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Lviv Nightlife

Lviv can be considered most attractive city after Kiev and Oddessa in terms of colorful and head spinning nightlife in Ukraine. Beside its beautiful nature and historical structure, various kind of fun and entertainment available in Lviv Nightlife just to leave warm and hot memories too its visitors mostly from Europe and western countries. Don’t worry, Lviv itself would be more than enough to fulfill your attitude of fun or expectation from nightlife and would probably leave thousands of memories that you may never forget in rest of your life.

Beautiful girls (also can be considered the most beautiful girls in the world), fast and non-stop nightlife with various style nightclubs, vibrant streets, friendly culture and more… Here is Nightlife in Lviv and finally Beautiful Ukrainian Girls. Lviv nightlife is crazy if you really know where to hang out. Also, having and local women beside you is ♣HUGE ADVANTAGE♣ for you. If you really planning to find women in Lviv, it’s a bit hard for you as many of them doesn’t speak English. You should better find them online and give them trust. they love trust. trust is the number one factor for them trust me. Are you asking how?


Unfortunately, after the conflict with Russia, in some parts especially Eastern parts not safe compare to the west part. However, Ukraine has proved its security and its really safe to be such cities located in west. Life in Lviv and other Western part of Ukraine is just normal as it used to be.

Lviv is considered the safest city in Ukraine right now. Lviv Nightlife also safer and cheaper compare to capital city Kiev and port city Odessa. I would like to start My Lviv Nightlife Journey where you can find also idea through my Trip to Lviv. Let’s get start!

Finally I was in Lviv. I took a taxi to go my hostel. Taxi should be around 150 or 200 Grivna. There are too many taxi scammers when you go out of the Lviv airport. Just be careful they are asking double or triple price than its regular price. Also, there is bus running to the center which is around 4 or 6 Grivna. All you need to wait a little bit. It takes only 15 minutes to get city center from airport.

I usually prefer to stay in hostels as there is great chances to run across the other traveler who are there with same reason. If you are lucky, you can meet a city expert who knows all the bars and nightclubs in Lviv and you can join him. And also, there is great chance to meet with Ukrainian local girls who come from small villages or towns nearby Lviv to attend exams or some other deals. They can stay more if they like you. Why not!

Here is Link to Find Where I Stayed: LVIV EURO HOSTEL

They have also double bed private rooms where you can easily transfer. They are accepting guest from outside. Book this hotel specially for its location. You will not regret! It was located at center of city and didn’t spend that much time and money for visiting tourist attractions in the city.

When I arrived hostel and checked in, there was 3 girls sitting and chatting at the lobby. By the way I arrived there 3:00 PM and I wasn’t that much tired. After checked in, ı was so hungry and went to the common-used kitchen. There were all equipments that I need and I just went downstairs to buy some chicken. After I came back to the hostel, I prepared food formyself but the food was too much. I just decided to share with them becuse I was so excited to find a reason to talk to them.

I just suddenly said “hello, are you guys hungry, I have some traditional tastes you may interest, would you like to taste?” They all agreed and we started to eat together. They grab some beers for me which I really forgot to buy… After a long chatting about culture and places to visit in Lviv, we got drunk and time was around 11:00 PM which was time for out 🙂

What a luck, I was there on Friday. Friday and Saturday nights are the most crowded nights in Lviv Bars and Nightclubs. I suddenly got excited and offered them; “If you girls are free tonight, can we hang out all together? Because I have just arrived and ı really dont know where to go.” They were so pleased and  accepted. We decided to drink Ukrainian local Vodka called Nemiroff. It was strong for me but the girls were used into it… I really admired and amazed with my friends, they drunk a lot and still they could talk very clear. The biggest clup ( Metro Club Lviv) was very near from the hostel. We walked about 15 minutes.

Metro club was well-designed and divided in to many parts. It’s good that you can smoke inside and staff was ok (except English). It’s hard to communicate with locals if you don’t know Russian but when everybody is drunk, you started to use your body language which is fairly enough.. We had wonderful night with those Ukrainian Friends and we are still in touch.

Some Advice From Lviv Nightlife

  • Try to meet with locals, they are so friendly.
  • Approach them for the first time in a nice way. Most of western guys going Lviv just to have fun and many of them already has perspective to a western style man. Stay calm, having sex should be last idea that passing your mind. I know it’s hard with those beautiful girls but this is their rules. First, they want to trust you!
  • Go and find the local nightclubs and bars not the one invaded by the western or Arab guys! I liked Metro Club but it was full of western guys and the girls mostly prostitutes!
  • Do not walk alone in the street and keep away from police in Ukraine!

Lviv nightlife is colourful and unforgetable. Don’t forget to go for a walk at old town and monuments, also if you have time go to the High Castle located on a hill so that you can see view of Lviv from the top. Do not come back before trying “Medovuha, Kvas, Samagon” national alcoholic beverages of Ukraine.


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