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Doha Qatar Nightlife

Qatar can be classified as the most open-minded and most relax country through the Middle-East. This might due to the combined population of Europeans and Americans. Qatar is the richest country in the world according to its natural gas and oil sources. There are a lot of thing to do in Qatar and lots of jobs available for people with tax-free and high satisfactory salary. This little info, should be enough to understand living in Qatar. Let’s discover Doha Qatar Nightlife  in detailed.

Alcohol in Qatar

Doha Qatar nightlife has some restrictions and regulations due to the religious reasons such as alcohol consumption but not for foreigners that visiting country as tourist. Alcohol consumption in Qatar prohibited for Qatar citizens and limited for expatriates conditionally. Alcohol in Qatar for temporary visitors such as tourists, only available in nightclubs and bars. Passport must be provided.


But if you going Qatar for the purpose of work, or long-term stay, you need to get a license to supply alcohol for yourself. Only place is legally giving this license is Qatar Distribution Company (QDC).  QDC Qatar is the only place that you can find alcohol with your license in whole country. Some criterions of QDC Qatar are;

  • A valid residency and ID
  • Being Non-Muslim
  • Adequate monthly salary (your salary will indicate how many liter you can consume in a month)

If you are carrying this criterions, you can apply together with an approval letter from your sponsor, 1000 Riyals Deposit (You can get back this deposit when you terminated or leaving the country permanently), your ID and your residency. You will have little interview and here you go. You are free to purchase up to the limit that Qatar Distribution Company allows you.

This limitation seems to be a drama. You just simply ask some of your friends to use their quota for you or give little extra money to a taxi driver to provide you as much as you want. Everyone is drinking as much as they can in Qatar. Drinking outside is strictly prohibited for both Qatar citizens and expacts and if you make any trouble while you are drunk or if you supply someone who doesn’t have QDC license, forget about your deposit and your QDC license.

Nightclubs in Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar Nightlife may not appears vivid compare to Dubai Nightlife but still there are some options  for nightlife events in Doha. Nightclubs in Doha are only allowed in territory of Hotel complexes. It doesn’t mean that you need to accommodate or book hotel in order to enjoy Doha nightlife.

Those hotels are accepting guests from outside to serve all available features of hotel including nightclubs. Here are some good deal hotel options below in Doha. There are always cheap hotels in Doha that you can find out anything you want.

Qatar Doha nightclubs are providing amazing cocktails, famous DJ shows beautiful girls from all kind of nationalities and more. The problem is as per regulations; Doha nightlife closes its doors after 2:00 AM in the morning. For that reason, you need to join early around 9:00 PM to enjoy full entertainment and shows.

Here are some of the Nightclubs in Doha that show off the best performance for their guests to experience best nightlife events in Doha. By the way, a footnote; you can drink unlimited in the nightclub as long as you can control yourself. No limitation in the nightclubs at all. But ID or passport need to be submitted.

Some of the Nightclubs in Doha 

Noir Lounge & Club

Club 7     Al Majda St, Doha

Al Dana Club  

 Illusion       Marsa Malaz Kempinski, The Pearl, Doha

Admiral’s Club   West Bay Lagoon, Doha

Bars in Doha Qatar

Wham    The W Hotel

Strata    InterContinental Hotel Doha

Shehrazad    Radisson Blu Hotel

Champions      Renaissance Hotel

Sky 23    Ritz-Carlton

Nightlife in Doha Qatar

Doha Qatar Nightlife, mostly beats at Sheraton Hotel Area also called “City Center” Hotels (Automatically Nightclubs and Bars) are located in that area. Prostitution in Doha Qatar is very famous and well-known. Bars and nightclubs will help you out with finding women in Qatar. Some of the guests (!) are prostitutes who willingly visit your table and try to make deal with you. Just be calm as end of the night most of them are decreasing deal. Get ready for the exclusive nightlife experience in Doha.

Apart from nightlife, you can schedule your daytime by visiting Cornich Area where you can find a huge park at the seaside and Free-Wi. It takes 2 hours by walking but ıts really worth to walk there. There are some restaurants and cafes along the way where you can have cup of coffee if you feel tired.

Dating Qatari Women

dating qatari women

You will be amazed when you see beautiful Qatari women spending some leisure time in cafes restaurants and shopping malls with their mates. They are more open-minded and educated compare to more conservative countries. However they are freely meet with foreigners outside with no hesitation.

Some people might think Qatar is just a conservative and strict country as it is Arab country but the reality is different. You can get a   change to meet with Qatari women but you should prepare an environment for it. What I mean is, you cannot directly go and try to talk with someone who is sitting in a cafe and ask for a date.

