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Lviv Nightlife Ultimate Guide

Lviv can be considered the most attractive Nightlife spot right after Kiev and Odessa in terms of silent but at the same time spinning nightlife in Ukraine. Beside its beautiful nature and historical structure, various kind of fun and entertainment available in  Lvov Nightlife for visitors mostly from Europe and western countries. Lviv bars and nightclubs will definitely respond your desire of fun and enjoyment.

Beautiful Ukrainian girls (also can be considered the most beautiful girls in the world), attractive and non-stop nightlife features with various style nightclubs, vibrant streets, friendly culture and more… Lviv nightlife is crazy if you really know where to hang out. For that reason, I highly recommend you to meet with locals beside you. It is a great advantage for you.

One of the hardest part to find locals is English. Very limited people can speak English which is so weird. thanks to some online platforms, you can find English speaking Ukrainian girls from Lviv. This is also necessary for you to built trust. She will be more comfortable with you while you are together. They love trust. no matter you meet male or female, they are usually kind people. So, try my full guide and learn  HOW TO MEET UKRAINIAN WOMEN ONLINE


Some readers asked me about their concerns regarding security in Lviv especially after the conflict with Russia. Due to this situation, some parts still not safe for foreigners Eastern oblasts (province) such as Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. (some reported protests in Kharkov as well) However, Ukraine has proved its security and its really safe to be such cities located in west. Life in Lviv and other Western part of Ukraine is just normal as it used to be.

Lvov is considered the safest city in Ukraine right now. Lvov Nightlife also safer and cheaper compare to capital city Kiev and port city Odessa. Let’s get start with detailed Lviv Nightlife review;


You can reach Lviv by airway, railway and roadway available from Poland and other neighborhood countries. Once you arrived Lviv international airport, taxis are seem to be better option to go your hotel. its around 150 or 200 Hryvnia. There are too many taxi scammers asking double or triple price than its regular price. If you are lucky to find your accompany, she can handle this for you. Taxis can be ordered from call centers and you are informed regarding your trip details and your fare in advance by text message.

But no English speaking representatives and the message in Cyrillic alphabet :(. Call center taxis are risk and hassle-free systems which is the best for a tourist specifically at nights when you are drunk. Also, there is city buses at airport routing to city center which may cost you around 6 – 8 Hryvnia. It takes approx. 15 minutes to get city center from airport.


I usually prefer to stay in hostels as there is great chance to run across other travelers that are visiting Lviv for nightlife features. Receptionists are so helpful and ready to guide you for best bars and nightclubs in Lviv. You may find a hostel residence who may want to hang out with you! that is all depends on your luck.

I was sharing my room with 4 ladies from Kiev and 1 guy from Australia. We went out together and enjoyed the advantages of locals who can speak English as well. Beside, its very common for locals to stay at cheap options like hostels just for a night.

They are usually students coming from villages or towns nearby Lviv to attend exams or look for job. I stayed at LVIV EURO HOSTEL with very reasonable price. Location was so centered where i can find myself in the heart of Lviv nightlife (Old town) with 5 minute walk. For more accommodation options at Lviv, you may check HERE.

Lviv Nightlife, Bars & Nightclubs

Similar to worldwide known nightlife scenes, nightlife in Lviv packed at weekends too(Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are the most crowded days). Not only locals, but also tourists from all over the world enjoys the colorful, affordable and secure nightlife atmosphere mostly neighborhood Poland. So its so common to witness Polish dance figures in the bars or at streets.

All bars entrance fee free while nightclubs has entrance fee and dress code at the entrance. If they find you unsuitable, they will probably refuse you. So, be cautious of your dressing and avoid sport style dresses. almost all nightclubs has their own security guards which is a advantage for you to feel secure.

Since there is no specific location that accommodate all the bars and clubs, old town and surroundings will help you out. At Lviv Old Town, many bars and clubs available for you to enjoy till the first lights of the day. They are relatively cost-friendly compare to many European nightlife scale. Here are the most popular ones,

Popular Bars;

  • Pyana Vishnya BarRynok pl. 11 / Lviv
  • Rafinad People ClubRudanskoho St. 1 / Lviv
  • Music LabBratis Rohatyntsiv St. 27 l Lviv
  • Libraria Speak Easy BarLesi Ukrainky St. 14 / Lviv

Popular Nightclubs;

  • Malevich Night Club – Viacheslava Chornovola Ave, 2 / Lviv
  • HiresH Night Club – Yevhena Petrushevycha Square, 2 / Lviv
  • Zanzibar Night Club – Lypynskoyo St. 36 / Lviv
  • Metro Club Night Club – Zelena St. 14 / Lviv
  • Fashion Night Club – Ivana Pidkovy Square, 1 / Lviv
  • Picasso Night Club – Zelena St. 88 / Lviv
  • The Cult Night Club – Chaikovs’koho St. 7 / Lviv
  • FESTrepublic Night Club – Staroznesenska, 24 / Lviv

Warning & Suggestions

  1. In anywhere in the world, if you are not in your own country, always stay cautious and respect the local rules. As mentioned earlier, Lviv is relatively safe country but pick pocketing especially towards foreigners are so common. So be cautious in public places and control yourself while drinking.
  2. Check the venues social media accounts and read the comments and ratings before you pick your venue of the night for hang out.  To be on the safe side, its better to search previous guest experiences. If a venue has lots of bad comments, keep away there to avoid overcharging issues.
  3. Do not argue unnecessarily with the venue’s body guards. They are so aggressive and you may find yourself in trouble. If they not allowed you to go inside, just find another venue to hang out. do not insist to go in!
  4. It is advised not to carry lots of cash with you. if you can, prefer credit card as payment method.

And finally my suggestion not to leave Lviv before trying local coffee, chocolate, cherry liquor at Pyana Vishnya Bar and local liquors like; Medovuha, Kvas, Samagon. Have fun!


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    Hope someone can help me

  2. If somebody can tell me why is better to not be alone in Lviv?

    • Hi Vlad,

      It’s very simple, to be more safe and comfortable. If you don’t know the nightlife in Lviv, it might be little boring and dangerous for you 🙂

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