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Lodz Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Imagine a place called Lodz very cold like -30  / -35 degree in the winter and also hot in the summer. Lodz is a city in Poland. This country has a lot to talk about. You have to consider this country on your travel list for both nightlife and history. Historical castles and historical monuments, famous writers and too much events… I would like to share my nightlife experience in lodz. Lodz nightlife is amazing and has a lot to share but this is a small part of my story here.

I came Lodz in 2012 winter, it was quite cold. I and my friend arrived late in the midnight. We were going Lodz city like a few hours driving from Warsaw. I came here with Erasmus exchange student program and stayed 6 months with my friend. (You can also check Erasmus Nightlife in Poland) Yes guys! I will tell the story about Lodz and Lodz Nightlife. Actually ı have lots of stories here but if ı start writing, ı need to write a book about Lodz night life. Even though Lodz known as transportation and industrial city, they pay great attention to the street shows, festivals and nightlife. Art is everywhere in Lodz.

piotrkowska-streetPiotrkowska Street is the longest street both in the country and Europe. You guys need to know this street because this is the street that clups and pubs are located and art shows shown. This is actually the only street that you can walk in the crowd. Its little hard to find English speakers in Lodz but when you ask for something, people are eager to help you. Anyway, lets start with my story here,

Nightlife in Lodz is very colorful. Actually ı will tell you the best one that ı cannot forget; It was Friday and we were at collage. When we come back from collage to hostel, people (other Erasmus students from different nationalities) were having party in the corridor and they were like getting ready to go out. We were staring them in confused sights and trying to understand what is going on here!!! Once we arrived in the room, my friend find out the answer about what is going on in the corridor. We have read the message in Facebook, that we have light shows in Piotrkowska Street and after the show; we will enjoying clubbing at Piotrkowska Street. OMG! We both screamed and took our beers to get little drunk before going out. The light shows was starting around 11:00 PM and it was only for 30 minutes.

Anyway, we were ready and we went to the bus stop all together (The Erasmus guys we have met in the corridor). Around 12 students get in to the bus and most of them were already drunk. We arrived to the city and joined the light shows in the street. Actually it’s like a laser show that displays on the wall of old buildings at Piotrkowska Street. İt was good but our concern was discovering LODZ NIGHTLIFE.

Finally show finished and we decide to go Bibliotecka pub to get little drunk and for the atmosphere of this pub. İf you are Erasmus student you have to visit this pub. Most of Erasmus students meet up there and you might not find a table to sit sometime. We went there together and we were luck there was one group table empty. We start drinking and chatting.(that is the time we know better about each other) When the time showed like 12:30 am we decide to go nightclub but we make smaller groups and everyone pick the nightclub that they want to go. I, my friend and one girl from our collage went to the Buda clup, ıt was still empty but they said we will be full within 1 hour. So we decide to go another one.

Lodz nightclubs are near to each other on Piotrkowska Street. You can easily find by asking. We walked like 5 minutes and pick a new nightclub. This one was full and we were so excited. I can easily say %60 percent was girl and they were so beautiful and charming. we order some drinks and it was not that expensixe. Nightclubs in lodz are cheaper compare to nightclubs in Warsaw.

bibliotecka-pub-lodz- lodz nightlife

While ı was staring to dance pod, my friend was already found one lady and they were dancing. I just watched them and wait. Actually ı was searching for the girl to dance with. When ı look at my back to take my drink ı saw ı blonde girl holding vodka energy and she was looking at me. I smiled and she replied with a huge smile. I said, this is my turn now. I approached and asked her name. It was so loudly inside and she ask me to go out for smoke. I accepted and we went out. After introducing eachother, ı offered to go inside because outside was very cold. We went inside and start to dance. While dancing ı couldn’t control myself and my hands really covered her belly very tight. We start kissing each other. I don’t really know how it was happen but ı was so happy and drunk as well. She was feeling the same. It was coming to 4:00 am and ı just want to call my friend to go back to hostel.

