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Lodz Nightlife Guide: Nightclubs & Bars

Lodz is the third largest city and typical industry center of Poland. You may not interested since i have mentioned the city of industry, but Lodz offers variety of nightlife options as well. That is the reason majority of foreign students prefer Lodz for its attractive and affordable nightlife features compare to Warsaw. Its also popular city among Erasmus students. I experienced Lodz as an Erasmus exchange student. The city offers not only vivid nightlife options, but also let you enjoy historical background during day.  Let’s discover Lodz nightlife together.


Developed transportation of Poland offers you  to travel all around the country with really affordable prices and variety of options. To reach Lodz, flights are available from Warsaw or the most popular travel option in Poland; Polish railway.

There are also Local buses available for domestic travels or neighborhood European countries. Best option to travel within country was trains since trains offers meeting many students same like you and share experience.

Domestic transportation within Lodz available with trams (till 11:00 PM) and buses (24 hours available for routes to and from Piotrkowska Street). Taxis are also easily accessible anywhere in the city.


Since I was student, i stayed in hostel but half was turned into shared dormitory for the Erasmus students. I would definitely recommend you to find hostels to stay. You may not find the same fun and joy in 5 star hotels.

As i mentioned earlier, in any hostel you stayed, you may find student since its very popular among the students from abroad. So they can help you out for the best nightlife options available in the city. You can even join and hangout with them for unforgettable memories. Check Out Here for the best accommodation options available in Lodz.

Lodz Nightlife

Nightlife in Lodz actually varies depends on your choice. Start your  night with best selections of pubs and bars largely available almost all corners at Piotrkowska Street. Yes, Piotrkowska Street is the hearth of the nightlife in Lodz where most of the pubs, bars, fast food shops (open till 6:00 AM in the morning) and most popular nightclubs are located.

If you want to meet with Erasmus students or locals for hanging out, Piotrkowska would be the best meeting points in nights of Lodz. Piotrkowska Street is also famous of being the longest street both in Poland and Europe. This long social street not only hosts bars and clubs but also hosts  most famous art shows during day or even nights.

Consider to Read My Erasmus Adventure In Lodz For More Party Details

However, its also the first place to host any events held through the year. They pay great attention to the street shows and various festivals. Piotrkowska Street partially closed for vehicle traffic and fully open for socialize.


Similar to other eastern European countries, the number of English speakers here not to much compare to Warsaw. But locals are happy to help you if you face any problem somehow with body language and limited English.

Polish guys are little aggressive when they drunk but polite when they are awake. Polish ladies are more friendly and approachable compare to the guys who only having fun when they are drunk. Security is not a big issue in Lodz but still you need to be on alarm all the times since nightlife sometimes may end up unpleasant scenes. It’s inevitable final stop of being drunk.

Social media is very powerful in terms of events and party, particularly in Lodz Nightlife. Almost all bars and nightclubs in Lodz notify their events or  updates through their social media channels.

So, it its always recommended to follow all local bars and clubs to get updates. It helps you to plan your night of choice. Universities  in Lodz also take roles actively to program such art or fun events which is great opportunity to socialize with students.

Bars & Nightclubs

Pub Biblioteka  (ul. A.Struga 7 90-420) Facebook

My favorite bar/pub in entire Lodz. Not only mine, almost all Erasmus and local student’s meeting spot in Lodz.

ShishaClub Sahara  (UL. Piotrkowska Street 143) – Facebook 

An Middle-Eastern style Nightclub. Authentic design, Arabic & Turkish club musics and Shisha (water-pipe) available whole night. Good option to puff shisha while enjoying your favorite drink and watching people dancing. Opens till 5:00 AM

Bedroom Club (Ul. Moniuszki 4A) – Facebook

One of my favorite Nightclub in Lodz. I really had good times here since club is quite big enough to accommodate many guests at once. They are little strict on dress code at entrance. once you pass the  dress exam, the extreme fun awaiting for you to enjoy. Free on regular days but paid on special events with included drinks.

Czekolada Lodz  (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 55) – Facebook

Even though there is entrance fee and dress control, Czekolada usually packed. You may make reservation to avoid such arguments on arrival. Ground floor has dancing floor while second floor designed as lounge for those who wants to drink and chat only.

Guards are always on alarm and watching to interfere in case of any trouble. You are not allowed in if you are already drunk at the entrance even though you have reservation or friend that already inside.

New York Music Club   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 62) 

A live-music nightclub in Lodz. Can be considered a good choice for those who like to have fun with live music.

All Star Klubokawiarnia   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 217) – Facebook

Teenagers and students best choice in Lodz as a nightclub. If you want to meet with local students, you need to give a chance to All Star Klubokawiarnia. Worth to try…

Lordi’s   (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 102) – Facebook

One of the best in my list. I have no negative comments with Lordi’s except entrance requirements. It’s so hard to get in. but once you are in, you would say it worth!

Kokoo  (Ul. Moniuszki 1)

Incognito  (Ul. Piotrkowska Street 76)

Lodz nightlife not really limited with above listed bars or clubs. I just mentioned venues that I have been to. I believe there are many of them out there waiting to be discovered.

If i am missing any venue or event, please comment below with your experience. Finally, try Polish local Zubr beer and Vodka. Those are the most famous, strong and tasty Polish brands. Good and affordable choices to get drunk faster. Cheers!


  1. Not crazy as in Warsav and not adult style as in the Cracow but Lodz Nightlife still Promising for a lot…

  2. Lodz Nightlife is amazing really… Bedroom was the best of bests…

  3. Hi my name is Livia, I have read a lot about Lots but still not comfortable as I am going to study in Lodz. Nightlife is not my deal but if you can help me with the Acoomodation, ı would be great. Could you please tell me what is the best accomodation options to be in Lodz and can ı find Transportation in everywhere?

    • Hı Livia, I have no ıdea about apartments but some of my friends had rent in the city center. Pricing is little expensive but some Polish website can help you out. Transportation is 7/24 and almost eerywhere you have chance to reach. Trams and Minibuses are lways runing. ı really loved the transportation of this city. so modern and punctual…

  4. Chelsea Wallace

    I have no idea about other cities in Poland but Polish Guys in Lodz are mostly trouble makers. I have no idea what is the wrong with them but when they see a guy more handsome than them, they want to beat him as it happened one of our friends when we headed back to our hostel. But whatever it is, Lodz Nightlife is unforgettable. I have really enjoyed my 12 months there.

  5. Club Bedroom was good, Polish girls were sexy and polite, guy are aggressive and fighter. Be carefull in night buses and trams. Stay away from drunk Polish guys especially bus station.

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