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Nepal Nightlife

Although Not  as popular nightlife spots as in the world, Nepal nightlife, taking good care of its guests from all over the world. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal also known as “City of Templates”. The people who immigrate from other provinces make the city high-populated.

That is the reason Kathmandu has different style of living and culture. This beautiful city has a lot to see and enjoy but little poor about nightlife events. According to the country low regulations, Nepal Nightlife couldn’t take its place among the world’s famous nightlife spots. One minute, don’t let your expectations down, Nepal Nightlife still have various and crazy nightlife options for you at the hear of nightlife, THAMEL…

If you are travelling to Nepal especially for the reason of nightlife, fun or entertainment, you should better choose Thamel, Durbarmarg, New Road, Sundara districts to be in the center of Nightlife. Most people visit Nepal for cultural or adventurous reasons.

Tourists who are visiting Nepal, usually accommodating around Thamel, Bhaktapur and Durbarmarg. Atmosphere, facilities, nightlife and activities of these areas more attractive for tourists. You can find too many restaurants, Bars, pubs, Cafes and Hotels.

Nepal Nightlife;

As I said above, if you are in Nepal and need to have little fun around or want to meet cute Nepali girls, you should stuck around  Kathmandu, Thamel, Durbarmarg  Sundhara areas. Nepal nightlife stops at around 24:00 AM for the security reasons but in Thamel and Durbarmarg you can still enjoy your night out up to 3:00 AM. Thamel and Durbarmarg actually not preferred by locals. Those places are so expensive to hang out for locals.

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If you want to meet with Nepali Girls for hang out you have to try Sundhara, New Road and Bagbazaar. It’s quite cheap and you have great chance to meet up with Nepali girls.

But in Sundhara, New Road and Bagbazaar you have to be quick as much as you can to court a girl from the bar or nightclub that you are in. 12:00 AM lasts for Bars and Nightclubs in these areas.


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There are many dance bars where you can find Nepali girls dance shows and entertainments. Some bars are presenting naked girl shows which is normally not allowed and operated in illegal ways. This kind of places can be trappy and dangerous for foreiners. Better pick places that well-known among the tourists.

For Nepali girls, no need to spend extra effort as they really love foreiners. I would highly recommend you Sundhara to meet up beautiful Nepali girls. In Nepal, Casinos are legal but not for Nepali’s Casinos are allowed only for tourists and expacts. Some of the famous casinos in Nepal;

    • Rad Casino
    •  Mahjong
    • Casino Anna
    • Casino Royale


Some of the Nightclubs and Bars in Nepal;



♣Sam’s Bar

♣Ibyza Lounge & Disco Theque

♣Club Ozone

♣Platinum Disco

♣Sky Palace Dance Bar

♣Club Babylon

♣Maya Cocktail Bar

♣Dynasty Club


To sum up Nepal is really worth to see both for the beautiful nature and warmest people and culture on the world. Try to find a friend from Nepal before you go. I do believe that he or she can be your best guide until your holiday finish.

By the way, if you find a good friend to hang out, unlimited forest fire parties with some smoke and hand made vine is awaiting you. Nepali guys are really good and Nepali hospitality is unforgetable. For safety, Nepal is absolutely safe for tourists. Don’t forget to comment down if you already experienced Nepal Nightlife…


  1. specially thanis to the author for spreading positive message about nepal.

  2. This article is really interesting, Nepal is amazing country and Nightlife as you said is kinda poor. For Nepali girls, I could say they are just tolerable. I was there and ı stayed in Kathmandu. I had experienced a lot but this place is not really for Nightlife.

  3. I would like to visit Nepal in the coming future I am from india.

  4. I want to go nepal for fun

  5. I am coming in nepal and i need a girls for nightout and party before i never visit in nepal so i want a guide for visiting.

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  10. I am a matured Indian. I want to spend few days with quality time (fun filled and forest partying). Would appreciate an email.

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