He wasn’t in the clup and ı called him, he said he will going to stay with this girl that he dance with.  “Yuppie! I am alone in the room” ı screamed. She was laughing to me. We were really hungry and we went to doner house to eat some snacks. You can easily find many of them on Piortkowska Street. Snack cafes are open until 6:00 AM. We have night buses as well, after we ate, we went to my room for making love.

Polish girls are really beaitiful and if they like you, they will have you guys. ıts an experiance-based stuation. no matter you are handsome or tall, if you dance well and have self-confidance, you have great chance to find a girl in Lodz nightlife. I had a wonderful night with her and we keep meeting every Fridays… I have to much story about Lodz nightlife, Because ı stayed 6 months in Lodz and almost every weekend ı was clubbing. that is just %1 of my life in Lodz. I will be updating and will be sharing my stories with you when ı have time.

Here are the some Bars and nightclubs that heading the Lodz Nightlife;

CLUP SHISHA SAHARA  (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 143)

Arabic style nightclub. Authentic atmosphere Arabic music and Shisha. You can have water pipe ( which called shisha) inside and enjoy the Arabic dance music. Opens till 5:00 AM

BEDROOM  (Ul. Moniuszki 4A)

One of my favorite Nightclub in Lodz. I really had good time there and I found too many girls here. Problem here is sometimes they make problem to go in. Wear suitable for night as they have dressing control. They have entrance fee in special days but normally free to get in.

CZEKOLADA  (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 55)

Even though there is entrance fee and dress control, this nightclub is always full and hard to find place inside. It is consist of 2 part (down and up) down is the place for dancing, up for chatting and drinking. Just make sure you are not drunk when you go there. Bodyguards are not gentle with you if they find you drunk and disturbing other guests. They will throw you out like garbage. (This is really true, I have seen with my eyes)

NEWYORK MUSIC CLUB   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 62)

Kind of live-music nightclub in Lodz. Can be a choıce for those who like to have fun with live music.

ALL STAR KLUBOKAWIARNIA   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 217)

Mostly teenagers and students are enjoying this club. if you want to meet with local students, you need to give a chance for All star nightclub. worth for try!!

LORDI’S   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 102)

One of the best again. First ı wisit that club, ı thought this is a club for ladies untill ı saw few man behind the bar. nothing to say but hard to get in and they have entrance fee.

KOKOO  (Ul. Moniuszki 1)

INCOGNITO  (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 76)

FABRYKA SZTUKI  (Ul. Tymienieckiego 3)

There was one new open if ı am not wrong ıt was meaning “ORANGE” in English. I forget the name of this Nightclub but it was huge, charming and colourful atmosphere.

Those are Nightclubs in Lodz that ı can remember. The more you hang out the more you will discover colourful Lodz nightlife. Do not forget to drink Zubr beer and Zubr Votka. Those are so strong and tasty Polish beers. Hope you enjoyed with my story and if you have any other story, please do not hesitate to WRITE ME.


  1. Not crazy as in Warsav and not adult style as in the Cracow but Lodz Nightlife still Promising for a lot…

  2. Lodz Nightlife is amazing really… Bedroom was the best of bests…

  3. Hi my name is Livia, I have read a lot about Lots but still not comfortable as I am going to study in Lodz. Nightlife is not my deal but if you can help me with the Acoomodation, ı would be great. Could you please tell me what is the best accomodation options to be in Lodz and can ı find Transportation in everywhere?

    • Hı Livia, I have no ıdea about apartments but some of my friends had rent in the city center. Pricing is little expensive but some Polish website can help you out. Transportation is 7/24 and almost eerywhere you have chance to reach. Trams and Minibuses are lways runing. ı really loved the transportation of this city. so modern and punctual…

  4. Chelsea Wallace

    I have no idea about other cities in Poland but Polish Guys in Lodz are mostly trouble makers. I have no idea what is the wrong with them but when they see a guy more handsome than them, they want to beat him as it happened one of our friends when we headed back to our hostel. But whatever it is, Lodz Nightlife is unforgettable. I have really enjoyed my 12 months there.

  5. Club Bedroom was good, Polish girls were sexy and polite, guy are aggressive and fighter. Be carefull in night buses and trams. Stay away from drunk Polish guys especially bus station.

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