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Erasmus Party Events

Clubbing is a new trend culture especially between students and young generations. University students that like clubbing are our new topic to be focused on. As some of you might know about Europe Union countries have an exchange program which called “Erasmus or ESN (Erasmus Student Network)”.

By Erasmus, thousands of students travelling all around the world and they spend their 6 or 12 months at selected country. These organizations are mostly focused on cultural exchange and knowledge skills development. But among Erasmus students, Erasmus is the way of travel and make unforgettable moments in their life. I will be giving an brief info about my Erasmus Party Exeperiences in Poland.

Just imagine, there is an exchange program that pays you and let you to study(?) at Europe. Imagine a university that helps you out with making Erasmus party organizations. Your hubby helping you out where to hang out for nightlife. Especially for the first month, instead of joining the classes, you will be visiting tourist attractions. At nights, you will discover the nightlife of the city of you picked. That is exactly how Erasmus is.

Teachers are really tolerable for Erasmus students. They already know and accept that you are here for this life-time shot opportunity. You will of course not care about classes as you care in your own university. Well, you are not working or attending classes and you have plenty of free time to enjoy with your life, what would you do? You will probably travel around the whole country of your choice. When you finish your travels you will start partying every week. That is exactly what most of Erasmus students spending their time.

For Erasmus program, Poland can be the best place to go. Country as itself has very famous and popular Nightlife. Beside, crowded population of Erasmus students make Erasmus parties more colorful and live. You may know that Erasmus students parties are most popular than local parties 🙂

Erasmus students mostly stay at hostels and dormitories where you can find best friendships and Erasmus party at all. Once they get used to the city that they come for Erasmus, they start to invite eachother to partying.

After routine Erasmus party events, Life-long and unforgettable friendships start between Erasmus students from all around Europe and Erasmus party becomes weekly routine. If you are not student and visiting Poland for more than 1 month, I would recommend you to choose hostels. There is great chance to meet with Erasmus students in any hostel you stay.

Poland is a student country with its large student population and unlimited nightlife options. Poland also deserves this reputation as it really provides unforgettable nightlife through the country. There are also specific nightclubs in Poland that only accept Erasmus students.

It is really nice for meeting with different nationalities from all over the Europe. Some pubs are like tagged by Erasmus students. Most of them meet up those pubs and after having some beers, they enjoy the best nightclubs as they desired until morning. Fun and entertaintment is unlimited among the Erasmus students.

 Another advantage of Poland is located almost middle of the Europe that you can travel whole Europe by buses and trains. Poland is really amazing country and if you are a university student, try to get this chance and become an Erasmus student. You will have unforgetable Erasmus student parties and Erasmus students nightlife memories…

“Erasmus is One Shot in a Life-Time”

I was in Lodz and I shared my Nightlife Experience in Lodz / Poland. You can read here; “Lodz Nightlife” If you guys have any Erasmus party experiences please share with us to encourage other students to be a part of Erasmus student network…

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