Of course the freedom I have mentioned is not that much. It’s still risky on this way but if you believe the power of dating sites, which really the way of thousands of Qatari women where they can find a date easily. That is the only possible way to meet with Qatari women.

I have analyzed already a website where you can find Qatari women who are looking for date or flirting and even getting married. When you create a profile, to affect Qatari women, state your location and set your goal as “you are looking for women for marriage.” Relationships here not like western style when you start to live in Qatar you might understand. Anyway, Check Here to Start Dating Qatari Women and be the happiest man. Good luck!


  1. thanks for the information, hope we will have unforgetable nights out there 🙂

  2. Qatar Nightlife compare to Dubai is weak and poor. Better people should go Dubai for the Nightlife events..

  3. @ al-htayy – Doha is not Dubai, it is a smaller, friendlier and more accessible city where there is a greater feeling of community. It should not be compared with Dubai – the fake tinseltown of the GCC, two completely different cities.

    The nightlife in Doha is getting better all the time, with more and more places opening. The prices will always be steep unfortunately but you are usually greeted with fantastic service and hospitality.

  4. Hi you write about prostitution. Where can i find? its IMPOSSIBLE! the call girls (tinder etc) ask minimum 600QAR for an hour.. I wonder where arethe CHEAP.. my salary is very low… how i can afford these? ccan you please help?? where can i find cheap prostitution in doha? even to pick her in car or anything.. thank you so much!

  5. What hotels can you take a girl to your room

  6. Very nice country and unforgetable nightlife experience in gulf… the problem is extreme moist and hot in the summer. In my opinion, Qatar should be visited after october until may. have a good one!

  7. please send me where to find cheap prostitutes??

  8. Can I apply for QDC license being a Muslim?
    If not, are there any underground alcohol delivery options or such??

    • You should be Non muslim to alble to registered. Underground delivery options is awaiable even in the most strict countries that alcohol is completely banned. This attempt kind a risky but I dont think so is in Qatar. Simliest suggestion is to get help from one of your Non muslim friend to provide you some. Other than that, there are many taxi drivers already selling alcohol with a little greater amount of the QDC sells. If you are going to stay in Qatar for long time period, this kind of deals will find you out shortly. Hope this helped..

  9. Doha Nightlife will be much more crazy by the time World cups starts.

  10. Where can l get rich guys in qatar nightlife? I am visiting Qatar / Doha soon and wanna know the right spots to visit

    • Any Qatari you saw, just keep on eye contact. They will find you easily especially in the nightclubs. Start exactly with nightclubs which are located in luxury hotels. If you are an attractive woman, it wont take time don’t worry 🙂

      Good Luck and Have fun. Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

  11. QDC was refunded my deposit and cancelled my liquor license for two years ago and the permit deportment said the reason that I have been using my full gotta for every month. Will this matter create any problem when I go for renewal of my RP? Please advise.

    • No worries as long as your licence is not canceled due to the illegal selling activities. QDC policy only valid for them not effecting else…

      • Thanks admin for your prompt reply.

        You meant to say, effecting only if we have police case.

        I forget to add it some point, I received a SMS to come review department in QDC. I had gone then staff asked me that what reason you using your full gotta. We are suspecting that you are illegally selling the liquor. I said no actually which I had not done. Then they told me ok you can go now then our customer care team will contact you. I received a call after two days that they reduced my gotta. I had gone for purchase after three four months exactly when they put up new rules for cancelling the annual deposit but I had been informed by them I cannot renewal my permit as it’s cancelled as per management and they returned my deposit. It’s all happened December 2016.
        Kindly advise, For next year my RP renewal is coming. This incident will create any problem when I go for renewal of my RP.

  12. I want to meet with an Arab Lady in doha

  13. Hello Admin and all,
    Just wondering if there are nightclubs that play arabian music? And what is the chance meeting Arab ladies/ work girls there?

    • Hi Tony,

      For music, yes. Most of the nightclubs are playing remix Arab musics (club versions) but if you are asking for full Arabic songs, unfortunately. Arab ladies are not hanging out in clubs especially if you are looking for Qatari ladies. They are not allowed to be in such venues. But there are Lebanese, Moroccan and Egyptian ladies that are enjoying the nightclub for fun. Hanging out with them may cost you a lot just a gentle reminder 🙂 Enjoy your trip and you may share your experience in a detailed post, we will be glad to share your post…

  14. Great am looking forward to seeing a perfect match for me and have a pleasant time at the night clubs

    • Hi Joe,

      Please share your experience in Doha such as any difference or any update. As you know they are getting ready for the world cup and i do believe night clubs and Doha nightlife is also getting ready for this life time event 🙂 Hope to hear from your valuable comments here.

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