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Ultimate Nepal Nightlife Guide 2021

Although its not famous destination in terms of nightlife, Nepal, still taking good care of its guests from all over the world along with the Thamel area. This beautiful city has a lot to see and enjoy but offering limited features in terms of nightlife. So, keep your expectations limited, but dont discourage yourself. Fun still guaranteed!

Please Check if Nepal Currently Open for Tourism or Not Before Planning to Visit Nepal!

Nepal Nightlife Guide 

By the way, Nepal still have various colorful nightlife positioned in particular areas where tourists and locals enjoy. Let me introduce you best locations for nightlife in Nepal.

Thamel, Sundhara, Durbar Marg:

Anyone could point out Thamel when we are talking about nightlife in Nepal. Most of the the nightclubs, bars and famous restaurants located in this area and the tourists usually spending majority of time in this place to hang out.

Even it seems there are 3 different nightlife locations here, please don’t get confused. Those 3 places are located in same area and you can walk entire area within 30 minutes. They are connected to each other heading by Kings Palace also known as Royal palace of Nepal.

Thamel area along with Durbar Marg street and Sundhara over all safe places for tourists but you still need to watch all the time. Hasslers are sometimes annoying especially bars with strip shows and ladies inside. They usually charge double or triple when they see foreigners. Ladies drinks in such venues are really astronomic. Be careful not to be fooled.

Additionally, some local guys may approach to sell drugs! Do not dare to answer them! Seriously its very dangerous and risky. It’s better to have a local friend. They can figure this out for you. Those drug sellers in Thamel usually cooperate with police. Do not risk your travel with such attempts. You may end up in jail or some stupid corruption deals.

There are many well-know and really luxury clubs located in Thamel, Durbar Marg and Sundhara area. They provide good security facilities as well. Prefer those night clubs instead of promoters that promotes strip clubs.

Some of the Famous Nightclubs in Thamel Area:

♥ Kings Lounge
♥ Trisara
♥ Turtle Lounge & Club
♥ Ray On Lounge and Bar
♥ Privé Nepal
♥ Sam’s Bar
♥ Karma Bar, Club and Lounge
♥ Club Déjà Vu
♥ LOD (Lord of the drinks)
♥ Onyx Club & lounge bar
♥ Iclub
♥ Ibyza Lounge 

If you wish to experience local’s nightlife in Nepal, you better try Nepalese national bars called “Dohori”. I have been there and really enjoyed more than one of those fancy night clubs. The Dohori sounds thin and loud but the fun is great to experience at least once while in Nepal.

Moreover, Local Nepalese girls are welcoming and adoring you since you are foreigner. Its really seldom to see foreigners in Dohori of which makes you so special and drive all attention towards you. Great experience really! I have met very beautiful Nepalese girl there that I haven’t seen in the clubs. So, it’s worth to try!

Hotel Procedures in Nepal

I have stayed in Bhaktapur area and the hotel was nice. It was half an hour far from Thamel by taxi but very near the Durbar Square. (5 min. bike distance). If you are focused on nightlife, it is advised to book hotels near Thamel and Durbar Marg Street.

It would help you to get rid of taxi scam every night. Taxis are really tough experience in Nepal since many of them doesn’t speak proper English and some of them trying to cheat you since you are tourist. That is why I am planning to stay Thamel in my next visit to avoid such experience.

Hotels are guest friendly in Nepal if you book your room for 2. They would not ask ID from your guest but 4+ hotels may ask ID of your guest. Receptionists are so helpful and Nepalese people are really warm people in general.

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Meeting Nepalese Girls In Thamel Area

Due to their cultural aspects, talking or dating with foreigners is still considered as a sign of disrespectful course. But no worries! This situation has been updated by years and you can now witness teenagers or couples freely entering clubs and enjoying their late-night outs same as foreigners.

Ladies in strip clubs usually from the nearby villages who are supporting their families with this way. But there are also Nepalese who are backed financially from UK or Europe are freely hang out without any aspects of culture.

Additionally, Nepalese collage girls recently meets foreigners online since they also want to move EU or UK. They could guide you freely since their families are far from them. They feel free of which means they can spend all their days with you while you are on vacation.

And finally some Nepalese who are residing abroad and trying to meet with European guys that willing to visit Nepal. Here is the Platform that you can find them online.

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Bottom Line

Finally, I would like to inform you that casinos are allowed in the 5 star hotel complexes for foreigners only. Your guest allowed to go in but not allowed gamble. Nepal nightlife is unforgettable even it requires more developments. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.


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