Thursday , March 23 2023

Countries That Alcohol And Nightlife Banned

There are some countries in the world shouldn’t plan for the nightlife. Those countries banned nightlife or alcoholic beverages for Islamic reasons or Islamic Low regulations. Here are the list of Countries That Alcohol And Nightlife Banned in their territory.

Saudi Arabia

Nightlife in Saudi Arabia is completely banned. Beside nightlife any kind of alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed in whole country. Shisha (water pipe) and Grand avenues are only social life for the people in Saudi Arabia. Women in Saudi Arabia, can not walk alone or talk with strangers outside.

You can only contact with them through the online, if you can able to meet with one by chance. Cinema, theater, concert or even musical events are not allowed in Saudi Arabia. Make sure that get more information when you are travelling to Saudi Arabia.


Nightlife and alcoholic beverages are strictly not allowed in Iran. Shisha and Shisha cafes are most famous place that people having fun. Beside, Avenues and restaurants can be considered social activities in daily life at Iran. Iran actually have secret world in the houses that young Iranian guys are meeting secretly and having fun like playing guitar, dancing, watching movies like any other Europe country.

But as we say due to the country low, those meeting are happening highly secret way. Once you caught by police, it can cost your life as well. Iranian are mostly travelling abroad to fulfill their needs of fun and entertainment.


Another country that ruled by Sharia (Islamic low system) not allowed nightlife or any kind of alcoholic beverages. Shsiha Houses only fun in Afghanistan.


For Pakistan alcoholic beverages are banned for only Muslims. Non-Muslims can provide alcohol at governmentally selected place by showing their id that shows they are non-Muslims. Also its only allowed in the house. There is no nightlife in Pakistan but life is not strict as in Saudi Arabia.


Kuwait actually little tolerable compare to countries above but any kind of alcoholic beverages and nightlife is not allowed in Kuwait. Cafes, Restaurants and Seaside parks in Kuwait are generally fun places for the local and non-local people here. Untill 5:00 AM, beaches are still full with locals. Women and men can sit togerher in the public and women can talk with you.

Yemen and Lıbya are the rest list of  Countries That Alcohol And Nightlife Banned

These countries should not be preferred for the nightlife but can be preferred for travel. You just need to get more information from your consulate about those countries above.

Saudi Arabia doesn’t have tourist Visa. Other countries can be visited by tourist Visa. If you have any questions about Countries That Alcohol And Nightlife Banned, please comment below or Contact Me here.

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