointments are like recruitment, there are tests that you should be passing to be accepted.

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For Latina women, especially for Venezuelans, dating is the point of impulse for many mischiefs, but it is easy to make mistakes, so let’s see what a man needs to conquer the beauties of our country?

If you are a foreigner and you don’t speak Spanish, it may be difficult to communicate, since the Venezuelan population that speaks English or other languages is counted since the cost to learn foreign languages is expensive. If you speak Spanish and you understand it perfectly, it will cost you less compression, and I say less because there are many idioms here, flattery for someone from abroad is complicated to understand, sometimes it can be considered absurd but the truth is that the most common compliments go from ” Oh, baby you’re beautiful ´´ obviously I think that you can’t express the right idioms in English like it should be in Spanish romanticism is something that in our society has been lost, some women lost the taste for this art charm, for many Venezuelans if you are too sensitive you are or you will be ” the best friend ” among women, but among men you will be considered a ”guevon or wuevon ” as colloquially it means ´´foolish men.´´

Do not be afraid, people of Venezuela are very social and friendly, it is easy to enter a social circle just to give an opinion, so let the shyness and take control of the group that you can find.

Now, as far as culture is concerned, Latinas are known as women with that “TUMBAO” as Celia Cruz said, “Life is a carnival …” ´´Life must be enjoyed´´. Venezuelan women love to dance; they love to show off what they are capable of. Keep in mind that Venezuela is a multicultural country that once received all foreigners who wanted to stay, therefore, Venezuelan girls are open minded, open to possibilities, ready to move forward.

Now, if you want a long talk and a little more serious; in Venezuela there is a sport that is in the emotional pyramid of each family, and that is the baseball, the most debatable teams are ´´Los leones del Caracas´´ and ´´Los Magallanes´´, it would be ironic not to think about the movie ” Papita, mani y toston” It could be considered a parody, however, sometimes the conflict between the followers is very strong. So, if you want a conversation topic, talk about baseball, but be careful, it could be a double-edged sword.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that there are limited things in this country to be distracted, but the world of cinema opens the doors to many opinions.

Also, from the acceptance for fun black humor, the ” memes ” are already part of our society, so it is normal to be between ´´panas´´ friends, even on a dating you could hear a reference about some ” meme ” that ignite the Picardy or good humor to the situation.

Venezuelan women, are strong women, able to go out and face difficult situations if necessary, so the machismo is little accepted, here in Venezuela women carry the rein of their lives, they are the heart of the family and the fire of love. If you want to surprise it is better that you know a little of everything, a man with a great mental capacity, is an interesting man because she will always want to know more about him. Speak with plurality, the monotony bores us, even if it is gastronomy, musical genres, fashion, new contractual thoughts or new technologies … that! Is to have the essence! your chance will be greater to achieve a positive reaction.

But calm, do not be desperate, your efforts will be rewarded if you are worthy of it. Be something direct with what you are looking for, we are very insightful regarding masculine intentions; we will appreciate honesty at least. There are very extroverted women; you will be surprised by the attitude and energy of our girls. Dare to be a real Don Juan.

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