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Marrakech Nightlife

Morocco, a Northern African country with amazing Beaches, holiday resorts, bustling nightlife and beautiful Arab girls. Morocco is actually located in Africa but people adopt the Arab culture. Marrakesh is one of the biggest city in this country and let’s jump into Marrakech Nightlife.

 Marrakech climate can be a little problem for you if you are not used into hot weather conditions, on the other side cool at nights. Surely you will never feel hungry in Marrakesh as they have tasty and wide traditional Moroccan food waiting for your order. Medina Square is the place that many activities are held during the day time and restaurants, cafes, gift shops are waiting for their guests with warm welcoming.

Try to visit gift shops, you might find very interesting gifts for your friends. Djemma el Fna Square at Marrakech is another destination to be seen. Authentic atmosphere and crowd will amaze you for sure. But you need to be careful about robbery cases. It doesn’t means that will happen but just mind it.


Marrakech is presenting lots of optıons for accommodation. Most of the hotels are not really guest-friendly hotels in Marrakech. But don’t worry; the way you need to be relaxed is fully-furnitured apartments that are rent for daily or weekly basis. Hotels will be a problem even though it’s guest-friendly. Marrakech’s girls will not be joining you if you offer them to go hotel. This is part of culture and they are scared to be exposed by anyone who knows her. So better find apartment for rent before you go to Marrakech.

Marrakech Nightlife Nightclubs & Bars

Marrakech Nightlife is extremely expensive compare to city in general. Marrakech Nightlife is not well-known among the people but once you arrived and amazed by black-eyes Arab girls, you will probably want to go back as soon as possible. Nightclubs in Marrakech are open till 5:00 AM in the morning and DJ’s are well-known.

 Where is the best location for Marrakech Nightlife?

 Bars, Nightclubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants… Starting from V. Mohammed Square to Abdel Moumen Ben Ali. This is the answer of “best location for Marrakech Nightlife” Nightlife events usually starts after 12:00 AM. Here are the list of some popular nightclubs and bars in Marrakech;



It’s not all listed but those are the top night club in Marrakech. Most of them have entrance fee and women should not wear transparent clothes. Otherwise it will be difficult to go in. Most of the nightclubs presenting oriental dance shows such as belly dance. Believe me it’s amazing and worth to experience. Time goes so fast in the Marrakech night club. It’s very ordinary to run across European celebrities and Moroccan rich locals in the nightclubs. It could be the reason that they are charging 30 Dollars for a beer… Everything is fine except prices in Marrakech nightlife.

marrakech-nightlife-nightclubs-bars, Marrakech Nightlife

Prostitution in Marrakesh

Finally let’s point out little bit about prostitution events in Marrakech. Prostitution is strictly prohibited in Marrakech but nightclubs are helping you to find out sex workers. prostitutes in night club acting like locals that came for hangout but actually they are not!! It’s not hard to contact with them even most of them will come to dance with you and they will start to talk about pricing.

Most of them asking for 100 Euro for an hour but a hard bargaining will decrease the price to almost half. It’s all depends on your ability. Don’t worry, you have of course great chance to meet with Moroccan girls in the club but it will not be easy as you think.

Courting a Moroccan girl and taking her to room is not easy as in Western Nightlife Scenes. You have to give a little time and extra effort to finalize dating in the room. If you want to success in a short time, then try social media and meet some locals. You should start knowing each other online  at least 1 month earlier than your travel. The trust that you build will help you to decrease the time to be with a Moroccan Lady.

If you guys also want to meet with Arab women (including Moroccan Girls) in terms of long relations or marriage, CHECK OUT HERE to reach beautiful Arab girl to meet up before you visit Marrakech!!! There are some Arab girls who are looking for their future man.

 Anyway ı am pretty sure you will enjoy with your Marrakech Nightlife and trip. Write below your opinions if you have already traveled to Marrakech.


  1. Where can I find Guest-Friendly hotels in Marrakech? Or any house alternatives?

  2. Bonjour
    Je suis Marocain, je réside à Marrakech, je suis dans l’événementiel, je propose des programmes de séjours aux familles touristes, aux groupes d’amis(es) qui viennent pour la première fois à Marrakech…
    Je prends en charge mes clients depuis leurs arrivées à l’aéroport pour leurs éviter toutes les arnaques dont ils seront exposées…
    je leurs propose de rendre agréable leurs séjours : Appartements ou Villas à louer, Visite des monuments en calèche, Excursions en mini-bus, Souks, Restaurants spectacle, Bars, Discothèques, Cabarets et autres….je négocierais pour eux partout ou ils iront…je ne les laisserai pas en proie aux marchands de tapis, d’épices et autres…
    Mes services et ma rémunération dépendront du programme dont je leurs ferai part et seront récupérés par tranche de 50% à l’arrivée à Marrakech et 50% à leurs départ

  3. Dont go to marrakesh for sex. Its not tgat easy and a lot of rusk ofcarrestation. Its not like tge old days, it has become increasinly difficult to manoeuvre yourself not also through authorities but also people. Msjority dont acceot

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